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Public Records Request Fees

Single-page, one-sided copies (letter, legal or 11x17) may be charged at the rate of $1.00 for the first page and 10 cents for each additional page.  (A single page of an owner or applicant’s account/file may be provided at no cost).  This fee applies to all records except those for which a previous fee schedule has been established by law, including those listed in Appendix A of the County Code.

The County will charge for staff time and materials used to comply with a request, including time spent to summarize, compile or tailor records to meet a specific request.  Charges are based on the amount reasonably calculated to reimburse the County for the actual cost to the County for employee time and materials.

If the estimated charges exceed $25 you will need to confirm that you want the County to continue processing the request, and you may be required to pay the estimated costs in advance.  Note that you are required to pay fees even if the County fails to locate any responsive records or the records are found to be exempt from disclosure.

Fees can be waived or reduced only by the County Administrator or designee.

County Code, Appendix “A”

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