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Public Safety Training Center: Practical Pistol League

Our goal is to provide ongoing practical shooting skill development for public and law enforcement shooters. Skills practiced in our Practical Pistol League may include:

  • Presentations from the holster
  • Rapid Fire
  • Speed and tactical reloading
  • Use of cover
  • Movement
  • Target identification
  • Multiple Targets
  • Moving Targets
  • Low Light
  • No Light (Flashlight)
  • One hand firing - Strong and Support hand

The League meets at the PSTC for six consecutive evenings, usually Wednesday, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. A new league starts every other month. We generally shoot three separate exercises every night -- a standard qualification course (many shooters on line simultaneously) and two individual scenarios (one shooter at a time). These scenarios may involve role-playing and simulator use. Plan to shoot and come prepared with 100 rounds for each of the six sessions. The armory counter will not be open. Ammunition must be purchased in advance from the PSTC Armory. Case discounts are available.

You must register for the league in advance and pay in person or over the phone. Participation is limited to 16. Fees are $55 for members and $69 for non-members. Please try to come to the PSTC on most any Thursday evening 5-9 p.m. to complete the safety check (described below) in advance of the first night of the league. The first night of every league starts with a safety briefing. For more information contact the PSTC at at (503) 794-8065.

Training Prerequisite
Ideally, the league participation is a graduate of PST 102 or a law-enforcement officer. As a minimum training prerequisite, shooters must have taken the PST Defensive Draw Stroke Clinic, present DPSST certification or PST 102 (or 102 equivalent such as FAS 2, Gunsite 250, etc). For more information on our classes and clinics, click here.

Safety Check
All league participants must complete and pass a safety check before participation. The safety check is free, expends zero ammunition and only takes a few minutes. This is available almost every Thursday evening and the first night of the league. The IALEFI safety check tests minimum safe gun handling skills with these exercises:

  1. Draw, unload and show clear
  2. Holster
  3. Draw, dry fire and holster
  4. Pivot 90 degrees left, draw and dry fire
  5. Pivot 90 degrees right, draw and dry fire
  6. Pivot 180 degrees, draw and dry fire
  7. Movement with the drawn handgun (includes forward, lateral left and right, and use of cover).
  8. Load
  9. Unload

Equipment Requirements
The Practical Pistol League is meant as practice, use what you carry on the street:

Scoring and Prizes
The league is intended as a training, recreational and social event. Scores are largely just for fun or artificial training stress and bragging rights. Many shooters will receive an attendance certificate. Some exercises will be scored as points, some as time, some Pass/Fail.

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