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Restaurant inspection details

To view the specific food sanitation rules cited, visit Food Sanitation Rules - Tools for Operators.


10/05/2016 Semi-Annual
Score: 90

Violations Point deductions
3-302.11(A)(1,2) - Raw meats of different cooking temperatures out of order and stacked in open containers (w/ saran wrap between meat and bottom of containers) 5
4-501.14 - Wiping cloth sanitizer greasy and cloths in it very soiled. 0
99O - 8 food workers, 3 current certifications 0
4-501.11 - The reach in door of unit at the grill is bent and does not close fully. 0
3-501.16 - Deep fried chicken and shrimp 66 F to 67 F in plastic tub on counter. Cooked 12:30 (3.5 hours) 5

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03/25/2016 Semi-Annual
Score: 100

Violations Point deductions
4-602.11(E) - Build-up on hand held can openers (2) 0
4-501.11 - Door on Ascend prep refrigerator is broken / does not close properly 0

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09/17/2015 Semi-Annual
Score: 100

Violations Point deductions
6-201.13 - The intersection of the floor and wall is not coved or sealed around the entire perimeter of the kitchen. 0
6-301.14 - The handwash sink near the walk-in refrigerator does not have a reminder sign. 0

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03/20/2015 Semi-Annual
Score: 95

Violations Point deductions
3-501.16 - Cut cabbage on vegetable table was at 56⁰F (less than 2 hours). Other measured food temperatures okay.* 5
3-305.11 - There was a bag of onions on the kitchen floor; also, there were 2 bags of frozen raw chicken on the floor of the walk-in freezer. 0
4-501.11 - One of the doors on the kitchen refrigerator is bent (temperature inside is okay though). 0
6-201.13 - Some of the floor--wall junctures is not sealed or coved in the kitchen. 0
99O - All (8) have cards. Note: certificates may be obtained/renewed on-line at: 0

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10/16/2014 Re-inspection

Violations Point deductions
99E - They are keeping lettuce and cabbage in the refrigerator after cutting now -- good. 0

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10/02/2014 Semi-Annual
Score: 91

Violations Point deductions
3-501.19(A)(B)(2)(C)(2,3) - Cut lettuce at 65⁰F and cut celery at 59⁰F on the table next to the chef's prep refrigerator. Other measured food temperatures okay.* 3
4-302.12 - Food thermometers in the kitchen have a 50⁰F to 550⁰F scale -- these are okay for checking cooking temperatures but a thermometer with a 0⁰F to 220⁰F scale (or a digital one) is for checking cold temperatures is also needed. 6
5-205.15(B) - The faucets at the 3-compartment sink and the hand-wash sink near the double doors leak. 0
4-501.11 - The right-side door of the chef's prep refrigerator is bent so that there is a gap at the top left corner. Inside air temperature is okay though (34⁰F). 0
6-501.12 - There is an accumulation of grease and food residue between the grill and the fryers. 0

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04/06/2014 Semi-Annual
Score: 86

Violations Point deductions
3-501.16 - Bamboo shoots, other canned vegetables are at room temperature. 5
4-302.12 - Probe thermometer not the right kind. 3
4-204.112(A)(B)(D) - Air temperature gauge not found in refrigerator. 0
6-301.11 - Soap dispenser not working in back. 3
3-501.17 - Cooked food (walk-in) not dated. 3
6-202.15(A)(D) - Door in back not tight fitting. 0

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10/31/2013 Semi-Annual
Score: 95

Violations Point deductions
3-302.11(A)(1,2) - There was a container with chicken in the walk-in refrigerator on a shelf directly above heads of cabbage. Also, there was a container of flour below the drain board at the 3-compartment sink where raw chicken was being cut. 5
6-202.15(A)(D) - There is a gap of up to an inch above the screen door at back entrance. 0
6-501.16 - Need to install rack(s) or bracket(s) to hang mops to air dry after using. 0

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05/15/2013 Semi-Annual
Score: 90

Violations Point deductions
3-501.16 - Cut cabbage on the table next to the prep refrigerator was at 61°F. 5
7-204.11 - The chlorine concentration in the wiping cloth pail solution was too high (over 200 p.p.m.). 5
6-201.13 - Coving is missing in some areas in the kitchen. 0

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11/09/2012 Semi-Annual
Score: 100

Violations Point deductions
88G - Cut cabbage on counter at 52⁰F. Other measured food temperatures okay.* 0
4-601.11(B)(C) - There are some areas of grease build-up on the hood filters with some drips. 0
6-201.13 - There is no coving at the floor-wall junction in some areas in the kitchen. 0

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