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The Public Health Division’s Environmental Health program conducts restaurant inspections, helps educate food industry workers on food safety, and certifies a range of other activities for health and safety, including public ground water systems, schools, childcare facilities, tourist facilities, camps, swimming pools, and spas.

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Current Environmental Health License and Service Fees.

Review current food sanitation rules and guidelines.

Download a copy of the new food code.

Programs and Services

Get a food handler card
If you are a restuarant employee, you are required to get a food handler card.

Report a food borne illness or health code violation
There are a number of "bugs" that can cause illness if food is contaminated. You can report a food borne illness by using the link provided here. You can also report unsafe conditions in a restuarant using this link as well.

Restaurant, Temporary Restaurant, Pool, Spa and other Food Service and Facility Licensing information
Clackamas County Public Health licenses Restaurants and other food service facilities such as temporary restaurants and mobile food units.  Swimming pool, spa pool, and tourist facility licensing information is included.  You can download license applications, rule information, plan review information, and plan review applications.

Restaurant License Renewal
Renew your restaurant license online.

Inspection information
Clackamas County Public Health Division inspects all restaurants and a range of other facilities with potential health impacts, including pools, tourist facilities, schools, daycares and water wells throughout the County to ensure health and safety.

Restaurant inspection ratings
Visit our restaurant ratings to see how a particular restaurant scores in our inspections.

Private well water testing
It is required that private wells be tested for bacteria and arsenic before the sale of property. Application for well water testing and evaluation and fee schedules are provided here.

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