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Class space is limited — pre-registration is required. All prices are subject to change without notice. We accept cash, check, Visa, and MasterCard.

Ammunition for all classes and clinics must be purchased from the Public Safety Training Center. All ammunition prices are subject to change without notice.

To sign up for a class or for more information, talk to staff members at the Clackamas County Public Safety Training Center (12700 SE 82nd Ave., Clackamas, Oregon 97015) or call us at 503-794-8065.


Private Classes

Includes firearm, lane, ammo, targets, eye and ear protection.
  • Handgun

For reservations call 503-794-8065.

Public Classes

DPSST Firearms Qualification Course for Retired Law EnforcementThe Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to provide Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) Firearms Qualification Course(s) to retired law-enforcement officers, pursuant to the Law Enforcement Officers’ Safety Act of 2004 (HR 218).
Retired Law Enforcement Officers who meet the necessary qualifications and wish to complete the HR 218 Qualification Course can contact the Public Safety Training Center (PSTC) at 503-794-8065 to make an appointment with a Range Training Officer.  Please use the link below to review these qualifications. The PSTC does not allow any outside ammunition, and will provide ammunition for the qualification.
Fee schedule:
  • Clackamas County Sheriff’s Retirees - $40.00 (includes ammo)
  • All other retired Law Enforcement officers- $60.00 (includes ammo)
Fees include:
  • DPSST Target
  • 50-rounds of ammunition
  • Range Training Officer (RTO) conducting the qualification
  • Qualification Card – valid for one (1) year from the qualification date
Individuals qualify using the DPSST Practical Qualification Course (PQC).  The course is a 10-yard and closer, 25-round timed qualification course. The course requires draw from a holster (or how you would carry the firearm) and movement to and from cover.  No exceptions can be made to the DPSST course of fire.
The 25 rounds of ammunition not used in the qualification can be used for practice, or retained to re-attempt if needed.  In the event someone does not qualify on the first attempt, they may purchase an additional target for $1.00 (and ammunition if necessary) and attempt one additional qualification.  Persons are limited to 2 qualification attempts per day.  If a retiree does not qualify after two attempts, they will have to re-schedule for another day, and pay the qualification fee again.

Classes offered
PST 100
Personal Concealed Carry

This 4-hour course is the starting point for educating yourself in firearms safety and defensive use of the handgun. It will give you a better understanding of the handgun, its safe handling and the law as it applies to its carriage and use in defending yourself. Download flyer. (PDF)
PST 101
Basic Handgun Skill Development

This one-day class is the starting point for the Public Safety Training Center’s handgun skills curriculum. It requires no prior handgun knowledge or experience. Understanding the principles of basic firearms safety is emphasized throughout PST 101 -- in a classroom lecture and on the range. The fundamentals of marksmanship are a focus of the class, in both dry- and live-fire exercises.
Classes are scheduled each month on selected Saturdays or Sundays, beginning at 9 a.m. Though completion of this class satisfies the statute requirements for application for an Oregon concealed handgun license, it is strongly recommended that the student seek additional training in Oregon’s Use of Force laws, presented in PST 100. Download flyer. (PDF)
101A   Accelerated Basic Pistol
This full-day course is intended for graduates of PST 101 (or students who wish to bypass PST 101) and who wish to continue their training and achieve entrance to PST 102. Picking up where we finished in 101, this class introduces some basic defensive-handgun skills (no holsters required or allowed). This is "102 prep." Prerequisites include both prior training and an entrance exam. This class requires PST 101 or an Instructor Waiver. The entrance exam is a live-fire evaluation of your gun handling and basic marksmanship skill. There is no additional fee or appointment necessary to take this test. Though completion of this class satisfies the statute requirements for application for an Oregon concealed handgun license, it is strongly recommended that the student seek additional training in Oregon's Use of Force laws, presented in PST 100.

PST 102
Defensive Handgun Skill Development

This intensive 2-day course (minimum 16 hours) is the starting point for realistic self-defense preparedness. If you keep or carry a handgun for defensive purposes, you need this training. You will learn the professional attitudes and personal habits needed to keep you safe -- as well as gain a unique understanding of some of the legal and personal responsibilities you assume as a gun owner. You will learn to safely and efficiently draw from concealment, re-holster, reload and clear malfunctions. You will increase accuracy and speed through coached and supervised systematic, repetitive drills. You will develop your ability to safely operate your handgun with control, precision and speed. Download flyer. (PDF)
PST 103
Advanced Defensive Handgun Skill

This intensive 2-day course (minimum 16 hours) continues the development of defensive handgun skills begun in PST 102 — and introduces new techniques. You will learn to: draw your handgun from concealment with increased speed and accuracy; shoot while moving and turning; engage moving targets; shoot from alternative positions; use cover to protect yourself; engage multiple targets; shoot one-handed; and effectively use index (unsighted) firing. The focus of this class is the mindset, skills, tactics and techniques that are essential in winning a lethal-force confrontation. Download flyer. (PDF)
PST 201
Handgun Coach Development


This 10-hour, two-session class teaches students to coach others in handling, firing and operating a handgun. Learning how to teach improves the instructor’s own skills over the long term. This class is meant for the experienced handgun shooter who has successfully completed formalized handgun training for recreation or self-defense -- and who wants to teach others to safely and skillfully shoot a handgun. The class will be conducted in two sections: The first -- presented free of charge -- is a review of basic safety rules, marksmanship fundamentals, and safe gun handling. This first session will also cover instructional techniques and adult learning theory. The second session requires students to apply this information and their own skills in oral and written presentations and dry- and live-fire coaching exercises. Students must attend and complete both class sessions. Successful students may assist in PSTC handgun curriculum.
Prerequisites: PST 103 or acceptable equivalent; CCL or current background check.
Topics covered:
Firearms safety; gun handling protocols; marksmanship fundamentals; adult learning techniques; coaching techniques; lesson planning; target analysis; dry- and live-fire corrective exercises.
Equipment needed: Handgun and belt-secured strong-side holster; muff-style hearing protection; wraparound eye protection; 300 rounds of ammunition. Download flyer. (PDF)


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