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Letters of Praise

The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office periodically receives thank-you letters from citizens and other agencies. We've reproduced some of our favorites below. (Letters may be edited for length or clarity, and identifying details may be removed.)

If you'd like to send your own note of praise, feel free to use our online commendation form.

A woman called us from Salt Lake City. She is an 85-year-old traveling with her four daughters. They were on their annual grown-up-girls' trip -- 25th year.

They were driving from Mt. Hood to the Portland Airport when they got a flat tire in a borrowed van. They had pulled off the road and were getting ready to call AAA when two deputies stopped to assist them -- Deputies Burdette and Tonn.

Deputy Burdette provided his card, so she was able to phone in today to thank both officers for their assistance. She stated how kind, helpful and efficient these two deputies were in changing their flat tire: "There could not have been two greater rescuers than those two. What a wonderful thing for those two to stop. If we had to wait for AAA, we would have probably missed our flight."

Internal e-mail

We at Rex Putnam High School would like to thank Scott McBride and the other deputy who responded to an incident involving a student who left our campus and was in danger. The teachers who interacted with the deputies said they handled the situation very professionally, and the teachers wanted to thank the deputies for their work.


The daughter of an 82-year-old who was involved in a traffic crash stopped by today to request a copy of the report and to thank Deputy Hoyer for doing such a great job. She handed me the thank-you note her mother wrote for Deputy Hoyer and wanted to make sure he got it. Her mother noted he "was kind, helpful and very professional."

-- Internal e-mail


I am writing this letter to show my appreciation and gratitude for the many men and women who have committed themselves to protecting our communities. Many of us take for granted the protection we are provided by our deputies, and at times they are misunderstood.

On an October evening, I had the opportunity to ride along with Clackamas County Sheriff's Office Deputy Jerry Rippe. I spent over nine hours with Deputy Rippe. What I experienced during that time has given me an completely different outlook and understanding of what our men and women in law enforcement must do every day to keep us safe.

I was very impressed with the way Deputy Rippe conducted himself while performing his duties. He was professional and tactful in the way he interacted with the people he had contact with throughout his shift. Each person was treated with the same respect as he dealt with various challenges. Watching him perform his duties made me proud, and I felt completely safe as he showed complete competence.

I found this experience to be informative, and I saw a saw of law enforcement that most of us never see. I recommend that others in our community spend time with our deputies, as I did.

-- Portland

At about 11:30 this evening, we forgot to close our garage door and were in bed to go to sleep when a uniformed police officer knocked on our door and informed us that our garage door was wide open.

This is remarkable observation on the officer's part -- my van and pickup were parked outside the garage, and the door was probably not visible from the street.

We are proud of our Happy Valley police officers, who are extremely efficient and alert. We feel very secure and comfortable. We appreciate the officer's concern. Please acknowledge his efficiency and sincerity towards providing for a safe and sound Happy Valley. An officer like him makes a difference in society indeed!

-- Happy Valley


Sgt. Rhodes: Had a call from a man named Richard, who wanted to let you know that you did a great job the other night while doing a welfare check at his home. He was very impressed with how you handled the whole situation.... He went on and on about how impressed he was with your demeanor and how you represented the Sheriff's Office -- how professional you were in handling a stressful incident.

-- Internal e-mail

The Preamble of the Constitution of the American Legion includes as one of its objectives "service to the community, state and nation." As concerned citizens and veterans, Legionnaires have always fostered a strong sense to uphold the protection of American citizens and the American way of life. The American Legion has always held law-enforcement agencies and their personnel who daily serve our communities -- and frequently lay their lives on the line -- in the highest regard.

In 2010, Estacada was plagued by an outbreak of thefts and car-prowls in downtown Estacada. Deputy Hollis met with residents and business owners to answer questions and explain how the community could help. Through the persistent efforts of Deputy Hollis and the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, the crimes were resolved and the suspects apprehended.

It is with great honor that the American Legion Carl Douglass Post #74 recognizes Deputy Hollis as its 2011 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year.

-- The American Legion, Carl Douglass Post #74, Estacada

Deputy Woolcock: Thank you for your help with our late relative. We greatly appreciated it. Your patience and understanding in the matter were exemplary. Your general willingness to help did not go unnoticed. We are greatly appreciative of everything you did for us, and wanted to extend our deepest thanks.

-- Milwaukie

Sheriff Roberts: I wanted to take a moment to comment on jobs well done by several of your Patrol deputies.

I recently was given the opportunity to do a ride-along with the graveyard shift that began at 9 p.m. I rode with Deputy T. Hill. Deputy Hill did a great job of showing me around and making me feel welcome -- while still accomplishing all the requirements of the job.

A particular incident that I thought was well-handled started around 10 p.m. A call for a found child came in, and Deputy Slinger was also dispatched to the call. A child who was about 3 was running along Sunnyside and showed up at the front doorstep of a family living on 130th.

It turned out the family had been trying to figure out who the kid was for a while before we got there. Deputies Hill and Slinger showed great teamwork. Deputy Hill gathered info from the family and the kid. Deputy Slinger went back to the station and got a child seat and a case number. Both of them did great keeping the child entertained (including letting him play with the car lights) while waiting for on-call foster care to arrive.

I appreciated that Deputy Hill was upbeat and positive about the job, but also told me honestly about the reality of it. The night was a great experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity.

-- Portland

Dear Sgt. Rhodes: Thank you for taking the time to show me around and answer my questions. I enjoyed learning about the information you can generate from a simple license-plate number. It was interesting to see the map of the county and how the deputies are divided up into the different areas. I was also amazed at the amount of territory that needs to be covered with so few deputies.

I appreciate your willingness to do the job you do. I have a greater appreciation for the Sheriff's Office after being involved in the Citizens Academy. The many situations you deal with on a regular basis were more than I had expected.

-- C.H.

I just wanted to take a moment to express our thanks to Deputy Boone and his dog Spencer for coming to our preschool and talking and demonstrating with the children about the K-9 Unit, law enforcement, and safety.

We were pleased to meet Deputy Boone and Mik last year, and we were pleased that he was able to come out this year with his new dog.

Deputy Boone does a great job with the children. We couldn't ask for a better person to come and talk with them. He and Spencer give a great presentation. We hope they'll be able to come back in the future!

-- Estacada Christian Church


... I was inadvertently speeding, and should have been more aware of my driving and surrounding speed limits.

I am not upset for one moment at the deputy, who was very polite, but I am upset at myself that I was not paying enough attention to know the speed limit had just changed -- especially since I travel that route at least two days a week. (And since retiring, I am just not in a hurry anymore to get anywhere, which adds to my disappointment.)

Getting a ticket and paying a fine is much better than having a wreck, injuring someone else (heaven forbid a child) or yourself. It was a good reminder that when I am driving, I need to be more attentive, especially as I get older.

I wrote this letter because I'm sure you hear all sorts of excuses. For once, it would be gratifying to have someone tell you that the tickets do make a difference in driving attitudes for a few of us.

-- Sherwood 

I am a supervisor for the DHS/CW North Clackamas Protective Services Unit. I just read a report written by Deputy Tingey, who placed a child into protective custody due to domestic violence and possible drug use. His report was accurate, very comprehensive, with extensive interviews and good statements. His follow-through was also extraordinary. His report made our job much easier! Good work!

-- DHS/CW North Clackamas Protective Services Unit

Deputy Hilary Robinson: You recently responded to my home, and I wanted to thank you for your service. You helped me at a time when it was much appreciated, with compassion and care. I could truly see what a kind person you are. Thank you.

-- Colton

...Your department and certain individual deputies (Deputies Steve Martin and Wes Hall) really deserve recognition for their assistance with a difficult and trying case. When I started investigating [our client's] needs, I had no idea it would branch out in a way that would involve so many officers at so many different levels. The one thing that stood out through this process was the compassion and caring your deputies showed in their dealings with him throughout this challenging and difficult situation. It's clear from the consistency of your deputies' responses that you have a great culture within your department of which you should be proud. Thank you again for everything you and your deputies did to help with this situation.

-- Oregon Department of Human Services

Sheriff Roberts: I am writing this letter to you to recognize the great work of Deputy Larry Jones. Deputy Jones recently referred information to my agency on a situation where he believed elder abuse might be occurring in a Lake Oswego home. Based on this information, I conducted an investigation -- and confirmed he was correct. Three people had moved into the movie of an 82-year-old widow and were living rent-free. Because of this, we were able to secure elder-abuse restraining orders against the three people and forcibly remove them from the residence -- thus protecting the vulnerable adult from the continued financial exploitation through undue influence.

Deputy Jones deserves positive recognition for his actions and involvement in this case for his willingness to go "above and beyond" -- because without his awareness of the dynamics of elder abuse, I truly believe this situation may have turned out tragic.

As a side note to the above, when Deputy Jones was dealing with all parties involved -- from the vulnerable adult to the three perpetrators and other witnesses -- he was professional, caring and extremely compassionate. I thank you and your department for your assistance on this case.

-- Adult Protective Services, Oregon Department of Human Services


Sheriff Roberts: I was very impressed in the way Deputy Scott McBride handled the situation of informing us of our relative's death.... It was not until afterward that I realized how sensitively he had handled the horrible news. He even talked on the phone to the victim's father. I know that the work deputies do puts their lives on the line each time they get in the patrol cars. Thanks.

-- Clackamas County

Dear Sheriff Roberts: We have a cabin on Highway 26 near Rhododendron that was broken into in February. We determined this from a toll phone call placed on our cabin phone on that date, when we were not using the cabin.

