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Restaurant inspection details

To view the specific food sanitation rules cited, visit Food Sanitation Rules - Tools for Operators.


12/06/2016 Re-inspection

No violation data was found for the date chosen.

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11/01/2016 Semi-Annual

Violations Point deductions
3-502.12(B)(1,2,3,5,6)(D)(1)(2afgh)(3)(4)(E)(2-4) - This facility is using a licensed facility by Multnomah County to ROP raw meats. These products are dated but no time is placed on the label and many products are past the 48hr allowance of ROP without a variance. This facility does not have a variance from Multnomah County for ROP greater than 48hrs. 3
3-501.16 - Cooked containers of pork and chicken 70-85F sitting on top of microwave. 5

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05/16/2016 Semi-Annual
Score: 100

Violations Point deductions
5-501.17 - Women's restroom lacked covered receptacle. 0
99O - Could not locate food handler cards. Email me copies: 0
88D - Implement proper storage: 0

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11/20/2015 Semi-Annual
Score: 95

Violations Point deductions
3-501.16 - Shrimp, spring and salmon rolls sitting out at room temperature. 5

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06/27/2015 Semi-Annual
Score: 86

Violations Point deductions
5-205.11 - Dishes stored in front hand sink. 3
3-501.16 - Chicken 128F, Pork 121F, Rice noodle 118F in warmers. 5
4-302.12 - Thin tipped thermometer not provided. 3
4-204.112(A)(B)(D) - Beer cooler with dairy lacked thermometer. 0
88D - FYI 0
5-501.17 - Provide covered receptacle in women's restroom. 0
7-102.11 - Very concentrated bleach container not labeled. Over 1000+ppm bleach. 3
99O - Have all food handler cards onsite within 30 days of your opening. 0

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