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Restaurant inspection details

To view the specific food sanitation rules cited, visit Food Sanitation Rules - Tools for Operators.


10/03/2016 Re-inspection

Violations Point deductions
99E - The operator sent a photo of a thin tipped digital thermometer working correctly in a cup of ice water. 4-302.12 has been corrected. 0

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09/27/2016 Semi-Annual
Score: 79

Violations Point deductions
4-302.12 - Thin tipped digital thermometer battery dead. 6
7-206.11 - Raid and another pest spray labeled toxic and not approved for restaurants stored on shelf above the mop sink. 5
333-170-0040 - Medications, personal food are stored on shelving above food preparation surface. 0
3-501.16 - Hot holding beans at 127 F without lid. Lidded hot holding foods maintaining above 135 F. cooked potato chunks 46 F in prep top. 10
99 - 0
99A - 0
99N - I will return for a re-inspection in or around 2 weeks. 0

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03/03/2016 Semi-Annual
Score: 92

Violations Point deductions
3-501.16 - Cooked pork at 129-132⁰F (less than 2 hours). Other measured food temperatures satisfactory.* 5
4-302.12 - One of the 2 dial-type probe thermometers was inaccurate (20⁰F too high). Also, the yellow digital thermometer needs a new battery. 3
4-601.11(B)(C) - The range hood filters need cleaning. 0
3-307.11 - Fly paper strip above stainless steel work table needs to be moved. 0

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10/22/2015 Semi-Annual
Score: 97

Violations Point deductions
99O - Note: certificates may be obtained/renewed on-line at: 0
3-305.11 - There was an open bag of corn flour on the floor in the cooking area; also, an unopened bag of corn flour was on the floor near the mop sink. 0
6-501.16 - There were 2 mops in buckets in the back room. 0
3-501.19(A)(B)(2)(C)(2,3) - Red sauce 45⁰F, tomatillo sauce 45⁰F, habanero sauce 44⁰F, jalapeno sauce 44⁰F in the top compartment of the prep refrigerator (near the soda machine) that is not working and is otherwise empty except for trays of ice. Other measured food temperatures satisfactory.* 3

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03/18/2015 Semi-Annual
Score: 94

Violations Point deductions
3-501.13 - There was a plastic bag of raw frozen chicken in a metal pan inside of the food prep sink and the water was not running. 0
3-304.12 - There was a plastic bowl without a handle inside of the ice making machine. 0
6-501.16 - Need rack(s) or brackett(s) above mop sink to air dry mop(s) after using. 0
6-501.114 - There are many items stored in the back room; also, there are one-gallon pails of paint stored below a table with glasses and silverware on it. 0
7-208.11(A) - A container of ibuprofen was on a table in the kitchen with spices & paper cups and lids. 3
3-501.17 - There was a container of cooked pinto beans in the large True refrigerator that had not been date-marked. 3

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08/29/2014 Semi-Annual
Score: 95

Violations Point deductions
3-304.14 - The sanitizer solution in the wiping cloth pail was cloudy and the chlorine concentration was too low (below 50 p.p.m.). 0
3-302.11(A)(1,2) - Cartons of eggs were on a shelf above hamburger buns in the beige Amana refrigerator. 5
4-601.11(B)(C) - There is some accumulation of grease on the hood filters above the grill. 0
6-501.114 - The small white Haier refrigerator and the 2-door prep cooler are not working. 0

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02/06/2014 Re-inspection

Violations Point deductions
99E - Beige Amana 42⁰F (had been open at luch)--need to fix door. Chicken 174⁰F -- okay. Beef 144⁰F -- okay. 0
2-401.11 - A paper cup with tea was on the kitchen table. 3

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01/24/2014 Semi-Annual
Score: 82

Violations Point deductions
99D - The 2014 Restaurant License Fee has not yet been received (the 2013 License expired 12-31-13). 0
3-501.16 - Chicken at 125⁰F and beef at 120⁰F in the hot-holding unit. Sour cream inside of the beige Amana refrigerator was at 50⁰F, inside of unit was at 52⁰F--the door had been left partially open. 10
3-501.15 - There was a covered container of rice on the counter (at 122-135⁰F). 3
7-204.11 - The chlorine concentration in the sanitizer solution for the wiping cloths was too high (above 200 p.p.m.). 5
3-307.11 - There was a plastic colander in the ice machine bin. There was a large bag of corn flour that was open at the top. 0

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08/08/2013 Re-inspection

No violation data was found for the date chosen.

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07/30/2013 Semi-Annual
Score: 95

Violations Point deductions
3-501.16 - Cut lettuce at 50⁰F. Other measured food temperatures okay.* 5
3-307.11 - There was an open bag of flour w/ a cup being used as a scoop w/out a handle. 0
99D - The License Fee has not been paid. 0

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