Your non-emergency dispatcher was very helpful and arranged for me to meet Deputy Zacher at the Zigzag Ranger Station. We met there as scheduled, and he accompanied me to our cabin for a look. The woodshed door was broken in. An outbuilding door was ajar. The cabin had been entered through the back door but was unoccupied -- but it had clearly been used by someone who left behind two t-shirts == one of which was still damp.

I opted to leave the cabin as it was, on the chance the person might return. Deputy Zacher said he would make a report, and would alert the Oregon State Police and other deputies that we were going to leave the cabin as it was to see if the person returned. After several days, I decided to do the needed repairs and close up the cabin.

Again, your non-emergency dispatcher was very helpful and arranged for me to meet Deputy Kuehl, who took some evidence for examination.

The efficacy, courtesy, and professionalism of your non-emergency dispatchers and deputies was impressive and reassuring. Please convey to all my sincere appreciation for their help and courtesy.

-- Portland

Dear Sheriffs Roberts and Gordon:

I wish to thank you for allowing [shuttle coordinators/transport officers] Corporal Trish Deland and Deputy Gary Bergerson to attend the National Association of Extradition Officials this month in Charleston, South Carolina. Trish and Gary -- co-presidents of the Oregon Transport Association, did an outstanding job in their presentation of the Northwest Shuttle System.

Trish and Gary's knowledge, experience and enthusiasm generated interest not only from the law-enforcement attendees, but from prosecutors' office attendees, as well. Interest grew once the prosecutors realized the shuttle system meant an increase in the number of fugitives returned at a reduced cost and the law-enforcement attendees realized a shuttle system saved money and officers' time.

Throughout the conference, Trish and Gary met one-on-one with law-enforcement representatives. They fielded questions on everything from how to start a shuttle in their agency to expanding shuttle operations with adjacent states. In addition, Trish and Gary met with the local sheriff and his administrative staff to further discuss how to begin implementation of the shuttle plan for the State of South Carolina.

Not only did Trish and Gary score a home run -- it was a grand slam.

-- Frances A. Lushenko, Director of Extradition Services, State of Oregon 

Sheriff Roberts: I'm writing to commend Deputy Tim Jackson. I have come to know him through monitoring visits he has conducted at my home as required by the electronic surveillance program instituted for my relative.

Deputy Jackson has shown a remarkable balance of professional and kindness. He is a very skillful communicator and demonstrates a high degree of proficiency working with individuals like my relative. Deputy Jackson conveys dedication to public safety as well as individual rehabilitation.

The assignment of deputy Jackson to my relative's case has been a tremendous benefit - we appreciate his expertise and positive demeanor. Deputy Jackson is certainly a credit to the profession and to your agency.

-- Keizer


Sheriff Roberts: As a current occupant of our county jail ... the purpose of my letter is to commend a handful of deputies with fairness, honesty and respect. I'm sure there are others, but the ones I dealt with I would like to list by name: Deputies Pillar, Klepper, Geer, Hohensee and Ingram. These gentlemen should be commended for their good work and the respect they show their fellow human beings. Though it's never fun to be locked up, these men make the time a little easier by making you feel like you're being treated with some respect. This leads to a better overall attitude with the inmates and more civil living conditions for all.

-- Clackamas County Jail

Shame on me. This letter is long overdue.

Eleven years ago or so, Deputy Anthony Edwards help me with my son, who was a kid "stuck on stupid" for many years. Between romancing chemicals and various other types of negative behavior -- including trips between county jails -- I had just about had it, and needed him out of my home.

I had gotten different opinions from various law-enforcement officers concerning our situation -- including that there was nothing they could do. Then I met Deputy Edwards, who had a professional but no-nonsense approach. He gave me great advice, including requesting a restraining order. This was difficult. Although I was angry at my son, I still loved him, and couldn't stand to see him on the streets hungry and cold. However, this turned out to be the best thing for him.

I followed Deputy Edwards down to the Courthouse in Oregon City and obtained a restraining order that day. Because it has been a number of years, I have forgotten other details, but it took about three or four trips to my house to deal with my son. This was managed by Deputy Edwards -- and I have never forgotten how well he managed everything.

My son had to get "pinched" a couple of more times before he decided it was easier to operate on the right side of the law. Today he is drug-free has held the same job for many years, married a wonderful young lady, and became a father for the first time a few days ago. He remembers Deputy Edwards and has no ill feelings. In fact, he realizes now that Deputy Edwards helped save his life by getting him back on track. Although my son behaved insufferably, Deputy Edwards always maintained his cool and dealt with him civilly.

The aforementioned leads me to the present. I recently had a hit and run in Boring, but only had five digits of the six-digit plate due to my sloppy writing.... Being the tenacious person that I am, I handed out flyers, I did stake-outs, I went door-to-door talking to different Boring businesses, and I called OSP multiple times....

On July 8, as I am driving down my residential role and I see two law-enforcement officers. One of them had on a Damascus Police uniform -- and it was Deputy Edwards. Imagine my delight. I gave Deputy Edwards my edited sob story. Imagine my surprise when he calls back an hour-and-a-half later, confirms the missing letter, and tells me he has all of the additional information. He then gave a packet of information to an OSP officer.

Kudos to Deputy Anthony Edwards. His customer service is outstanding.

-- Damascus

During the recent extended search for Robert Bissell in the Roaring River Wilderness area, the team of Search & Rescue coordinators from the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office did their usual outstanding job, day after day after day.

As a member of Pacific Northwest Search and Rescue, I have been involved in searches in many other counties, both in Oregon and in Washington, and I know with absolute certainty that the deputies here in Clackamas County are the finest SAR coordinators currently practicing their craft. They are responsive to the needs of the volunteer teams in the field and adaptive to the changing situations of every search.

I'd like to give a couple of examples from the Bissell search.

These are small grace notes in the endless rounds of briefing the teams, collecting evidence, planning new search areas, keeping track of the media, and ensuring the safety of the teams in the field.

Above all else, they treated the subject's brother with empathy and respect while facing the reality as the days went on that there might not be a positive outcome to the search effort -- or even a resolution to the case for the present time.

I know there were several other SAR events going on at the same time as the Bissell search, and some of the CCSO SAR coordinators had to leave one scene to deal with another. At no time did I feel unsafe in the field, or as if any possible lead had not been covered by the team at base.

I am always proud to tell other SAR teams where my team is based out of. Our SAR coordinators are the best-trained, hardest-working bunch out there.

-- Milwaukie

In May 2010, Deputy David Bell responded to my residence regarding a possible hit-and-run of my garage door. The garage door had been dragged down the alley. It was a total loss. The garage required removal of its contents to prevent further losses. Subsequent investigation by Deputy Bell resulted in identification of the suspect driver and ultimately subrogation against the driver's insurance company for approximately $1,000.

When I first called the Sheriff's Office, I was expecting to file an "insurance report" and nothing further was going to happen. I was pleasantly surprised to disciver that a deputy would actually respond -- even though there were no witnesses or suspect information.

Deputy Bell responded shortly and conducted an investigation including neighbor contacts. Deputy Bell was professional and courteous to me during the contact. Neighbors also reported positive contact from Deputy Bell.

Deputy Bell took the time to initially investigate and later follow up -- resulting in identification of the vehicle and suspect driver. I mentioned above that there were no witnesses to the incident. Deputy Bell was apparently able to persuade the "possible" suspect driver to admit that "maybe he had hit the garage door" and ""maybe he would talk to his insurance company."

Approximately one week later, I received a call from the suspect's insurance company accepting full responsibility. I was able to have the door and all required hardware replaced before I left the state, returning three weeks later.

You should take pride knowing that the initial contact with phone personnel and this deputy are in keeping with what I would expect with traditional and professional law enforcement focused on community service.

I am a retired police supervisor from California. Deputy Bell was not made aware of my prior occupation until his field investigationa and follow-up investigation were completed.

You and your personnel are to be commended.

-- Wilsonville

Sheriff Roberts: I wanted to take a moment to commend one of your deputies for a job well done.

I am a retired fire captain of 29 years with Contra Costa County. I mention this only to assure you that I know a little but about public service and that I can recognize a true public servant when I see one.

On July 9, 2010, I found myself -- with my family of two daughters and my wife -- stranded on the Willamette River. I will spare you the details, but suffice it to say that we had very few options to resolve our situation. We had been towed to Meldrum Bar boat-ramp with no prospects to be towed back to Staff Jennings where we had left from.

It was here we had to find a mooring for the night. Keeping the boat at the ramp was not an option.

As luck would have it, your Marine Patrol was just taking their boat out of the river. Deputy Olsen made contact with us and listened to our story. He exhibited genuine concern for our plight. He proceeded to make a number of calls on our behalf, and I wa able to arrange a moorage for us for the night at nearby Sportscraft Landing.

Deputy Olsen was kind enough at this point to return his boat to the water and proceed to tow us to the marina.

At all times, Deputy Olsen was kind, professional, concerned and willing to do whatever he could to resolve our problem. The situation was handled beyond our expectations.

I truly enjoyed my time in public service. I enjoy even more seeing young men and women so ably continuing to serve the public in ways beyond just the prime mandate to which they are sworn.

I did not want this opportunity to pass without recognizing and commending your deputy for a job well done!

-- El Dorado Hills, California

Sheriff Roberts: During my tenure as a municipal court judge for the cities of Damascus and Happy Valley, I have worked closely with a number of deputies from your department. Your deputies provide security while court is in session, as well as testifying at various trials and/or hearings in my court.

I wanted to take this opportunity to advise that every deputy from your office that has appeared in my court has always been very professional and exhibited the highest degree of professionalism to my court and the citizens appearing before my court. When I have ordered your deputies to take an individual into custody for contempt of court, they have always handled these potentially difficult situations without incident.

It seems to me that we often take law-enforcement officers for granted. I wanted to let you know how I perceive your staff and the valuable services they provide to my courts. My best to you in the future.

