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Waste prevention at home

Waste prevention is reducing the amount of waste that needs to be recycled or landfilled. Take a look through your garbage and see what you are throwing away. If it contains packaging such as food wrappers, boxes and bags, consider the following alternatives:

Holiday Waste Prevention Ideas

Use a large reusable shopping bag and consolidate purchases, so you don't have a separate bag for each purchase. When shopping for decorations, cards, gift wrap and gifts, consider products made from recycled materials or are reusable such as gift bags and boxes.

Gift Ideas

Gift Wrapping
Make the wrapping part of the gift, not something that becomes recycling or trash. Use newspaper or popcorn for packing, instead of foam peanuts. Try decorative tins, hat boxes, baskets or plastic containers that can be reused. Consider cloth napkins, towels and scarves.


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