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Recording Death Certificates

Fee changes effective January 01, 2014

Sherry Hall     
Clackamas County Clerk
1710 Red Soils Court
Oregon City, Oregon 97045   


Effective Wednesday, January 01, 2014, HB 2093 amends Oregon Revised Statute 432.124 and prohibits Oregon County Clerks from accepting Death Certificates if the Death Certificate contains medical information related to the cause of death.

Certified copies of Death Certificates are recorded in conjunction with owning or having a claim or interest in land and will be rejected and returned unrecorded if the Death Certificate has been altered or if the Death Certificate copy contains medical information related to the cause of death.

Note: Oregon Vital Records does offer a Short Form option that would omit the cause of death on the Death Certificate.  You must select this option when completing the Vital Records order form.   (For other states: check with the State Registrars office to see if a similar option is available).

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