-- Larry J. Blake, Jr., Municipal Court Judge


On Feb. 28, 2008, there was a string of car-prowls in Clackamas County involving at least 10 victims. One of the victims was a mother whose young daughter was undergoing cancer treatment. Her daughter's backpack was taken, along with her new Easter dress. This backpack contained many of the young patient's treasured items she used for comfort when she received treatments.

Clackamas County Sheriff's Office Deputy Gil Millett's investigation revealed the suspects on surveillance video refunding the Easter dress for cash at a Ross Dress For Less shortly after the theft.

Deputy Millett brought this case to the attention of Detective Pitton, who brought the footage to Officer Wiechmann -- who was able to produce a suspect alert that was distributed to precincts. The Ross surveillance footage was also broadcast in the media.

After discussing the case with other precinct detectives, two of the three suspects in the video were identified as Phillip Burton Merriam III and his girlfriend Lisa Mathers.

Detectives Pitton and Parks contacted Merriam's mother to find out where he was currently living. They spotted a male who resembled Merriam in front of the location as they arrived. They locked down on the house and called for assistance from Officer Erickson and Deputy Millett. Once cover arrived, they gained consent to enter the house and search the basement. They immediately discovered Lisa Mathers hiding in a bedroom in the basement and took her into custody. They continued searching for Phillip Merriam and discovered the young girl's backpack -- as well as stolen property from some of the other car-prowls.

Deputy Millett discovered Merriam hiding in a refrigerator in the basement and Merriam was taken into custody.

Deputy Millett was able to charge both defendants with several counts of Theft I and Theft by Receiving -- and he was able to return the backpack to the girl's mother. It still contained her most treasured comfort items.

Congratulations on a job well done.

-- Commander, East Precinct, Portland Police Bureau

On behalf of our Forest Patrol program, we would like to offer a huge thank-you to the Sheriffs of Clackamas, Washington and Multnomah Counties, their inmate work crews and work-crew supervisors for an outstanding job cleaning up our forest lands.

In October, their work crews assisted the Yamhill County Sheriff's Office's inmate work crew on a joint effort to clear trash and debris from the forest lands open to the public in our county. The properties include land owned and managed by the Bureau of Land Management and Weyerhauser.

We received words of appreciation from the BLM Law Enforcement Ranger for our area, the district land manager for Weyerhaeuser, and citizens we have contacted in the woods. They were all surprised and appreciative of the efforts made by our office and neighboring counties to keep our forest lands safe, clean and open to the public. There is no doubt this project made a positive impact on those who enjoy our forest lands.

-- Forest Patrol Deputies, Yamhill County Sheriff's Office

I had the privilege of riding along with Deputy Martinez. I was very impressed by both his professional demeanor and his enthusiasm for his job. His ability to turn potential negative situations into positive outcomes speaks well of both his training and his natural personality and abilities.

In our conversations throughout the evening, it was apparent how much he enjoyed being a part of the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office and how much he respected the leadership and other officers with whom he works on a day-to-day basis.

In the past ten years, I've had the opportunity to ride along with deputies on three separate occasions, and the experiences have been outstanding. As a private citizen, I would just like to thank you and your organization for the hard work you do. It was great!

-- Medford

On April 28, 2010, while investigating a missing-person case, detectives from the Tacoma Police Department's Homicide Unit discovered the remains of Laurinda Hughes in the crawlspace of her residence. An investigation revealed she had been shot and killed by her own son. Thomas Bienville, and then placed under her residence by both Thomas and his wife, Austa Bienville.

As the investigation continued, information developed showing both Thomas and Austa had fled the Tacoma area and tranveled to Wilsonville, Oregon, then to Reno, Nevada, and finally to Miami, Florida.

Following the arrest of Thomas and Austa Bienvolle in Miami, information was developed that confirmed they had spent two days in Wilsonville after fleeing Tacoma. The information regarding their activities in Wilsonville was detailed, and would require two Tacoma homicide detectives to travel to Oregon and potentially spend days running down pieces of information.

Contact was made with the Wilsonville Police -- and specifically Det. Jeff Green.

Detective Green was briefed on the homicide as well as the follow-up investigation and the information specific to Wilsonville. He moved quickly to assist the Tacoma Police with the investigation -- and as a result, valuable info and evidence was obtained. Detective Green's outstanding efforts allowed Tacoma homicide detectives to focus on other elements of the investigation, as the need to travel to Oregon no longer existed.

The tracking and arrest of these suspects -- as well as the recovery of specific items of evidence critical to the case -- would not have been possible without the tremendous assistance provided by Det. Green and the Wilsonville Police. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by the Tacoma Police and the citizens of Tacoma.

-- Chief Donald Ramsdell, City of Tacoma Police Department

I was the driver of a car that hit a pedestrian who was dangerously running across McLoughlin Boulevard. The pedestrian was killed that night, and it has been hard to move on, though I am doing very well.

I would like to thank all of the departments who responded that evening: the Gladstone Police, Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, and Oregon State Police. You all did a wonderful job getting control of the situation, coordinating help for the pedestrian and interviewing witnesses.

The 911 operator who took my call did a very good job keeping me calm. She only asked me questions she needed to know, and could tell that asking me endless questions would have made me more frantic. I was impressed with her ability to realize that. I was probably freaking out a little bit, and she kept me on the phone and somewhat engaged until Clackamas County Sheriff's Deputies arrived.

I would also like to highlight the professional job that Oregon State Police Officer Cortez did that evening. He had a lot to do and coordinate, but he was very kind to me and continually checked in with me throughout the investigation. At the end of the evening, as I was taking my voluntary alcohol test, it was he who broke the news to me that the pedestrian had been killed. He assured me I did not do anything wrong and there was nothing I could do. Hearing this from him -- and from witnesses at the scene -- was essential to help me not assume personal guilt. Had he not done this in the moment, I probably would have suffered much more psychologically in the days following the incident.

I am sorry it has taken me so long to write this letter. But I am sure there are always complaint letters from citizens who nitpick everything they personally do not like. I am grateful for everyone's help that evening.

-- Milwaukie

Sheriff Roberts: Many times, administrators only hear about the troubles and indiscretions of their officers. I feel it is just as important for you to hear of the exemplary actions of their officers.

I had an opportunity to meet many of your deputies on June 3, 2010 while instructing them in the San Jose Model of Field Training and Evaluation Program at the Hillboro Police Department.

During the instruction, I found them to be very attentive, enthusiastic, and positive in their comments and ideas -- and to have a general eagnerness to make your program one of the best in the area. I wish more students would conduct themselves with a demeanor as professional as your deputies exhibited during class.

Sheriff Roberts, this is just a short note to say I believe you have committed Field Training Officers who will assist you and your department through its Field Training Program to make certain your recruit officers have the best in teaching, training and evaluation.

-- DeWolf & Associates Law Enforcement Training & Consulting

With the approaching Holiday season, I want to express my thanks to the multitude of people who were involved with the search and rescue in December 2009 and the search and recovery in August of 2010 of my daughter, Katie Nolan, and her friends, Anthony Vietti and Luke Gullberg.

When we arrived at Timberline Lodge on Dec. 12, 2009, we were given an update on the search-and-rescue mission. Those updates never stopped from December to August. We were always treated with compassion and respect.

The cooperative effort by all the agencies involved was very impressive. Deputy Scott Meyers of the Clackamas County Sheriff Office, Steve Rollins of Portland Mountain Rescue (PMR) and Chaplain Dennis Simons of the Sandy Fire Department are the men who were with us during the updates -- and they continued to support us the entire eight months of the mission.

This was a really long mission, yet everyone remained dedicated. In December, it was very hard to leave the mountain without having found Katie and Anthony. I think it was especially hard for the search-and-rescue teams. I know members of PMR felt like they were leaving part of their "family" behind and had failed. My family never felt that way. We know they are people of integrity and that everything that could have been done was done. PMR is in a class by itself! Even thinking about the risks they took brings tears to my eyes.

I wish you could all see a picture of the recovery teams taken in August 2010. Team 1 is near the top of what I have come to call KAL rock (Katie and Anthony's location) and Team 2 is near the bottom of KAL rock  (Luke's location). Team 1 took the picture and Team 2 members look like little ants on the snow and ice. Saying "the mountain is vast" seems like such an understatement. When you see the pictures, you are amazed they can bring anyone down off the mountain in those conditions. They did this in record time, with perfection." I am so very grateful that no one was injured during this mission. That would have made a tragic situation a whole lot worse.

I know that when they are unable to rescue someone, the hurt goes deep. I also know that -- and am reminded during this Christmas season -- that Jesus came to rescue us all. Katie, Anthony, and Luke are rescued for all eternity.

Thank you all for your dedication, integrity, kindness, compassion, and giving so much of yourselves. You are truly the best of the best!

-- David and Darla Nolan

To the deputies who responded on Saturday: Thank you so much for your calm and professional response to the incident we had at our home early that evening. We found out later that our relative had a severe hallucinatory reaction to some medication. This created a very stressful situation at our home during a family gathering -- one we were not equipped to handle on our own.

We very much appreciated your quick response and the way you handled the situation. Our relative spent several days in the hospital getting the care she needed.... She is doing much better.

We would like to thank you for your dedicated service to our community -- and especially to thank you for your handling of the unexpected situation that happened at our home that day. Your time and assistance were truly appreciated. Thank you so much!

On April 3, 2010, our clients' expectations were met once again thanks to the timely and professional response of your department. Their efforts were instrumental in the apprehension of one suspect at Mercedes-Benz of Wilsonville. In particular, please see that Deputies Atkerson, Bell, Peterson, Cochran, O'Keefe, Kyser and Toops receive our thanks and congratulations.

