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Seasonal Flu Resources

We have officially entered influenza season in the Portland-metro region. The season usually peaks in January to March, and can last as late as May. 

The flu, which is a contagious disease caused by the influenza virus, can cause mild to serious illness.

The best way to prevent the flu is to get your flu shot. If you have already received yours, encourage your family, friends, coworkers and others to protect themselves and get their flu shot.

Where to get a flu shot:

Preventing the flu

There are several steps you can take to limit your chances of getting the flu. They are:

Signs and symptoms of the flu

If you think you may have the flu, signs and symptoms include:

Some are especially vulnerable to the flu

Some people are more likely to have serious problems from the flu that can lead to hospitalization or even death. Those populations are:

If you have one of these conditions, or live or work closely with someone who does, it is especially important to get vaccinated against the flu. If you think you have the flu, contact your health care provider.

Information from the Center for Disease Control


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