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Public Health Advisory Committee Minutes
Dec. 6, 2016

Clackamas Fire District – Station 4
Milwaukie, OR

Present: Amanda Brunton, Dr. Sarah Present, Daniel Faccinetti, Debra Mason, Jarett Gilbert, Julie Aalbers, Kim Swan, Michael Ralls, Molly Haynes, Philip Mason, Steve Campbell, April Stephenson, Peggy Watters

Recorder: Philip Mason

Welcome & Introductions

Clackamas County Public Health Advisory Committee members welcomed Daniel Faccinetti to his first PHAC meeting. Daniel serves as the Regional Network Developer at the Oregon Food Bank representing Clackamas County.

Community Health Assessment Roadshow

Amanda Brunton, Epidemiologist, provided a pilot of the presentation. The Roadshows will take place January-May 2017 and is intended for community groups to:

PHAC members provided recommendations to: revise technical/jargon verbiage used throughout presentation; state clear objectives and purpose for community members; and include more graphics where possible. PHAC members also expressed interest in participating in upcoming Roadshows. Be on the look-out for upcoming opportunities soon!


See updated presentation, recruitment flyer and list of outreach groups included with follow-up email.

If PHAC members have additional suggestions, please contact Philip Mason.


Clackamas Service Center – Health & Housing Resource Fairs are taking place at the center every last Tuesday of the month from 1-4PM. They are very popular and CSC is looking for more partners to expand the resources at the fair. Contact Debra Mason for more information. Also, be on the look-out to sign-up for CSC’s monthly online bulletin.

City of Happy Valley – Zero Teen Suicide Initiative will be a focus for 2017. This concept was brought forward with the assistance of Galli Murray (Clackamas County Suicide Prevention Coordinator) and the city’s Youth Council. The 2017 Oregon Prepared Workshop is taking place in April 2017. Click here to learn more.

North Clackamas School District – The school district has finalized its Suicide Prevention protocol. Michael is now permanently located at the Wichita Center and is a good location for future meetings.

Health Officer – The ‘Anyone PDX’ campaign is being expanded into Clackamas County. This campaign is focused on reduce opioid abuse among adults.

Oregon Food Bank – SNAP benefits are changing for Clackamas County Residents. Click here to learn more.

Kaiser Permanente NW – April Stephenson has recently been hired at KP Northwest. Congrats, April! April will be reaching out to the Clackamas Federal Credit Union to discuss a potential partnership project related to college savings.

Legacy Health – Legacy is providing a Health Literacy Conference in March. Click here for more information.

Clackamas Community College – The school bond is moving forward and you can see the development at the Harmony Campus. The college is hiring a nursing instructor, please contact Jarett Gilbert if you know of someone that would be interested.

Next Meeting: January or February, 2017 – TBD based on results from Doodle poll.

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