We commend you and your entire department for faithfully fulfilling your responsibility to keep our community safe. Please ensure that the appropriate recognition for a job well done is delivered to these officers.

-- Public Agency Specialist, Sonitrol Pacific Portland

The daughter of an 82-year-old who was involved in a traffic crash stopped by today to request a copy of the report and to thank Deputy Hoyer for doing such a good job. She handed me the thank-you note her mother wrote for Deputy Hoyer and told me she wanted to make sure he got it. Her mother noted he "was kind, helpful, and very professional."

-- Internal e-mail

To Scott Meyers and the entire search-and-rescue crew: I would like to thank you so much for saving my son, who was lost in the woods on Wildcat Mountain on Nov. 21.

Scott was fantastic -- he kept us informed. He called for more and more help. Your technology and crew were amazing. I cannot begin to thank you enough!

Please thank the staffers who originally took the call and were on the ball getting this organized. I cannot begin to express my deep gratitude. This was a mother's worst night and best night all rolled into one.

My son is doing very well -- he's beginning to share the stories of that night and his amazing fight of his life. He is strong in body and mind, and has an amazing gift for writing -- he's already written a paper about it for his composition class in school. He has asked if he could come to one of your meetings and thank you in person.

Thank you all again. You're all amazing angels on earth, and will forever be in our thoughts and prayers as you head out into your sometimes thankless jobs as the protectors of our community.

The week of Thanksgiving is bittersweet to our family. We already have so much to be thankful for -- but this Thanksgiving we will add the fantastic people of the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, the SAR volunteers, our fantastic friends and family and the power of prayer, and technology.  Thank you all so much! You make all difference in the world. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving and holiday season.

If in the future you need a fundraiser, I'm there. My church fellowship was involved in prayers for you. I'm sure few appreciate what you do until we need you. We will forever.

-- Sandy

Deputy Shauvin had to monitor me while I was on electronic monitoring for a while. He was so nice to me and so professional. He even let my 7-year-old check out his patrol car and supplied him with a lifetime of junior deputy stickers. So thank you for being kind, courteous and compassionate. You made an excellent impression on me.

-- Sandy

Sheriff Roberts: I wanted to put in a good word for Deputy Senior. He helped me with something I was working on and was phenomenal. He and Sgt. Brandenburg have helped me in the past.

I run out of words for the people in your department, but I feel it's important to tell you when they are exemplary. I've always said to folks I contact in my job as an Oregon Abuse Investigator that we have the best Sheriff's Office in the state. I'm proud to work with you guys and with people like Deputy Senior and Sgt. Brandenberg. Could you recognize them for me in some way?

Thanks also for what you do to lead the department.

-- Clackamas County, Oregon Abuse Investigator

Dear Sheriff Roberts: Every once in a while someone special, who always goes beyond the call of duty, comes along. Deputy McVey is the very best example of how police work should be done that I have experienced in my legal career of thirty years.

He is respectful of all, calm, compassionate, professional, observant, reliable and steady. I never worried about anything while he was here. I am honored to have worked with him, and hope he can train others in his image.

Walking in two camps here at juvenile takes talent. Disarming angry parents and out-of-control teens takes special skills. Andrew has them. Most recently, the thirty-plus parents in the teen drug-court program paid him the highest of compliments: They told him they knew their kids were safe when he was in charge -- and it brought them peace.

Thank you for lending him to me for a while. I hope he comes back.

-- Judge Deanne L. Darling, Circuit Court of Oregon, Fifth Judicial District

Deputy Boone came to our criminal-justice class at PCC-Cascade with his dog Mik and spoke a great deal about Clackamas County and K9s in general. His knowledge was impressive, as was his professional presence. I realize he was doing this on his own time.

Having guest speakers such as Deputy Boone greatly enhances the learning experience. Thank you.

-- Portland

I am writing in regard to one of your officers, Julie Fanger.

Yesterday I was at the department to submit some controlled drugs for destruction that were ordered after a recent emergency surgery. Officer Fanger was the person I worked with. In addition, she helped me with an issue I was having with a neighbor.

Officer Fanger was a pleasure to work with. I just can't say enough about her. She was very professional, explaining everything  to me in a clear manner in great detail. She was a tremendous help, and I found her to be a very kind and caring person. You are fortunate to have her in your department.

-- Wilsonville

I am requesting copies of an incident report of a break-in in my home. Deputy Lightner was the responding deputy, who, by the way, was very kind and helpful.

-- Happy Valley

Good morning. We live way out here in the country. Last night we had a problem with what we believe was a car-prowler on our property. I'm not sure exactly what they were doing, but we did call for Sheriff's Office assistance. The main thing is that it was really unnerving.

I wanted to tell you that the service was really prompt. We were surprised, living way out here, that somebody got here that fast. The deputy called us back later in the evening to let us know the problem had been taken care of, and that we didn't need to worry about it any more that night.

I'm just calling to tell you we appreciate this, we appreciate you very much, and it's good to know you're there. Thanks very much.

-- Voicemail message

Deputy Rippe: I'm writing you this letter because I am very grateful for you doing your job. If you hadn't stopped me, I wouldn't have learned my lesson about getting my license reinstated. It cost me quite a bit of money, but I know if I don't have it, I can't get work. I owe Multnomah County and Clackamas County, which I will be paying this week. Once again, I thank you for a lesson, and I will learn from this. Thank you.

I am writing to let you know that I think Deputy Westerman is a professional and exceptional deputy. I appreciate her hard work and service. Recently I had the opportunity to attend the high-risk driver course at Emmanuel, and it really changed my life. I wish that class was mandatory for every driver. Thanks again!

I wanted to express the Juvenile Department's appreciation for the opportunity to work with Deputy McVey. He has demonstrated the utmost professionalism and support of the department and its staff.

Deputy McVey has provided insight into creating a safer working environment and improving our court security. He's been consulted to establish safer policies and procedures in the department. He has been valuable in consulting with Probation Counselors to create safer working environments with high-risk youth in the community.

He has assisted in improving communications between our department and the Civil division regarding youth transportation and court docketing schedules, ensuring effective operations.

Deputy McVey is truly a team player. In high-risk situations, he has been willing to debrief and enhance learning and collaboration. We have observed him using excellent judgment in the use of force while handling youth physically acting out -- effectively de-escalating volatile persons.

He has always demonstrated a willingness to put forth the extra effort and be a problem solver to resolve complex situations. He is an asset to your department and an excellent role model of law enforcement to the public.

-- Director, Clackamas County Juvenile Department

Dear Sheriff Craig Roberts: I wanted to make you aware of an unexpected, heartfelt contribution to this community -- which is completely unsolicited and behind-the-scenes.

I am the Executive Director of Sycamore Lane Therapeutic Riding Center -- a non-profit organization in Clackamas County that does Therapeutic Riding and other equine-assisted therapy for impaired and disabled children and adults in this community. It has been a rough recession for small non-profit organizations in Clackamas County and our support has been limited.

The kind members of the Clackamas County Sheriff's Posse have heard our plea for assistance. They showed up with over six tons of hay -- which will feed our 11 therapy horses for a few months.

The Posse made this donation purely because they care about our cause and the disabled and needy patients in our community who benefit from this therapy.

The people involved in the donation deserve to be named:

The Posse made me cry when they showed up with over six tons of hay for my farm. I am so grateful to the Posse for their assistance -- which restores my faith in this community to assist others.

-- Suzanne Cleland-Zamudio, M.D., Executive Director, Sycamore Lane Therapeutic Riding Center

Dear Sheriff Roberts: I'm writing to express my sincere gratitude and admiration for the outstanding devotion and hard work exhibited by Det. Daniel Kraus, Det. John Krummenacker, and Lt. Wendi Babst during the six-year investigation of Mike Washington and Shirleen Stafford -- which culminated in May with the conviction and death sentence of Mike Washington.

Many members of your office, including the Civil Division, deserve recognition for their contribution to this successful effort -- but these veteran deputies exceeded all reasonable expectations.

Detective Kraus in particular devoted four years to this investigation, developing a close-knit relationship with the victim's family and pursuing dozens of leads, suspects and strategies to keep this case moving forward -- at times when it looked as if we might not be able to make the case due to the "wall of silence" surrounding Mike Washington. Without Dan Kraus' persistence and passion for this case, we surely would not have achieved the result we did.

Detective Krummenacker compiled some of the most persuasive evidence in the trial -- assisting the jury in understanding the highly technical and probative cellular-telephone evidence. He became an expert in the eyes of the jury.

Lt. Babst prepared and executed a stellar two days of courtroom testimony, laying out the state's case in vivid detail. As always, she was unflappable and extremely well-prepared on facts that were six years old.

There are only so many of these major cases in one's career. I am proud to have shared this experience with these fine deputies. I wanted to let you know how significant their performance was to our successful outcome, and to communicate my deepest appreciation for their unyielding commitment to their profession. On behalf of Bryan Brock and our entire office, thank you for your continued partnership.

-- Michael Regan, Senior Deputy District Attorney, Clackamas County District Attorney's Office

Scott, Brian, (Dave), and members of the rescue teams: This is a letter of the most sincere appreciation for all your efforts in getting me and my son, Robbie, off the mountain safely last Sunday, 6/6/2010. (Click here to read the press release about this rescue.)

As I stated in the debriefing meeting in the first-aid room, I was so impressed with your operation all the way through. It becomes even more amazing when considering that most of the rescue team members are volunteers.

As is typical, I hear, I never would have dreamed I would actually need to be "rescued" -- but indeed I did. I am thankful for our preparation for such an event by taking cell phones and a MLU. I have done lots of reflecting since, and certainly will take further precautions in the future.

A donation to the rescue teams is forthcoming in gratitude and in support of improving the process.

