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Preparing Recyclables

Tips for correctly preparing your recyclables.

Clean recyclables only, please. If not clean, they go in the garbage.  

Glass bottles, jars and motor oil must be kept separate from other recyclables.

  • Glass Bottles and Jars
    Rinse clean. Place in a recycling bin, paper bags or bucket. Keep separate from other recyclables. No window glass, pyrex, ceramics, cookware, vases or drinking glasses.
  • Motor Oil
    Pour used motor oil into a marked, unbreakable, leak-proof container, no larger than two gallons with a screw top lid. Place next to your recycling bin. (residential only)

Recycle paper, cardboard, metal cans, aerosol cans, scrap metal, plastic bottles, and plastic tubs together.*

  • Newspaper, Magazines, Catalogs
    Just place in the bin. You no longer need to bag.
  • Scrap Paper
    Bag if needed for litter control. Include opened unwanted mail (remove non-paper items), cereal & shoe boxes, wrapping paper, etc. Do Not include paper with food residue (like pizza boxes), tissue paper, paper towels, napkins, frozen food boxes, or paper coated in wax, foil or plastic.
  • Corrugated Cardboard & Brown Paper Bags
    Flatten boxes; place in or next to recycling container. Cardboard should be no larger than 3' X 3' wide.
  • Aerosol Cans
    Empty the can through normal use, discard the plastic cap. Do not flatten, puncture, or remove the nozzle.
  • Metal Cans (steel & aluminum)
    Rinse clean. You no longer need to remove both ends, but flattening can help save space on the truck.
  • Scrap Metal
    Include all metal which is smaller than 30 inches long and less than 30 lbs. Remove all non-metal parts.
  • Clean Plastic Bottles, Tubs, Buckets, and Nursery Pots (No Lids)
    Include plastic bottles and tubs, 6 oz. and larger, buckets no larger than 5 gallons, and rigid nursery pots 4” and larger (no dirt).

* Some situations require recycling to be picked up by the garbage truck and placed in side bins or in the cab. In this case, items may be recycled together, but they all must be bagged or tied. You will receive information from your collector if this is required.

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