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Emergency Medical Services Council Meeting Minutes

April 25, 2017

Members Present:

Craig Warden, MD, Chair
Bill Conway, Vice Chair
Leslie Taylor
Steven DeHart
Richard Newton

Members via Telephone:

Sean Stone, MD

Members Absent:

Vince Stafford


Matt Dale, Canby Fire
Randy Lauer, AMR
Sarah Eckman, Clackamas County Disaster Mgmt.
Jason Mahle, AMR
Phil Moyer, Applicant
Mark Spross, C-COM


Terri Schmidt, MD, EMSMD, Clackamas County Public Health, EMS Medical Director
Dawn Emerick, Clackamas County Public Health, Director
Philip Mason, Clackamas County Public Health, Operations Manager
Sherry Olson, Clackamas County Public Health, Business Services Manager
Ronnie Peterson, Clackamas County Public Health, Administrative Assistant

  1. Chair Craig Warden MD, called the meeting to order at 0900. Quorum present.
  2. Introductions: Council members identified and introduced themselves. Each guest introduced themselves.
  3. Additions / Deletions / Acceptance of Agenda: Agenda approved.
  4. Approval of Minutes from Oct. 25, 2016: Council members approved minutes.
  5. Call to the Public: Phil Moyer, Applicant for the EMS Council Consumer Representative, shared a few statements about his background and interest in serving on the council.
  6. Review of EMS Council Goals: Recommended to wait to go over goals until council membership is filled. Also recommended to create a workgroup specific to reviewing current goals and setting future goals for the council. Review tabled for this meeting.
  7. Staff Report:
    • Council Memberships – Philip Mason
      • Recruitment closes Friday, April 28th.
      • Eight positions vacant on the EMS Council
      • Currently received applications for all eight positions.
      • Philip will conduct conference call with current EMS Council Members to review applications and get input on if interview process is necessary or if they can move forward for BCC approval.
      • New council members will be in place for July 2017 meeting.
    • Staff Recruitments – Philip Mason
      • Clackamas County EMS Coordinator
        • Working with HR to post this position
        • Will email a copy of the position to council members when it posts.
      • Clackamas County Medical Director
        • Dr. Schmidt is retiring as EMS Medical Director
        • RFQ process for filling this position
        • Both positions anticipate being filled and in place by July 1, 2017
    • Upcoming EMS Council Meetings – Philip Mason
      • Proposed “make-up” meeting scheduled for September 26, 2017 due to having to cancel January 2017 meeting (inclement weather).
  8. Reports:
    • System Enhancement Subcommittee – Bill Conway
      • Video Laryngoscopes approved
      • Review of Financials – Sherry Olson
        • Overview of Expenditures and Reserves for Enhancement Fund (see attached)
        • Discussed County’s new review process to propose fund for special projects.
          • Additional education on County procurement processes needed for staff and council members
          • Recommendation is to conduct in-depth discussion in subcommittee meetings.
        • County Procurement Manager has been asked to meet with subcommittee and attend July meeting.
      • Current roster for subcommittee will be emailed to the council.
  9. Old Business:
    • Council bylaws
      • The Bylaws Workgroup met and recommended changes be made to the bylaws based on membership. When a member moves or ends employment there is currently no method to remove or replace them. Part of new bylaws should allow council to move forward and replace a member. The recommendation was given to the EMS Coordinator.
      • The Workgroup would like to develop an addendum to the bylaws to define and clarify all 11 roles without going through the process of changing the bylaws.
      • Currently, county bylaws have to be sent to the county administration to be changed.
      • Some of the council positions are very specialized. In the future, the council members may want to look at changing the description of these positions.
      • Key question - what was the perceived intent of these positions originally and how do they benefit Clackamas County?
  10. New Business:
    • None.
  11. Open Agenda Items:
    • Dr. Terri Schmidt was presented a gift and thanked for her years of service as EMS Medical Director for Clackamas County.
    • Leslie Taylor was thanked for her service on the EMS Council.
  12. Next Meeting Date, Time, and Location: The next EMS Council Meeting is scheduled July 25, 2017, 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., Development Services Building, 150 Beavercreek Road, Room 118, Oregon City, Oregon
  13. Adjourn: Meeting adjourned at 10:20 AM.

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