I have been contacted by KOIN News, and they may do an interview with me and Robbie. I have agreed to do so, but only if it was to be focused on the educational element and the successful elements of the rescue -- not the sensational aspect of it. I will certainly refer to my above comments in reference to all your efforts in the rescue and your over-all stellar operation.

With appreciation and respect,

-- Mark Till

Dale Garland was born in Portland, Nov. 9, 1952, and died April 25, 2010, in Lake Oswego. He is survived by his wife of 39 years, Sandy; his two beautiful daughters, Monica and Dawn; the grandchildren that he adored, Monica, Sydney, Ricky and Jakaia; and of course, his beloved dog, Buddy. He is also survived by his sisters, Donna, Bev, Joann, Judy and Joyce; as well as a large extended family. His circle of friends, too numerous to count, will miss him as well. We will all take comfort in knowing that he died while doing something he loved.

The family would like to take this opportunity to offer deep and sincere thanks to everyone involved in the search effort once it was realized that Dale was missing. A heartfelt thanks to Gary Young, the Milwaukie Police department, Clackamas County Search and Rescue, Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, Clackamas Fire District #1, both the Clackamas County and Multnomah County Dive Teams, the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, Multnomah County Search and Rescue and the wonderful volunteers from TIP (Trauma Intervention Program). Our apologies to anyone we've missed. We can never thank you enough for your kindness and your diligence in the effort to bring Dale home.

-- Published in The Oregonian on May 2, 2010

Deputy Andrew McVey: Sheriff Roberts received a call from his friend. She told him she at the Market of Choice in West Linn and it was pouring down rain when you offered to take her shopping cart for her.

She was so thankful for your thoughtfulness. She went on to tell Sheriff Roberts what a nice and wonderful deputy you are and how much she appreciated your help.
Thank you for making a difference.

-- Internal memo

Sheriff Roberts: A woman called this morning, wanting to get a message to you. She was very emotional, and wanted you to know the two deputies who came to her house in January 2010 were very professional, and she was very thankful for them. She also wanted you to know she was very proud of the way they handled everything. She says they meant everything to her that day.

-- Internal message

Sheriff Roberts: I want to thank you for the assistance we received from your department this morning in response to an armed robbery in downtown Gladstone. I heard several comments from my officers regarding how much help your people provided us during the investigation.

Of particular note is Sgt. Clarence Smith -- who spotted the subject and provided some leadership and direction at the scene, as we did not have a sergeant on duty.

Your people represented your department very well. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to Sgt. Smith and Deputies Steinberg, Shellans, Lightner, Willard, Malizia, and Napoli.

-- Gladstone Police

I drive a Radio Cab out of Portland, and today I had occasion to pick up a very crazy man. By the time I'd gotten to the 10000 block of SE Bell, I realized I was getting a "no pay."

I called 911 and Deputy Brummett responded. I explained the situation to the deputy; he then opened the back door of my cab and asked my passenger questions. He soon realized that my passenger was mentally impaired.

Deputy Brummett was always polite, kind and empathetic with the man. I was quite impressed!

Sheriff, if all your employees are as good as Deputy Brummett, you have an outstanding department.

-- Portland

Sheriff Roberts: Your deputy Anthony Killinger has provided some great service!

My son's car, along with his cellphone, was stolen in September. Within 24 hours, Deputy Killinger was calling at 3 a.m., stating with great enthusiasm, "We found the car and I have arrested the thief." My wife and I arrived to pick up the car while your outstanding deputy waited.

Deputy Killinger had followed two cars to the entrance of the Aurora airport. He called in one of your highly trained police dogs -- finding the criminal up in a tree!

You have every right to be proud of Deputy Killinger. I also share these feelings. His follow-up call the next day asking about specific details involving the suspect have been refreshing.

Most important, God bless you and each of your men and women.

-- Clackamas County

I would like to recognize the efforts of Sheriff's Office personnel during the apprehension of suspects involved in a vehicle break-in at a private residence in Damascus at 7 a.m. that concluded with an arrest at Verne E. Duncan Elementary a short time later.

The coordinated teamwork of Deputies Edwards, Steinhauer and Shelly and Det. Millett assured that the incident ended quickly, without jeopardy to school staff or students. I would also like to acknowledge Community Service Officer (CSO) Sue Davis' very efficient follow-up processing.

The excitement of our students' new elementary school could easily have been shattered by a different outcome. The City of Happy Valley is grateful to have these individuals doing such an outstanding job on behalf of our community and outlying areas.

I commend their actions, and ask that you pass along the thanks of appreciative Happy Valley citizens.

-- Steve Campbell, Director, Community Services and Public Safety, City of Happy Valley

We would like to thank Deputy Greg Martin for his contact and assistance for a Christmas donation to a needy family.

We belong to Rolling Hills Community Church, and are involved with the 2009 Christmas Blessing. This program allows families to donate good and services to needy families this holiday season. We were given a young family with a wife and three kids at home and the dad in Virginia serving in the military. One of the family's major needs was for a clothes-dryer.

I put the word out that I was looking for a clothes-dryer, and my sister (who works for the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office) suggested sending an e-mail to the Sheriff's Office staffers. While my sister was getting permissions and formatting this e-mail, Deputy Martin observed this -- and said he could help.

Deputy Martin called his contact at Hamilton's Appliance in Gladstone and arranged for me to pick up a dryer that day; it was in great condition and nearly free. The donated dryer allowed us to shift funds and buy more traditional Christmas gifts for the entire family.

The next day I installed the dryer, and the family was very grateful.

The whole experience went off without a hitch, thanks to deputy Martin and Hamilton's Appliance. Please extend my thanks and the needy family's thanks to Deputy Martin. Have a safe and merry Christmas.

-- Oregon City

Since the beginning of November 2009, Deputy Robert Nashif has worked relentlessly to make sure Happy Valley roadways are safe -- writing hundreds of citations and averaging at least one arrest per week. He received a "thank you" from the city on Nov. 24, 2009 for enforcing problematic traffic speeds on Southeast 152nd.

Deputy Nashif routinely inspects commercial trucks for compliance and volunteers to assist other officers when necessary. He is kind and professional with the contacts he makes -- helping the violator understand the laws they've broken, yet engaging in casual conversation to set them at ease.

Deputy Nashif was patrolling the area of SE 152nd and SE Frye when he noticed an odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle in front of him. The ensuing traffic stop not only yielded an arrest for DCS Marijuana -- but one occupant had a warrant for Assault IV and the other occupant was on probation for Attempt to Elude. Deputy Nashif obtained detainer warrants for both occupants. He then wrote an excellent, detailed 5-1/2-page report reflecting the incident.

Deputy Nashif has been a pleasure to work with, and the City of Happy Valley will miss his outstanding performance.

-- Happy Valley Police

I wanted to take a moment to share an incident I recently had with an Estacada High student that accentuates the positive interaction that Clackamas County Sheriff's Office staff members have with community members.

Last year, when I started as the new Estacada High School Resource Officer (SRO), I was an unknown entity to students. As the year progressed, the students got to know me on an informal basis. There was one student who expressed little desire to get to know me, regardless of how many polite interactions I attempted. Finally, the student told me, "Don't take this the wrong way, but I don't like cops."

As the school year progressed, I was able to get that student's trust enough that the student was finally able to explain what happened to cause this negative feeling. We sat down and discussed what happened. Since that conversation, I've had numerous friendly, casual interactions with the same student, and assisted the student in dealing with bullying and other high-school-type incidents.

I recently learned the student did a ride-along with Deputy Mark Nicolai -- and the student told me about seeing first-hand, via the ride-along, how the police are actually there to help people. The student is looking forward to doing more ride-alongs with deputies (including myself) during the Christmas school break.

This student now plans on joing the CCSO Cadet program, and is considering a career in law enforcement. I'm completely impressed by this student's resolve to do better in life.

For some reason, many in law enforcement dismiss the importance of working with juveniles within our community. I'd like to take a moment to recognize Deputy Nicolai for having the interest to take a teenager on a ride-along to help show that teen a little bit of what we do as law-enforcement officers.

I could go on for pages and pages about the positive interactions I and my colleagues have with community members every day. But this incident struck me as a highlight, and I wanted to share it with other members of the CCSO family. It's incidents like these that make me proud to be a Sheriff's Office employee and a School Resource Officer.

-- Deputy Steve Funk, internal memo

Dear Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, Deputies Brian Tonn and Nate Thompson, and team: It is with immeasurable gratitude that we write to thank members of the Sheriff's Office -- especially Brian Tonn and Nate Thompson -- who participated in the search and rescue of our son Tucker Gordon and his friend Corrie van Haasteren. The teenage boys got lost while skiing in the fog on Mt. Hood on Sunday, June 7, 2009.

Your compassion, professionalism and expertise in dealing with the situation was immensely valuable to us. The stress of going through a situation like this from almost 3,000 miles away is almost unbearable. But to know that we had the collective expertise of some of the most experienced and expert SAR people gave us reason to hope for a good outcome. And the level of communication you provided was so appreciated.

It is hard to repay or adequately recognize the kind of effort that each of you puts forth on a mission like this. To stop what you are doing and respond at the drop of a hat to help rescue our boys is a truly selfless act. All the time and energy you put into training and improving is such a benefit to families like us.

We hope you know how much this work is appreciated and what it means to our family. We would love the opportunity to meet and thank you in person, but for the moment, this letter will have to suffice.
The rescuers said to Tucker that one of the best ways to thank you would be to someday join a SAR group. He has taken that to heart -- and we suspect you will see him follow through on this. We hope so! It would be wonderful to think he could provide such a valuable service to someone else one day.

