Online Citation Payment

Please note:  Submit online payments 48 hours (2 business days) before your payment due date.


You may enter your plea and pay your fine online:

  1. To pay in full.
  2. To pay monthly.
  3. To pay monthly after your mandatory appearance in Court.

Administrative Fee

There is no fee to pay your fine in full.  A $50 administrative fee is added to your fine to start a new monthly payment plan.  You will see the $50 fee added to your balance when you make your next monthly payment.  There is no fee to pay your ongoing monthly payments.

Access Your Citation

Ticket #:


Last Name:
Driver's License #:

If Your Citation is Not Found in the Online System

To find your citation online:

  1. For electronically printed citations, wait 3 business days from the citation issue date.
  2. For handwritten citations, wait until one week prior to your court appearance date.

If you have waited and cannot find your citation:

  1. Look at your citation to confirm it is filed in Justice Court on McLoughlin Blvd.
  2. Confirm that your citation does not require a mandatory appearance in Court.

Add a New Citation to an Existing Monthly Payment Plan

Payments will be credited from your oldest to the newest citation.  A $50 administrative fee is added to start a new monthly payment plan.