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Adopt-A-Road Program Overview


The purpose of this program is to provide citizens of Clackamas County an opportunity to control litter, beautify and clean roadsides and improve the appearance of the County road system. This program is intended to encourage and facilitate involvement of volunteer groups in litter clean up work, each group on a specific section of road. This program shall be called the Clackamas County Adopt-A-Road Program.


The Clackamas County Department of Transportation and Development shall not discriminate against or deny to any applicant or member of an applicant group, permission to participate in the program because of race, color, handicap, creed, sex, national origin, religion, familial status or marital status.


Any person as defined by section 4.0, may adopt a section of County road for the purpose of picking up and removing litter, trash or debris from a County road right-of-way. Work activities may also include maintenance of landscaping improvements.


4.1     Applicant is defined as the individual, group or person adopting the section of road.

4.2     Department is the Clackamas County Department of Transportation and Development.

4.3     Director is the Director of the Clackamas County Department of Transportation and Development or his/her authorized representative.

4.4     Participant is defined as an individual or member of an applicant group actually performing work on the road under this program.

4.5     Person is defined as including individuals, corporations, associations, firms, partnerships, and joint stock companies, members or community benevolent nonprofit organizations.

4.6     Spokesperson is defined as the individual chosen by an applicant group to represent the group.


5.1  The applicant's spokesperson must apply in writing to the Department by completing an application form.  The form to be used is set forth as Exhibit "A" to these rules.

5.2  The applicant shall agree to pick up litter at least twice a year for a minimum of two years.  This frequency may be modified (increased or decreased) by the Director, subject to the condition and appearance of the road.

5.3  The applicant agrees to obtain and submit to the County prior to commencing work, a waiver of liability releasing Clackamas County and its agents pursuant to the form set forth as Exhibit "B" to these rules.

5.4  The applicant shall obtain and submit to the County prior to commencing work, a release of liability from the parent or guardian of each minor participant between the ages of 12-18.  The form of release to be obtained is set forth as Exhibit "B" to these rules.

5.5  Each participant shall be required to comply with, and abide by, all laws, rules and regulations relating to safety and use of the road and such other terms and conditions as may be required by the Department for special conditions on a particular adopted road section.

5.6  If more than one applicant requests the same section of road(s), the Director may make the selection based on the earliest date of application or by a drawing.

5.7     Individual participants or applicants may be excluded from participation or the permit cancelled at the discretion of the Director for violations of this section.


6.1  Upon successful application, the Director will issue a permit to qualifying applicants.

6.2  The Department will evaluate the merits of the application to assess permit issuance to include but not limited to the following criteria:

a.  The number of individuals to participate;

b.  The amount of adult supervision being provided for groups involving minors;

c.  The attendance by the individual participants at safety meetings as may be required by the Department;

d.  The Road Section being requested by applicant group or individuals; and

e.  Past performance by the applicant.

6.3  The permit shall set forth the following:

a.  Identification of the designated section of road.  The volunteer group may request a specific section of road it wishes to adopt; however, the final assignment shall be at the discretion of the Director.

b.  Specification of the duties of the volunteer group.

c.  Specification of the responsibilities of the volunteer group.

d.  Duration of the agreement.

e.  Specification of the duties and responsibilities of the Department.

6.4  The director shall not issue a permit under this program to any applicant whose objectives and values are determined to be inconsistent with the public interest, the County's responsibilities under Oregon Law, County Ordinance or Contrary to Oregon Law.

6.5  The permit is only applicable to the named group.  The permit may not be subcontracted or assigned to any other person.  The work shall be accomplished by the named permit holders and pursuant to the terms and conditions on the permit.


7.1  The participants shall pick up litter on the designated and assigned roads.

7.2  The participants shall pick up litter at least twice per calendar year.  All activities shall take place during daylight hours.

7.3  The participants shall select dates for litter pick up in advance and inform the Department on pick up dates.  The litter pick up dates are subject to approval of the Department.

7.4  The participants shall confine the cleanup work to the area between the edge of the traveled portion of the road and the outer shoulder of the right-of-way boundary.  Participants shall not pick up litter or perform any landscape activities in the road median unless specifically permitted.  Participants shall not perform any work in the traveled portion of any road.

