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Restaurant inspection details

To view the specific food sanitation rules cited, visit Food Sanitation Rules - Tools for Operators.


12/20/2016 Semi-Annual
Score: 92

Violations Point deductions
3-501.16 - The bar cooler holding egg nog and cream at 45 and 46 F. 5
4-204.112(A)(B)(D) - A working thermometer is not provided in the walk in cooler. The air thermometer in the walk in cooler is broken and reading at 50 F while the air temp I observed was 38 F. The air thermometer in the stainless steel refer close to the front of the facility had a thermometer in the far back where it is not readable and reading far colder than the food in the unit. Pork was 38 F and the air temp was reading 30F. There was no air thermometer in the bar reach in that was holding phf (egg nog and cream at 45 anf 46 F. 0
4-602.13 - The soda gun holster has a thick build up of biofilm. 0
99O - 6 employees and 6 current food handler certifications. Great job. When its time to renew go to 0
2-401.11 - Cook drinking out of an pint glass while working. 3

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05/31/2016 Re-inspection

Violations Point deductions
99E - 0

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