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Restaurant, Temporary Restaurant, Pool, Spa and other Food Service and Facility Licensing information

Clackamas County Public Health licenses Restaurants and other food service facilities such as temporary restaurants and mobile food units. Swimming pool, spa pool, and tourist facility licensing information is included. You can download license applications, rule information, plan review information, and plan review applications.

Please take a look at the list of forms and links below to learn more about the required forms you will need  to apply for a sanitation license.  If you plan to open a restaurant, mobile unit, temporary restaurant, or if you have any questions, you may  call or visit our office at 2051 Kaen Rd, suite 367, Oregon City, to pick up an application and find out more about  licensing in Clackamas County.  You can call our office at 503-655-8384.

Restaurant forms

New Restaurant Facility or Remodeling/Alterations

Any time you construct a new restaurant, remodel or change your food menu you will need to submit a plan for review to the Environmental Health Office. This plan review is in addition to any approval you receive from the Building Department or other agencies. Be sure to call our office before proceeding with any changes to your food business.  You can call 503-655-8384 and locate your inspector who will review your plans.  Plan review is required in order to receive an approved Sanitation License.

Forms for Temporary Restaurants

Temporary restaurants require license and plan reviews as well. Please see the fee schedule for cost of licensing.  There is no charge for a non-profit temporary restaurant license.

Forms for mobile food units (food trucks)

Food trucks are subject to similar food safety requirements as restaurants, and need to be licensed in order to operate in Clackamas County.  A plan review is required for new mobile food units, remodeled units and when the menu is changed. A plan review is required for license approval.

Forms for vending machine licenses

Vending machines have health and safety considerations, just like other food service facilities. Clackamas County Public Health inspects and lisences vending machines. Please refer to and submit the application form provided here.

Forms for Tourist Facilities and Organizational Camps

To obtain a license for Motels, Hotels, Organizational Camps are RV Parks, please follow the instructions on the application packet and refer to the fee schedule for cost of applying.

For a complete list of the state of Oregon Tourist Facility Program rules, click here.

Forms for Limited-Use and General-Use Swimming Pools, Spa Pools and Fountains

Pools, spas, wading pools and interactive fountains associated with motels, camps, hotels, RV Parks, residential sub-divisions and condominiums with more than four residences are public pools requiring a sanitation license.  New or remodeled facilities require plan reviews. License applications, plan review packets and fee schedules are provided here by clicking on the links.

For a complete list of the state of Oregon Public Pool Program Rules, click here.

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