7.5     Participants shall place all litter in trash bags.  Participants shall leave the trash bags and any bulky items along the shoulder or in the ditch away from the travel portion of the roadway.

7.6     Participants shall conduct safety training for all participants prior to commencement of work, and shall review safe work practices with all participants prior to every work session.

7.7     Participants shall install temporary traffic warning signs and devices as required by the Department and specified in the permit prior to commencement of work.

7.8     Participants shall provide adequate adult supervision for all participants under 18 years of age.  No person under 12 years of age shall be allowed to participate.

7.9     Participants shall pick up and return all equipment or supplies borrowed from the Department during regular business hours within one week of their use.

7.10 The participants shall not remove any material that might be hazardous, to include hypodermic needles, hazardous chemicals, batteries or items too heavy to be moved by hand.  The location of these hazardous or heavy materials shall be reported to the Department.

7.11 The participants are responsible for appointing or selecting a spokesperson.  The spokesperson shall ensure compliance with safety procedures, proper participant clothing which includes without limitation work gloves, appropriate shoes, light colored clothing, long pants, long sleeved shirts, hat, and, if applicable, rain gear, insect repellent and sunscreen.  The spokesperson shall also ensure that participant vehicles be parked off the traveled portion of road at a safe location, provide a first-aid kit, adequate drinking water and arrange transportation to and from the work site.


8.1. The Department shall furnish work area signs, trash bags, reflective vests and safety awareness information for applicant safety meetings.

8.2  The Department will furnish and erect two (2) acknowledgment signs, one at each end of the adopted roadway section with the groups name or acronym displayed.  If the Department determines that the signs would create an unsafe condition for persons using the road, it may chose not to erect the signs.  The signs will be removed when the permit is cancelled or terminated.

8.3  The Department will remove the filled bags from the road for disposal and pay for the cost of disposal.  The Department will remove landscaping debris if it is bagged and/or piled at a location as directed by the Department.

8.4  The Department will arrange for removal of large, heavy, or hazardous material and hypodermic needles from the adopted road section.

8.5  The Department will assign a suitable road site for adoption.  The Department may refuse to assign a particular road section at its discretion.

8.6  The Department will inspect all requested adoption sites to evaluate sight distance, vehicle speeds, traffic volumes, and adequate shoulder width.  The Operations or Traffic Engineering Division administrators retain the right to deny any site for adoption.


9.1  Signs will be installed only for those groups who commit to two (2) or more years of clean up efforts and Adopt-A-Road or combination of roads that is at least 1 mile in length (shoulder miles).

9.2  Signs will be of standard size.

9.3  Signs will be erected in accordance with County sight distance standards.  No signs will be installed if it obstructs visibility of motorists or pedestrians or creates a safety hazard.

9.4  Signs will be standardized and read as follows:


     ....followed by the group's name, initials or acronym.

9.5  Signs with any special logo, graphics or art work requested by the applicant must be submitted to the Department for approval.  The extra cost of preparing said sign shall be paid by the applicant.

9.6 Business names should be in the same format as the local telephone directory.

9.7  The Department reserves the right to refuse any wording which might confuse the public or be offensive or obscene.

9.8  Signs will be installed by the Department as time and materials are available pursuant to this section and section 8.2.

9.9  Signs will be removed by the Department upon the expiration of the permit or upon failure of the group to comply with these procedures or the conditions of the permit.


10.1 The Department reserves the right to revoke any issued permit for any violation of these procedures, the conditions of the permit or Oregon Law.

10.2 The Department reserves the right to revoke any issued permit for any unsafe, hazardous or unlawful activity by any participant or group.

10.3 The Director may request information of the applicant such as Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation or any other similar information to evaluate the applicant.  Failure to supply such information upon request may be grounds for denial of the permit.

10.4 The Department shall issue the cancellation in writing to the permit holder.  The cancellation is effective immediately upon mailing.

10.5 The applicant may cancel the permit within thirty (30) days written notice to the Department.


11.1 The applicant has the option of renewing the permit for subsequent terms subject to the approval of the Department.

11.2 A new permit with all the relevant terms and conditions shall be issued upon receipt of a written request for renewal.


12.1 The Department may cancel, alter or modify this program or any permit without further notice.

12.2 The Department shall notify in writing any applicant of any changes affecting the scope of requirement of issued permits.

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