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Clackamas County Interagency Task Force
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FAQ      A Message From the Founding Director
A Message from the Founding CCITF Director

On Sept. 5, a committed group of local, regional and federal agencies launched the CCITF. The team has already had some early successes. In our first two weeks of operation, three search warrants were served on chronic drug houses. At these locations, guns were seized and children were removed from what can only be described as terrible living conditions.

These are the types of cases the Task Force will continue to work with the community to address.

On one of our first Task Force operations, we kicked in a door in Oregon City—and I was struck by a poignant image. As our 21-year-old suspect was apologizing to his 17-year-old girlfriend, who was with their baby, I saw a picture hanging on the wall. It was the male subject’s 1999 baseball-team photo. It was the sort of picture many families have hanging on their wall. And that photo of a smiling kid in his uniform threw into stark relief the toll that drugs had allegedly taken on this suspect over a seven-year period.



Many of you have stories of how you or someone you know has been affected by meth abuse, either because of the drug’s effects on family members or friends or because of the crimes it inspires. These stories—and the success stories that came out of similar efforts in Overland Park—are the fuel that drives the CCITF.

We will aggressively target, arrest and prosecute subjects involved in the use and distribution of meth. We will continue to intervene where children are being put at risk because of parent’s drug use and addiction. We will continue to target the crimes and criminal activity associated with methamphetamine. And thanks to the coordinated efforts of law-enforcement officials based everywhere from our nation’s capital to your neighborhood, we’ll work to alleviate the terrible effects that meth and meth-related crimes are having on our community.

-- Lt. Kevin Poppen, CCITF Director