-- Winchester, MA

Thank you. I owe you so much thanks that I will never be able to thank you enough in just one letter. I would like to thank you for the hours you took out of you night to help my friend and me while we were lost in the woods surrounding Mt. Hood on June 7.

Although we were able to walk out of the woods that morning, sitting here now, thinking about that whole experience, it is a miracle that we were able to do so. I would like to thank you for organizing the entire search and giving up your whole night to help us.

I now realize the mistakes we made to get ourselves into that situation, and I hope the people who have heard my story will learn from it, so you can get a few extra hours of sleep every once in a while. So thank you for coming to get us, even though it was our own fault that we were in that situation.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

-- Tucker Gordon, son of the above letter-writers

Dear Deputy Brian Tonn: I don't even know where to start to thank you for the coordination of the search and rescue of my son Corrie and his friend Tucker on June 7 and 8 on Mt. Hood. Words cannot even begin to express my gratitude. I've attached a letter for you to share with the search-and-rescue council and/or all organizations involved in the efforts.

However, I did also want to thank you personally for your efforts throughout the night. Remembering to keep me in the loop with frequent updates was very much appreciated. Although I know you were focused on the coordination efforts on the mountain, you always took the time to take my calls, explain the search process and mountain conditions, as well as give me the time I needed to have my questions answered. Your composure and frankness with information really helped me get through this very stressful night.

Your leadership skills and your empathy are such awesome qualities you bring to the search-and-rescue efforts on Mt. Hood. They are certainly lucky to have you coordinating these efforts. Personally, we are grateful that you coordinated the June 7 search.

I would like to send a donation to the organizations involved in the search. Again, thank you so much for all your efforts, professionalism, and empathy throughout this search and rescue.

-- Raymond, Maine

Dear Sheriff Roberts: I want to extend my personal gratitude to you and your department for the assistance they offered this morning.

In July 2009, I was completing what been nearly a one-year investigation into the whereabouts of a fugitive from California wanted on charges of Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Peace Officer. I located the suspect's vehicle in your county, and called on your department for assistance -- having additional information that he was staying the night in an adjacent apartment building.

Upon arrival, Deputy Alexander confirmed the information and rallied Deputies O'Neil, Terway and Copenhaver. Although they met initial resistance at the front door, they neither demanded nor forced their way in -- nor did they retreat. For more than an hour, they worked on different ways to obtain entry, and eventually obtained consent through excellent communication skills with the residents. The suspect was found hiding in a rear bedroom and was taken into custody.

Your deputies showed absolute professionalism and acted with diligence and integrity in the performance of their duties, all while maintaining a high level of respect for and fairness to the suspect they arrested. They represent your office well, and I appreciate the help they extended this morning. I would have been both proud and comfortable to work with each one of them.

-- Riverside, California

Allow me to comment on Deputy James Keen's handling of our son. When he ran away, we, his parents, were naturally distraught. Deputy Keen worked very hard to find him, using his contacts. I know he was working tirelessly because I called him probably too often during those 54 hours that our son was missing -- and Deputy Keen always seemed to have new leads he was following. He was also very patient and understanding with us as we sometimes stepped on his toes in our panic to find our son.

Very soon after [our son was found] by Deputy Keen, I was able to thank him in person -- but I want to take that a step further and give this personal commendation.

-- Wilsonville

Dear Sheriff Roberts: Too often in our work, goals are conceded, compromised or simply fail to transpire. This makes it especially rewarding to have been a part of our successful implementation of the Clackamas County Sheriff's Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) with the City of Happy Valley.

I would like to personally acknowledge your support and approval for this agreement. You have provided the citizens of Happy Valley with the means to receive excellent law-enforcement services and to also reinforce their support of the law-enforcement levy that dictates the services we can afford to provide.

It is important to recognize the efforts to Capt. Dave O'Shaughnessy and Capt. Kevin Layng in this undertaking. Their efforts were instrumental in working out the detailed aspects to a mutual benefit.
The cooperative nature of city and county partnerships -- more important now than ever -- will always end in a positive result for our agencies and our citizens.

Again, on behalf of the City Manager and Council members, we thank you.

-- Community Services & Public Safety, City of Happy Valley

In June 2009, I was stopped for failure to maintain seatbelts and expired insurance. My car was towed, and I had no one to pick me up, as I was in rural Clackamas County. Deputy Westerman called Deputy Edwards, who was heading to the shop to close out his day. He stopped and offered me a ride to a bus stop on his way back.

I want to express my thanks to them for having some sympathy for my plight. Both problems have been fixed. Again, thank you.

-- Sandy

Last night, due to extreme bad luck, my daughter and I both broke down in our two PWCs (personal water craft) on the Willamette River. We had to leave the PWCs tied to shore while we went home to contact a marine tow company to make arrangements to get our craft home.

In the meantime, my wife had called the Clackamas County Marine Patrol to advise them that our boats might be there overnight. We were amazed when Deputy Doug Olsen offered to help me get the PWCs back to the dock immediately.

I met Deputy Olsen at a dock and traveled with him upriver to our craft. He tied them up to his jet-boat and hauled the PWCs back downriver for us. I was able to secure my property and was very relieved. But even more important, your deputy was very courtesous, professional and a great leader. He knew what to do without hesitation.

I  was very impressed with the quality of professionalism and service your deputy exemplifies! It is reassuring to know he is out there patrolling our waters! We have called the Sheriff's Office to praise him, and I have hand-delivered a thank-you note to him. I don’t mean to be over the top, but I feel like I can’t thank him enough. THANK YOU, over and over again.

-- Wilsonville

Deputy Easom helped catch a bank robber with his quick response to our call from the West Coast Bank Clackamas branch on Aug. 24, 2009. He then came back to talk with the tellers the next morning, and they were very grateful that he took the time to think about them and keep them informed. His thoughtfulness and demeanor were very appreciated!

-- Happy Valley

My wife and I just recently returned from our vacation to the Pacific Northwest. During this visit, we experienced a personal accident in Tualatin: Our truck -- pulling our RV -- rolled over me, lacerating my thigh and leg and breaking my ankle.

Although this was an extremely painful experience, we deeply appreciate the prompt response, professionalism and caring attitude demonstrated by Deputy Ben Toops. His actions and caring demeanor on the night of July 23 turned a debilitating experience into one that allowed us to continue our vacation as planned.

We want to extend a special thanks to Deputy Toops for helping us that night. He comforted me until the ambulance arrived, then coordinated the retrieval and re-positioning of our RV at Legacy Meridian Park Hospital so my wife and I could have a place to stay. DeputyToops also checked on my condition and our welfare the following morning.
As a Californian, I was not previously familiar with Wilsonville, Oregon. I am now -- as Deputy Toops offered us a hospitality rarely seen. He is a credit to your organization, the City of Wilsonville, and the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office.

We want to extend our sincere thanks to Deputy Toops. We deeply appreciate his service and contribution.

-- California

In July '09, Deputies Ajir, McBride and Phillips saved my life. More frightened than I have ever been in my life, I called 911; by the time the deputies kicked in my door, I was unconscious -- with [the suspect] continuing  to choke me. In my mind, there is no doubt that I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for these individuals -- and I wanted to take the time to tell the three of you (along with everyone else in your field) how much I appreciate what you did for me and what you all do every day.

Since that day, I have reflected back on your kindness and bravery, and I want you to know that it has given me strength. You guys are truly my heroes -- and I hope someday I'll be able to make as much of an impact on someone's life as you three made on mine. Thanks!

-- Milwaukie

I wanted to comment about my recent Sheriff's Office ride-along. I rode with Deputy Marcus Mendoza. I wanted to thank him and the entire department for allowing me to get a first-hand view of some of what goes on in the law-enforcement world in Clackamas County.

I also got to see the inside of the Clackamas County Jail, because we were transporting a suspect. I was definitely impressed with Sgt. Barb McCullough, the shift-sergeant at the jail; she did an awesome job of answering my questions, and I never once felt like I was bothering her.

I also met Deputy Woolcock while he was on a call with Deputy Mendoza. He also did a great job making me feel welcome.

I rode back to the station with Deputy Tonn. When we were about five minutes away, he got a call re: a missing-person report in the east-county area. He kept a positive attitude about having to suddenly have to pull several hours of overtime; I can tell you that most people who are five minutes from the end of their work shift would not be very positive about it.

Thanks for the experience.

-- Newberg

Dear Sheriff Roberts: Over the weekend of July 17-19, Lt. Dixon Andrews led the charge for the "Cops on Doughnut Shops" event -- and raised over $3,500 for Special Olympics Oregon. This fundraiser is just one of the many very generous ways that the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office continues to support Special Olympics Oregon, and I know that this cannot happen without your approval. Thank you!

Through Dixon's leadership and incredibly hard work, Cops on Doughnut Shops was able to continue on as a successful, fun event for Special Olympics Oregon and the community. He and his team did an incredible job of raising a significant amount of money, despite high temperatures and a slow economy.

Dixon continues to amaze me. He has been an incredible asset to the Law Enforcement Torch Run program, and he has an incredible impact on Special Olympics Oregon. He has recruited volunteers and been a volunteer for many of our games and fundraisers -- sometimes with very little notice. He has been an important part of the LETR Executive Council, and his leadership has helped shape the future of our program.

I know that none of this is possible if you are not behind these efforts. Thank you for your continued support of LETR and Special Olympics Oregon. It means so much to our program, our staff, and -- most important -- to our athletes.

Thank you for "Inspiring Greatness!"

-- Special Olympics Oregon

Sheriff Roberts: I am writing you in regards to the wonderful community service provided to a group of us by Deputy Mike Lightner in July 2009. On his own time, Deputy Lightner educated his neighbors on gun safety, and had us practice at the Clackamas County shooting range.

