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For the most current information on Ebola, please visit Oregon Health Authority or call 211.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ebola
If you have any further questions, please call the Communicable Disease staff at 503-655-8411.

Public Health Division

What is public health’s purpose and value?
Public health is focused on protecting and promoting the health of the population by providing community-wide health promotion and disease prevention services.  Public health brings community partners together to address health problems and advance health policy.

What services does the Public Health Division provide?
The Public Health Division provides: birth & death certificates (up to six months after event); investigations of reportable communicable diseases; restaurant inspections and licensing; public health nursing; Women, Infant and Children (WIC) program; and prevention and education programs. The Division does not provide direct medical treatment.  If you are looking for medical assistance or advice, visit the Clackamas County Health Centers page.

Who is Clackamas County’s local public health administrator and what is their role?
The local public health administrator for Clackamas County is the Public Health Director. The Director oversees staff and the wide ranges of services the division provides to protect and promote health throughout Clackamas County.

The Director represents the Public Health Division in the Department of Health, Housing and Human Services and at regional and statewide planning and policy meetings.

What does the Public Health Officer do?
The Public Health Officer works in consultation with Public Health Division staff to prevent, control, and respond to communicable disease outbreaks and other health concerns.  The Health Officer provides recommendations to public health staff, health care providers, county officials and the public on a variety of community health issues.

In Clackamas County, the Health Officer works collaboratively with Washington and Multnomah Counties to coordinate messages and responses to regional outbreaks through a Tri-County Health Officer team.

How does the Public Health Division ensure the quality of its services?
Clackamas County’s Public Health Division is actively seeking national accreditation and is involved the implementation of health care transformation in Oregon. These processes are moving the organization forward to achieve its goal of providing high quality programs and services for county residents.

How can I receive low-to-no cost health insurance and/or access to medical treatment?
Please visit the Clackamas County Health Centers page to learn more.

Birth and Death Certificates

We are only able to issue Birth and Death certificates up to 6 months after the birth or death.  For a birth or death that occured more than 6 months ago you must go through the State.  Click here for the State website. 

How do I order a certificate and what information do I need to provide?
Please click here to download the request form and learn additional information.

How much does a certificate cost?
$20 for initial record search and 1 certified copy. $15 for each additional certified copy ordered at the same time.

Disease Prevention and Education

How can I report an illness (and which ones should be reported)?
Go to our Disease Reporting page or call (503) 655-8411.

There are many communicable diseases which are monitored by the Public Health Division.

Examples of diseases that should be reported by medical providers include: chickenpox, campylobacter, E. coli, giardia, head lice, hepatitis, lyme disease, meningitis, measles, MRSA, mumps, stomach flu, pertussis, rabies and salmonella. The Public Health Division follows the State of Oregon’s requirements for reporting diseases.  You can view more information by clicking on the link directly above.

How can I report an animal bite?
Go to the County's Animal Bite Reporting page.

How can I be tested for HIV and STDs?
Confidential HIV and STD testing are available through Clackamas County Health Centers at their Beavercreek Clinic (1425 Beavercreek Road, Oregon City, OR). Call (503) 655-8471 for further information. 

How can I prevent the flu?
Get vaccinated! Flu vaccine is available from health care providers, health centers and many pharmacies. To find a flu shot provider near you, visit or or call 1(800) SAFENET (1-800-723-3638).

Environmental Health

How can I report a food borne illness or health code violation?
Click here

What are the inspection ratings for restaurants in the county?
Click here

How do I get a license for my restaurant?
Visit our Restaurant, Temporary Restaurant, Pool, Spa and other Food Service and Facility Licensing information page for information.

Do I need a food handler card?
Yes, all Oregon food workers are required to have a valid food worker card. You can begin the process of receiving your card by visiting our Food Handler page.

How much does a food handler card cost?
It costs $5 to take the food handler test and another $5 when you have passed to receive our card. The total cost is $10. They are valid statewide for three years.

How do I properly dispose of prescription drugs without harming the environment or our water supply?
Please visit the State of Oregon’s website where you can learn about consumer pollution, along with the drug take-back and disposal program.

Has fluoride been added to my water?
Clackamas County currently has no public water systems that add fluoride. The State of Oregon’s website has additional information where you can learn more about this issue at the state level.

How do I get a permit for a local water system?
The application for well water testing and evaluation and fee schedule are provided at our Inspection Information page.

Healthy Communities

What are the current indoor smoking laws?
The Oregon Smokefree Workplace Law began in 2009 and is designed to protect workers from secondhand smoke. To learn more, please visit the State of Oregon's webpage.

How can I report a violation of a smoking law?
Submit a complaint online or call toll-free number: 1(866) 621-6107

How can I receive help to quit smoking?
The Oregon Quit Line offers FREE personalized advice and support from a cessation specialist. Staff provide confidential services between 5AM to midnight every day. The Quit Line is provided by the Oregon Health Authority’s Tobacco Prevention and Education Program.
1(800) QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) for English;
1(877) NO FUME (1-877-266-3563) for Spanish;
1(877) 777-6534 for TTY.

Where can my student access care at a School Based Health Center (SBHC) in Clackamas County?
SBHCs are located in Canby, Estacada, Milwaukie, Oregon City and Sandy High Schools. Students registered in those school districts can access medical care in their respective SBHC. Visit our SBHC page for hours of operation and contact information.

How can I start a School Based Health Center?
Visit the State of Oregon’s SBHC program page to learn more about the SBHC model, certification requirements, and the process to open a SBHC. Data and reports are also available.

Pregnancy, Birth and Your Baby

Does the Public Health Division provide birth control services?
The Clackamas County Public Health Division provides administrative support for family planning across the county. If you would like to receive direct birth control or family planning services, please contact Clackamas County Health Centers at (503) 655-8471.

How can I receive access to services during my pregnancy and/or for my baby?
Contact the Division’s Public Health Nurses by calling (503) 742-5370 or the BabyLink program by calling (971) 400-7832 (you can also text the word “baby” to this number and they’ll call you back).

Where can I go for breastfeeding help?
If eligible, you can go to one of our WIC programs. To schedule an appointment call (503) 655-8476. The Division’s Public Health Nurses visit pregnant women and families with young children in their homes.

How can I enroll in the WIC program?
Women who are pregnant or mothers of infants and young children (under the age of five) who are Clackamas County residents may be eligible for WIC services. When you call (503) 655-8476 you will be asked for your gross (before taxes or other withholding) monthly household income and family size.

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