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Healthy Eating Active Living

The Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) grant program supports community-based projects that increase access to healthy foods and promote physical activity.

2014 Healthy Eating, Active Living Mini-Grant Recipients Announced!

The Public Health Division of the Clackamas County Health, Housing, & Human Services (H3S) Department is announcing the 2014 Healthy Eating, Active Living mini-grant recipients. The Healthy Eating, Active Living grants program provides funding to prevent chronic disease by increasing long-term access to active lifestyle and healthy eating for Clackamas County residents, reduce the prevalence of chronic disease, and to empower residents to take steps toward improvement of their health.   The HEAL grants program recognizes the engAGE in Community’s initiative focusing on age-friendly access to resources.

Map of HEAL Projects across Clackamas County

This map offers locations and information about the wonderful HEAL grant work done by grantees over the past few years.  To see the map of HEAL projects and grant work across Clackamas County from 2011 to current year, please click here.

What projects has the HEAL Grant Program funded?

Grant recipeients and annual report on HEAL Grant projects

The grantees for 2013-2014 are as follows:

The  grantees for 2012-2013 are as follows:

The grantees for 2011-12 are as follows:

The grantees for 2010-11 are as follows:


What is the HEAL Grant Program?

Clackamas County works to maintain the health of our community through funding health improvement projects with our partners throughout the county. The HEAL program provides grants for projects throughout the county that promote an active lifestyle and healthier food choices. HEAL grants of up to $8,000 are regularly made available for projects promoting healthy eating and active living. Grantees provided in-kind donations in support of their grant funds.

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The HEAL documentary follows several HEAL grant projects through completion and highlights how communities can be empowered through access to healthy food and active lifestyle opportunities.

HEAL Grants highlighted in local newspaper.

How was the HEAL Grant Program created?

The HEAL grant program was created to make the Roadmap to Healthy Communities project a reality. The Roadmap Project is a community participation process, completed in 2009 (and since updated in 2012) that engaged members of our community in conversations about health, and helped county residents work together to plan for a healthier Clackamas County. During this process, the Public Health Division asked thousands of residents, “What makes a healthy community?” A group of Community Advisors working with Public Health Division staff used the opinions and information gathered, along with other data about Clackamas County and its residents, to recommend a plan — or roadmap — for the next several years.

With this as a backdrop, the Roadmap’s Community Advisors decided that the topic of healthy eating and active living represents the area of greatest need and opportunity for making the goals of the Roadmap a reality. To support this effort, the Public Health Division funded a small grants program to help community based efforts to improve the health of our county. 

For more information on the HEAL Grant Program and activities, please contact Kirsten Ingersoll, Community Engagement Coordinator at (503) 742-5954.

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