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Restaurant inspection details

To view the specific food sanitation rules cited, visit Food Sanitation Rules - Tools for Operators.


12/05/2016 Re-inspection

Violations Point deductions
99E - The facility did not have a digital thin tipped digital thermometer at the semi-annual inspection. 0

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11/18/2016 Semi-Annual
Score: 81

Violations Point deductions
3-302.11(A)(1,2) - Raw meats stored over open containers of canned vegetablels and touching raw mushrooms. Grocery sack with raw oysters sitting on food prep surface with customer food. 5
2-301.14 - Food worker returned to kitchen after eating and began working without any hand washing. 5
4-601.11(A) - Numerous knives and utensils put away with food debris still on them. Some of it was raw meat particles. 3
6-301.11 - No soap in the employee restroom. 3
88H - 0
4-302.12 - No thin tipped digital thermometer for cooking temperature of thin meats. 3
3-501.13 - About 25 lbs of chicken thawing at room temperature. 0

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03/18/2016 Semi-Annual
Score: 81

Violations Point deductions
6-301.11 - No soap provided at handwashing sink in kitchen 6
3-501.16 - Container of oil and garlic mixture at room temperature for an undetermined amount of time. Container of cooked chicken at 76-78 F 10
4-602.13 - Grease and food debris on exterior surfaces of equipment and surfaces 0
4-302.12 - Both white home-style refrigerators lack fluid-like thermometers 3
3-501.13 - Thawing raw chicken and shrimp at room temperature 0
6-501.12 - Food and grease build-up on the floor throughout the kitchen 0

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01/06/2016 Semi-Annual
Score: 89

Violations Point deductions
3-501.16 - The large Polar Quest refrigerator was at 55⁰F and there were 2 flats of shell eggs inside(only other foods were vegetables). Other measured food temperatures satisfactory.* 5
4-601.11(A) - The food thermometer probe was not clean. Also, a spoon inside of the container of white pepper was not clean. 3
6-301.11 - Need to keep a container of liquid hand soap at the kitchen hand-washing sink at all times. 3
3-304.12 - 1. A bowl without a handle was inside of the ice maker bin; also, there is a bowl without a handle inside of the large flour container. 2. Rice scoops were in 55⁰F water. 0
3-304.14 - The concentration of the sanitizer in the wiping cloth pail was too weak (less than 50 p.p.m.); also, there were some wiping cloths that had been left out on the top of the kitchen refrigerator. 0
3-305.11 - There was a large bag of rice on the floor in the back room. 0
4-101.19 - The cardboard on the shelves beneath the work tables in the kitchen is not cleanable. 0
6-501.12 - There is an accumulation of flour dust around the large bins of flour, rice, etc. in the back room. Also, the floor below and behind som of the equipment has accumulated grease & food residue. Additionally, some of the refrigerator & freezer door handles and shelves need cleaning. 0

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