He was very thorough in explaining how different pistols worked; the types of ammunition used and why; and how to select the type of pistol appropriate for one's physical abilities. This was especially helpful to me, as my hand-strength determined the type of pistol I would load and shoot.

Deputy Lightner conducted this session in a very professional manner, while also adding humor to alleviate any apprehension. He is an excellent instructor. I appreciate the kindness he showed us all.

-- Canby

Dear Sheriff Roberts: Recently, your deputy Mike Lightner took me and my husband and a group of our neighbors for an afternoon of instruction and familiarization on your safety range in Clackamas.

We learned about gun safety and took the appropriate tests, and Deputy Lightner instructed us in the proper use of firearms, with several different types of pistols.

What a good impression we received -- thanks to his willingness to participate with our neighborhood group, and to give up his afternoon to help us.

Thank you. We have received the best possible impression of your department through Deputy Lightner.

-- Canby

Dear Sheriff Roberts: This is a very belated THANK YOU for the four deputies who came to our home in April. I was extremely nervous when I opened the front door -- but your deputies were very professional and calm. I am ever so thankful. Yours is not an easy profession, and you certainly don’t receive enough "thank you"s, I'm sure.

-- Clackamas County citizen letter

I am writing to commend Sgt. Wendi Babst.

Sgt. Babst has served as a trainer for the "Perspectives on Profiling" training sponsored by the Law Enforcements Contacts Policy and Data Review Committee (LECC) and Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST). As chair of the LECC, I can attest to the exceptional quality of Sgt. Babst's work in this training. She has gone out of her way to become a certified trainer this year, and has facilitated several regional trainings in Ontario, Umatilla and Hood River this past spring.

With the help of Sgt. Babst, we've been able to reach out to 52 different agencies this past year, and have provided training to 362 law-enforcement professionals. Sgt. Babst has maintained a professional, respectful and engaging approach to this training, which has allowed the trainees to safely and constructively explore this issue. Feedback from trainees has been consistently positive.

I commend and thank Sgt. Babst for her dedication and hard work. She has served the law-enforcement community very well, and has set an exemplary standard for future trainers.

-- Chair, Law Enforcements Contacts Policy and Data Review Committee

Sheriff Roberts: As always, I want to be proactive in giving compliments to your people on stuff they do on behalf of our disabled population. Det. Kennell has been working on a huge case of mine that I began originally, but was assigned to him. Today it went to Grand Jury with a favorable result.

Det. Kennell has been extremely dedicated in working on this one and in communicating with me on it, exhibiting exemplary professionalism and expertise. I've even learned a few things from him about investigating financial cases.

It is my hope that you recognize him in some fashion for the job he's done on this one. Today, our developmentally disabled citizens had their voice heard in court, largely due to Det. Kennell's efforts.

-- Clackamas County Social Services

I want to let you know how much I appreciated Det. Scott Eggleston's assistance over the past several weeks in preparation for the trial against Rick and Debbie Dralle.

The Dralles were charged and convicted for embezzling over $400,000 over the past seven years from Rite Aid. The initial investigation primarily focused on Rick Dralle's culpability; however, in preparation for trial, I asked Scott to conduct a financial analysis of Debbie Dralle's role. Scott's work product was strong, and he provided several months of analysis that clearly demonstrated Debbie Dralle money-laundering funds from the business into her personal account. This evidence was a critical piece the jury used to convict her.

Scott has proven to be a highly effective detective. I have complete confidence in his abilities. I look forward to working with Scott in future investigations.

-- Clackamas County District Attorney's Office

Sheriff Roberts: I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your opening remarks at the Oregon Police Canine Association's Fall Conference. This year's attendance was the highest ever, with over 170 K-9/handler teams. I am honored to report the event was a major success!

Dog training in and of itself has many challenges. Add to that the myriad of variables that 170 teams can create, and I'm certain you will agree it is a daunting task to plan, organize, and execute.
Deputies Hilary Robinson and Don Boone worked tirelessly to make this event so successful. Coordinating lodging and meeting rooms, creating the training agenda, networking with other departments and special units, and planning quality scenarios are just some of the tasks they performed.

I overheard countless positive comments from the conference participants. As a direct result of the hard work and skills of Deputies Robinson and Boone, the OPCA Fall Conference was a resounding accomplishment. They showcased to the state why the CCSO K-9 Unit is seen as a leader.

Please join me in congratulating Deputies Robinson and Boone on a job well done!

-- Internal commendation letter

Deputy Ritter: Thank you for the kindness and professionalism in a difficult time.

-- Citizen letter

I would like to extend my extreme THANKS for all the work and time that Deputy Conroy devoted to this case. He went above and beyond "the call of duty" to make sure we were satisfied with the results of the incident and the people involved.

-- Gladstone

In June 2009, I had the pleasure of running one of your patrol dog teams through Oregon Police Canine Association certification standards.

Our standards for dog patrol teams focus on the dog's obedience and the handler's control of the dog. As I'm sure you realize, patrol dogs can be used as a use-of-force tool as well as to track and apprehend suspects. Our standards focus on the high-liability areas of handling a patrol dog, to protect both the dog-handler and the department from civil litigation.

I've had the opportunity to train with your canine teams several times in the past several years. I've always been impressed with their professionalism and their dedication to realistic and safe canine training. I believe your canine unit reflects positively on the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, and I look forward to continuing to work with them.

In June, Deputy Brad O'Neil and his canine Nero successfully completed their annual re-certification with the Oregon Police Canine Association. I have included their certificate for you to present to your team.

-- Oregon Police Canine Association Patrol Dog Trainer


After picking the wrong day to run a 16-miler, the heat got the best of me by 10 a.m. As luck would have it, Deputy Gibson was covering a call at the gas station I found myself stranded at.

After letting me use his phone to attempt to call my wife for a ride, Deputy Gibson offered me a ride back to my apartment. I truly appreciated it!

-- Clackamas

Dear Sheriff Roberts: On June 28 at approximately 10:30 a.m., I hit a fawn on Homesteader Road as I was traveling eastbound. I called your office, and two of your deputies soon arrived.

Your men were professional, empathetic and kind. They saw my physical distress and really helped out. A big thank-you to those two men.

-- Larry

I had the pleasure of spending the day with your Marine Patrol deputies Steve and Nate and the Marine Service Officers. It was an eye-opening experience for me.... Your guys certainly have your hands full.

I am extremely impressed with the level of dedication and commitment I saw. It was obvious that float traffic on the Clackamas River are used to seeing the Marine Patrol; they were also well aware of carriage requirements... Your troops are making a difference.

Your program remains one of the most well-rounded in the state. Your troops lead the effort in public education, enforcement, and instructor support.

-- Oregon State Marine Board

Deputies Cate and Kellogg arrived really quickly when a thief left my house and was walking down the road. Though the thief was acting crazy -- apparently very much under the influence of meth -- the deputies' interactions with him were intelligent, experienced, and admirably restrained.

And, incredibly, most of the goods he'd stolen from me when I was out of town were recovered -- thanks to the determined, thorough work of these two men (as well as Deputes Justin Brummett and Jeff Miller). My jaw just dropped when Deputy Cate showed up at my front door with about $15k worth of my jewelry. Not much later, we were retrieving my power tools from a pawn shop.

I also received a lot of valuable advice (I now own a safe that can be bolted to the cement floor) -- not mention valuable moral support and knowledge of actions I can take to avert future problems with the perpetrator. I am extremely grateful!

-- Milwaukie

For a few years, there have been many parties where people get out of control at my neighbors' residence. On Saturday, we were pleased to see the Sheriff's Office go to the house and break up the party. This happens weekly -- and no one has wanted to do anything.

Thank you for doing something so positive -- it is really appreciated. Maybe you would do this again, or just drive up and down the street on the weekends.

-- Molalla

Deputies Hoyer, Mendoza, Ritter and McBride responded to widespread vandalization and drunken driving near where we live. A party was going on, and the attendees were pretty much destroying our neighborhood -- driving drunk at high speeds, breaking beer bottles in the road, and knocking over garbage cans everywhere. Several deputies did a great job of aggressively getting things under control, and we are very grateful.

These parties regularly make our neighborhood a dangerous place to walk or drive, and the vandalization in the aftermath is infuriating. It was a pleasure watching your deputies take things in hand and bring this stupidity and criminality to a rapid halt. Thanks from everybody!

-- Molalla

Corrections Deputies Shawn Shultz and Phil Montpart: The Oregon Fire Service Honor Guard would like to extend its deepest thanks to you for the assistance it received from your Honor Guard Unit at the funeral service for FF Mike Retterer.

I am also a career staff member of Hoodland Fire, and found myself needing to back away from running the entire service to focus directly on the family and Mike's remains. His gear hung next to mine for years, and I responded to the alarm where we found him -- but the only help we could give was to his family with their loss. Without the assistance offered from several additional agencies that came to our aid, the funeral service would not have been the proud, respectful one the family asked for.
The team had a very large detail list to accomplish everything the family had requested -- and everyone met that challenge with precision, attention to detail, and professionalism.

The family members have asked me to express their thanks to everyone who helped them find closure; they found that Mike was honored in ways they never knew existed.
On behalf of the Oregon Fire Service, the members of Hoodland Fire District #74, and Mike's family, thank you for supporting a fallen brother.

-- Phil Burks, State Commander, Oregon Fire Service Honor Guard

As a citizen of Wilsonville, I was interested in understanding more about my community -- especially concerning the resources and challenges of our law enforcement. I sought some advice on how to approach this from my husband -- and I received a referral to your Sgt. Adam Phillips and a suggestion to take advantage of your Ride-Along program.

