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Article I

Specific and General Purposes

The purposes of the Emergency Medical Services Council (“Council”) are to review and offer advice to appropriate bodies in all matters relating to prehospital emergency medical services. This Council shall submit its observations and recommendations for improvements of the prehospital care system to the Department of Health, Housing, and Human Services (“Department”) and to the County Board of Commissioners (“Board”). The Council shall provide consultation or make recommendations on issues identified in the Clackamas County Ambulance Service Plan “Plan,” or as may be requested by the Board or Department. The Council shall provide a forum for continuing input by prehospital care consumers, providers, and the medical community.

Article II

Membership and Term of Office

In accord with the Plan, the Board shall appoint the members of the Council. The Council composition shall be one representative from each of the following:

  1. Commercial ambulance service provider
  2. Governmental agency which provides ambulance service
  3. Clackamas County Fire Defense Board
  4. Emergency department physician from a hospital within the County
  5. Physician supervisor to an EMS provider agency
  6. Governmental representative from the County as recommended by the Administrator of the Department of Human Services
  7. Advance life support EMT currently providing prehospital care in the County
  8. Basic life support EMT currently providing prehospital care in the County
  9. Representative of a city in the County
  10. Consumer of ambulance services
  11. Representative of a PSAP in the County

The regular term of office for each member shall be three years. No member shall serve more than two terms unless by Council recommendation. If any member fails to attend two consecutive meetings or a total of three meetings within one year, membership will be automatically reviewed. Unavoidable absences such as personal or family illness, business, and vacations shall be considered excused. The Council membership may excuse any other absence by majority vote.

Article III


The officers of the Council shall be a chairperson and a vice-chairperson. Officers will be elected at the second meeting after the regular appointment of new Council members. The term of office will be two years or until the end of the person’s term of appointment to the council, whichever is first.

The duties of the Chairperson are to preside at all meetings of the Council, to appoint committees, to call special meetings and to represent and speak for the Council. The Chairperson may designate the Vice-Chairperson or other member of the Council to speak for him/her in the name of the Council when he/she is unable to do so.

It will be the duty of the vice-chairperson to preside over meetings in the absence of the chairperson and to otherwise assume the chairperson’s duties in his/her absence.

Article IV


The regular meetings of the Council shall be held at least quarterly at the time, date and place as determined by the Council. Special meetings may be called by the chairperson or by a majority of the Council members. All meetings shall be subject to Oregon’s Public Meetings Law. A majority of the Council members shall constitute a quorum. The Council shall follow Robert’s Rules of Order.

Article V


The chairperson may appoint subcommittees or action teams to address specific issues as they arise. Additional members of a subcommittee or action team may be selected from beyond the membership of the Council at the discretion of the subcommittee chairperson or team leader. All actions of subcommittees or action teams shall be reported to and subject to the ratification of the Council.

Article VI

Amendments to bylaws

All amendments to these bylaws will be presented to the Council in writing or via e- mail at least fifteen days prior to a regular meeting. Adoption of amendments to the bylaws requires a two-thirds vote of the total membership of the Council. All amendments shall be approved by the Board.

Adopted May 9, 1995
First Revision Adopted Nov. 28, 1995
Second Revision Adopted Jan. 26, 1999
Third Revision Adopted Aug. 21, 2001
Fourth Revision Adopted May 28, 2002
Fifth Revision Adopted Oct. 28, 2008
Sixth Revision Adopted January 2016

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