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Business Recycling: WE COMPOST Program

WE Compost

Whether you work in a restaurant, grocery store, hotel, office building or school, Clackamas County’s WE COMPOST program may be available to you. 75 percent of the waste that goes to the landfill comes from businesses. Studies show that food waste makes up nearly 30 percent of that total.

By recycling food waste your business can have a positive impact on the environment. Removing food from the waste stream significantly reduces the global warming impact from landfills, since decomposing food waste is a major source of methane.

Join the WE COMPOST Program! Eco-conscious customers will appreciate your commitment to reducing waste.

It’s easy to get started

  1. Contact Clackamas County WE COMPOST at (503) 742-4458 or
  2. Schedule a free site visit to discuss the program 
  3. Our support staff is here to assist with set-up, training, equipment and resources

WE COMPOST offers these resources to your business.

Donate the Best, Compost the Rest
Can your high-quality leftover food be donated to hungry people or used for animal feed? Before you compost food that has not been served, consider donation options. Clackamas County has partnered with local food pantries to ensure your donation safely gets to those in need and reduces disposal costs for your business. For additional information on how to donate food contact the WE COMPOST program or visit Fork It Over.

Waste Prevention
Food costs money to purchase and prepare. When it becomes food waste it also costs money to haul it away. By doing your best to minimize food waste and divert it from landfills to composting, you can reduce your operating expenses and help the environment.

Think: “Reduce, Donate the Best, Compost the Rest.”

Contact the WE COMPOST program at (503) 742-4458.

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