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Restaurant inspection details

To view the specific food sanitation rules cited, visit Food Sanitation Rules - Tools for Operators.


02/01/2017 Semi-Annual
Score: 100

Violations Point deductions
99O - 7 workers, 6 current certifications (one expired) 0
3-305.11 - Onions and flour stored on the floor in the dry storage room. 0

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08/11/2016 Re-inspection

Violations Point deductions
3-501.15 - The cooling of chicken now being done correctly and documentation of the cooling time parameters are being maintained. Chicken cooling only one layer in containers, allowing air flow around in the reach in cooler. The operator added a reach in cooler to account for the necessary cooling capacity needed. All of the partially cooked chicken is 41 F or below that was cooked starting at 10:50 am. (34-39F at the time of inspection) and the operator placed a just partially cooked chicken in the cooler during my inspection and started her 2 hour reminder for checking the temp. **Priority Foundation Corrected** 3
99E - 0

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07/25/2016 Re-inspection

Violations Point deductions
3-302.11(A)(1,2) - 5
3-501.15 - Par-cooked chicken double layered and stacked in plastic tubs as seen in previous visit. This method prevents cooling within the required temperature and time parameters. (Chicken reportedly cooked 1.5 hrs ago and 78 to 85 F) 3
3-501.16 - Small cooler still being used to hot hold cabbage. While the cabbage was 139 F during my re-inspection the cooler is not a hot holding peice of equipment. 5
99N - This is the first re-check inspection this calendar year. 0

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07/11/2016 Semi-Annual
Score: 85

Violations Point deductions
3-302.11(A)(1,2) - Raw/par-cooked chicken stored above and beside raw beef. Raw beef stacked on top of an open box of frozen vegetables. 5
3-501.14 - partially cooked chicken cooked at 11:30 (3.5 hours ago) 75 F in the reach in cooler; stacked more than 2 inches high (double layers of meat) and stacked containers perpendicularly but lacking adequate air flow. (recheck inspection 2 weeks) 5
3-501.16 - Cooked cabbage and carrots in a small lunch cooler (no inner container) measured 120 F. 5

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01/20/2016 Re-inspection

Violations Point deductions
99O - All staff have valid cards posted 0

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01/08/2016 Semi-Annual
Score: 94

Violations Point deductions
3-501.13 - Sink and prep table full of thawed meat much at a temperature above 41F 0
3-302.11(A)(4,5,6,8) - Raw eggs and partially cooked chicken stored above vegetables 0
3-304.14 - no designated sanitizer solution at raw chicken prep area 0
99O - All but 1 staff have in-valid and/or missing food handler cards 0
4-302.12 - Unable to locate proper probe thermometer 3
7-101.11 - unlabeled bottle of bleach stored in a sauce bottle 3

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07/02/2015 Semi-Annual
Score: 97

Violations Point deductions
5-205.11 - The hand-washing sink had some chicken scraps in it. 3
3-501.13 - Boxes of frozen chicken on floor. 0

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