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Recycling For Property Managers

You play a very important role in your communities recycling and waste efforts. We are here to make it easy and assist you with each step in setting up and operating a successful recycling program.

Getting started:

Complete the Resource Order Form to request free educational resources and assistance.

Receiving the most for your money:

Bulky Waste E-Cycles

Basic steps to recycling success:

  1. Convenience
    • Always place garbage and recycling containers together.
    • Ensure you have two kinds of recycling containers in every enclosure.
      • Mixed recycling (paper, metal, plastic bottles and tubs).
      • Separate glass recycling.
    • Place recycling containers at the mail centers and in other communal areas.
  2. Clarity
    • Display quality signage in the recycling areas and decals on collection containers so your residents can see what should be recycled.
  3. Educate (free resources available)
    • Explain your recycling program to new residents and identify the nearest recycling area to their unit.
    • Provide residents with a Recycling Guide (English | Español (Spanish) | Русский (Russian) | tiếng Việt (Vietnamese) | 中文 (Simple Chinese)) and a reusable recycling bag to collect and transport recyclables.
    • Remind residents on a regular basis about your community's recycling program through newsletters, emails, and posted flyers.
    • Invite a Multifamily Waste Reduction Specialist to present at your tenant association meetings and community events.
    • We have all these free resources for you. Order today!

A resident's practical guide to Recycling Recycling tips for your move. Take care.

For more information contact:

Clackamas County Multifamily Waste Reduction Specialist – Email us at or call 503-557-6363

Garbage and recycling service provider – Can provide billing, route information or questions regarding your collection service. Find your hauler.

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