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Restaurant inspection details

To view the specific food sanitation rules cited, visit Food Sanitation Rules - Tools for Operators.


01/05/2017 Semi-Annual
Score: 92

Violations Point deductions
6-301.12 - No paper towels in the employee restroom behind dishwasher. 3
3-302.11(A)(1,2) - Raw red meat over carton of milk in the tall reach in, raw fish over ready to eat foods also in same unit, frozen chicken over pork and beef in walk in freezer. 5
88F - Be sure and have the consumer advisory on your menu before your next semi-annual inspection. I have provided a handout for this. You may send a draft of your menu for review by me if you want a pre-approval of it. Failure to put the Consumer Advisory and all the elements of it on the menu willl result in a 3 point violation on the next inspection. 0
3-304.14 - No detectable chlorine in wiping cloths. Bleach sanitizer bucket not in work area. 0
99O - 0

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08/08/2016 Re-inspection

Violations Point deductions
3-302.11(A)(1,2) - 10

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06/23/2016 Re-inspection

Violations Point deductions
3-501.16 - Today plates of rice pulled from walk in and wrapped in plastic at 51 F (cook reports that it was put on plate today but cooled in the walk in) 5
99N - 0
3-501.15 - 3
3-302.11(A)(1,2) - Today:Eggs now stored correctly, improvements in the walk in cooler. Good. However the reach in cooler in the kitchen has raw chicken over beef. 5

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06/02/2016 Semi-Annual
Score: 87

Violations Point deductions
3-302.11(A)(1,2) - Raw chicken stored in lidless bins stacked on one another. Bottom of bin in raw chicken below. Raw chicken stored over beef. Raw in shell eggs over cooked foods and vegetables. Raw chicken on the counter next to cooked chicken. 10
3-501.15 - Rice made yesterday piled onto large plates, wrapped in plasic and stacked 3 high are 70 F in reach in cooler in kitchen 3
99A - 0
99O - 0
99N - 0

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12/10/2015 Semi-Annual
Score: 95

Violations Point deductions
99O - Note: certificates may be obtained/renewed on-line at: 0
3-302.11(A)(1,2) - A large pot with raw chicken had been temporarily placed next to a box of chili peppers. 5
3-302.11(A)(4,5,6,8) - A bag of corn flour was open at the top (on a shelf near the walk-in freezer); a large container of ice cream in the walk-in freeer was not covered. Also, foods at the hot-holding table were not covered. 0

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06/11/2015 Semi-Annual
Score: 94

Violations Point deductions
4-204.115 - The rinse temperature gauge is not working. 3
4-501.112 - The final rinse temperature only reached 140⁰F at tray surface. 3
4-501.11 - The door gasket for the walk-in freezer is coming loose. The door latch for the walk-in refrigerator needs adjustment so that the door closes tightly. 0
6-501.12 - The back of the grill hood and the vent behind have an accumulation of grease. 0
3-304.14 - The wiping cloth solution in the kitchen pail did not have enough sanitizer (less than 50 p.p.m. chlorine). 0

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06/11/2015 Re-inspection

No violation data was found for the date chosen.

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12/02/2014 Semi-Annual
Score: 90

Violations Point deductions
7-204.11 - The sanitizer concentration in the kitchen pail for wiping cloths is too high (above 200 p.p.m. chlorine). 10
3-307.11 - --The door of the Westinghouse freezer is damaged -- fiberglass insulation is exposed. --There are some uncovered or unwraped items in the Westinghouse freezer. --Ice cream is placed directly on top of frozen raw beef inside of the walk-in freezer. 0
4-101.11(B)-(E) - Clean plates are placed on cardboard on the shelf below the hot-holding table. 0

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06/13/2014 Semi-Annual
Score: 95

Violations Point deductions
7-204.11 - The sanitizer concentration in the pail at the waitstation is too strong (over 200 p.p.m. chlorine). 5
4-101.19 - The coutertop at the waitstation is damaged. 0
3-307.11 - The inside of the door of the white upright Westinghouse freezer is damaged -- there is exposed fiberglass insulation. A bag of flour had been left open (near the walk-in freezer). 0

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12/12/2013 Semi-Annual
Score: 97

Violations Point deductions
6-301.11 - The soap dispenser at the kitchen hand-washing sink had run out. 3
3-501.13 - A large piece of beef was thawing in the sink without water running over it. 0
3-307.11 - There was a mop bucket next to bags of dried beans near the back door. There were some frozen ground beef patties that were not covered in the walk-in freezer. 0
4-602.13 - The floor of the walk-in freezer has some food particles on it. 0

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05/21/2013 Semi-Annual
Score: 85

Violations Point deductions
3-302.11(A)(1,2) - There was a flat of raw shell eggs on top of a box of tomatoes in the walk-in refrigerator. 5
7-204.11 - The chlorine concentration in the wiping cloth solution is too high (over 200 p.p.m.). 5
4-602.13 - The floor of the walk-in freezer has accumulated food residue. 0
3-303.11 - There were several bottles of beer in the ice inside of the ice machine. 5
3-307.11 - --There were several bottles of beer in the ice inside of the ice maker machine. --There was a bottle of hot sauce next to the hand-washing sink. --There were some foods not covered in the large True refrigerator. --Some of the wire shelves in the walk-in refrigerator had some food residue. 0

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11/16/2012 Semi-Annual
Score: 94

Violations Point deductions
4-202.11 - There was a cardboard box with tortilla chips inside. 3
3-304.14 - The chlorine concentration in the wiping cloth pail in the kitchen was too low (less than 50 p.p.m.). 0
88G - Diced tomatoes (in top of prep cooler) at 45⁰F, cut lettuce at 44⁰F. 0
7-202.11 - There were some cans of paint next to the ice maker and a box with canned sodas. 3

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