Sgt. Phillips allowed me to observe some amazing operations. I was introduced to a wide variety of incredible people who are passionately serving my community: Patrol deputies, Corrections deputies, Community Corrections staffers handling juveniles, dispatch crew, investigators, and folk with Search & Rescue diving capability.
I was impressed with the high level of competence and ability demonstrated by every employee -- as well as their honest, heartfelt dedication to serving the community.

Sheriff Roberts: Thank you for leading an agency that employs impressive staffers like Sgt. Phillips. And Sgt. Phillips: I really appreciate the time, energy and thoughtfulness you shared with me during my ride-along. My goal was to get to know more about the community, and you provided that with grace, style and notable authority. Thank you!

-- Wilsonville

Deputy M. Conroy: Thank you for your service at my motorcycle accident in June 2009. You came as I was being taken to the hospital. A Canby Fire emergency worker took control of my care, and a certain gentleman passerby took charge of the scene from the time I crashed.

Deputy Conroy was amazing, to say the least -- making sure I was safe and making all necessary calls to my wife, etc. Thanks for supervising the towing of my bike.

And Sheriff Roberts, thanks for hiring professional people -- it is greatly appreciated.

-- Salem

I'm writing to acknowledge the excellent investigation work Deputy Dan Smith completed on my case. His actions resulted in the successful identification and arrest of a suspect. He should be commended for his diligence and work ethic.

-- Molalla

I was on I-5 heading south, just past Wilsonville, when my tire blew off my rim and rolled down the freeway.

I pulled as far as I could on the could on the shoulder. The temperature was in the 90s, and it was awful place to be with all those vehicles going by so fast. No one stopped.

Deputy Nashif was in the process of stopping a vehicle ahead of us. He came back to our car after he was finished with the other person, and he not only changed our tire, he unpacked our trunk full of luggage, changed the tire, and put all the luggage back in the car. He was so polite and helpful.

I felt Deputy Nashif went beyond his obligation to help citizens. Thank you very much.

-- Molalla

I was on my way to work in Estacada and got a sudden flat tire. I'd changed a flat as a teen, but not since. So I began getting things started when Deputy Terway came up and quickly changed it for me!

I had never seen a deputy in the area before, and so I had been thiking it was a bit scary out there on the road alone -- anything could happen -- but when Deputy Terway showed up and not only stopped, but actually changed the tire, it was an amazing surprise!

My husband would also like to convey his gratitude -- he was so glad that someone was there for our family. Deputy Terway is AWESOME! Thank you!

-- Gresham

There was an incident on Mt. Hood on June 7, 2009: A 63-year-old male fell 500 feet while descending the standard route on Mt. Hood. He sustained abrasions to the face and upper extremities as well as a traumatic ankle injury. A call to 911 was initiated, and the dispatcher put us in touch with your SAR coordinator that day (Deputy Nate Thompson) -- who aided in coordinating contact with the Timberline Lodge Ski Patrol and their First Aid department. Your deputy remained in contact with us through the afternoon while we assisted this gentleman down the upper mountain. The injured man was transported from the top of the Palmer snow field and then attended to by Timberline's First Aid department. He was in good condition by the end of the afternoon.

I want to praise the efforts of Deputy Thompson and your Search & Rescue Team  for their prompt responsiveness to the situation, their reliability and communication, and their overall high level of professionalism.

-- Vancouver, WA

Sheriff Roberts: I am a 2008 graduate of your Citizen Informational Sheriff's Academy (CISA), and I was a steering-committee member and volunteer for this year's Academy. I didn't have a chance to speak with you at graduation last week, so I thought I'd drop you a quick e-mail.

I want to thank you for your continuing support of CISA. In these challenging economic times, I can imagine the program would be a potentially easy target  to cut. We really do appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the Sheriff's Office, and some of us have even become volunteers as a result.

I also wanted you to know what a great job everyone in the Sheriff's Office did this year. We had overwhelmingly positive feedback on all of the instructors and presenters. Special recognition goes to Captain Poppen and Deputy Beyer, who held it all together.

-- Tom

Capt. Poppen: You went to such trouble to put together that great photo CD of our 2009 Citizen Academy graduation that thanks are in order.

I was thrilled to receive the CD and to view it; it will be kept forever as a memory of those nine glorious weeks we were so fortunate to have spent with you and your colleagues.
You are a terrific leader -- not to mention a terrific storyteller. I hope for others lucky enough to follow in my footsteps that you continue your winning ways and share these talents with many CISA classes to come.

-- Portland

Deputy Eagle: On June 12, 2009, you responded to a motor-vehicle crash in the City of Wilsonville. On June 15, one of the parties involved phoned me at the Wilsonville Police Department wishing to compliment you on your actions, demeanor and performance at the scene of the crash.

She could not say enough good things about you. She told me you were "superb" and "fully in charge" at the scene. She went on to say you were very fair with everyone and showed tremendous empathy.

The caller also said that while she was still at the scene of the crash, she spoke to one of the witnesses, and they too were impressed with your performance. She said more often than not, people only call in for the poor performance -- and she wanted to make certain you were commended for your excellent attention to duty. She said she was extremely impressed.

It is clear your actions at the scene were exemplary, and you definitely made a positive and lasting impression -- for yourself as well as for the Sheriff's Office / Police Department. I would like to commend you for your actions and thank you for a continued job well done.

-- Internal commendation letter

In March 2009, our department used Deputy Hilary Robinson's narcotics detection K9 "Kilo" on a search warrant in the Oregon City area. During the course of this warrant, we seized a quarter-pound of methamphetamine. I called Deputy Robinson and she responded with her dog -- and found over an ounce of methamphetamine in a door panel.

In May 2009, Canby Police detectives and ROCN made a nine-ounce cocaine purchase from a subject. During the controlled buy, we followed the supplier away and stopped him in Portland, where we took the driver and passenger into custody.

After I made several attempts to contact different narcotics K-9s in the Multnomah County area, to no avail, I contacted Deputy robinson at home, who responded with "Kilo."
"Kilo" immediately hit on the dashboard of the vehicle. After over an hour of searching and dismantling the dashboard, several detectives (along with me) cleared the stop to interview the suspects at the Southeast Precinct. Deputy Robinson opted to stay with a detective until the tow arrived, and continued to search.

Her diligence prevailed -- as she found over two ounces of cocaine, 59 ounces of which were "rocked up," hidden in the top of the dashboard.

Please pass on to Deputy Robinson and "Kilo" how much our department appreciates her assistance and diligent work.

-- Canby Police

Lieutenants: In June 2009, I received a phone call from a lieutenant at the Silverton Fire Department. He told me that he's responded the night before to a motorcycle crash with Deputies Terway, Lister, O'Neil and Rowlands. He expressed his gratitude at the helping attitude and professionalism displayed by our deputies.

He told me when the victim needed to be carried to the LifeFlight helicopter, our deputies stepped up and helped carry the victim on the backboard. The lieutenant told me he's asked a couple of the deputies if they had helmets to wear underneath the rotors, and two of them ran back to their cars and came back wearing helmets. He also expressed that they did an excellent job of assisting them with the scene, that they were professional, and that he would be proud to work with them again. He wanted to express his gratitude toward them and the Sheriff's Office.

-- Internal commendation memo

In May 2009, I spoke with a citizen via phone regarding a burglary investigation conducted by Deputy Eason.

The citizen told me he was a victim of a burglary at his shop. He lives in Sandy, and Deputy Eason contacted him there. The citizen said that although the unknown suspect got away, "Deputy Eason went out of his way to do everything that he could to help me."

The citizen, in rapid succession, spoke a slew of adjectives describing Deputy Eason:

I know from observing Deputy Eason first-hand on calls for service over the years that he takes pride in his work and endeavors to provide the best service he can. I, along with the citizen, wish to commend Deputy Eason's work.

-- Internal commendation letter

I am writing once again to extend my sincere thanks regarding a member of your department and the resolution of a recent case involving a stolen computer equipped with our Computrace software.

Our customer reported a computer theft to the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office in January 2009. Due to Computrace's forensic intelligence and the investigative skills of Det. Dave Kennell, this case was successfully resolved with the recovery of the computer.

Please pass along our gratitude to Det. Kennell and everyone involved in the case for their prompt, professional service.

-- Recovery Services, Absolute Software

Sheriff Roberts: I want to express my sincere appreciation for your support of our efforts to pass HB 3348. This bill clarifies that Humane Special Agents can serve as affiants for search warrants. Deputy Morgan Guthner's testimony was extremely helpful in outlining to the committee how our agencies work together to resolve cases of animal cruelty.

We appreciate the long-standing relationship with the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, and look forward to putting our resources into play in your community and working collaboratively and in cooperation with your deputies in cases of animal neglect, abuse and abandonment.

I also appreciate Sgt. Steve Thoroughman's prompt reply to my request. Nothing in Salem is predictable, timely or convenient -- so his extra attention to detail is most welcome.

-- Oregon Humane Society

 Please accept this letter of appreciation for Deputy Jim Keen. As a first-year middle-school principal in a new district, building partnerships may be easy at first -- but follow-through can, at times, be inconsistent. Deputy Keen is a first-rate example of stable school support. All of us at Athey Creek Middle School are honored to work with Deputy Keen, and we admire his leadership, follow-through, and experience.

This year, we had several incidents that involved poor choices made by students -- choices that impacted their families' lives greatly. Deputy Keen's demeanor of laying down both the law and tough love helped parents and staff feel supported, and also helped them realize that this time in a student's life is one of vitally important life lessons.

Deputy Keen also went beyond his daily duties of correcting poor behavior to one of proactive participation with our school. On April 3, 2009, we started a "Character and Career Day." Deputy Keen facilitated four morning sessions that focused on harassment and bullying. His session was met with attentive students and parents, and we received positive feedback from them at the end of the morning program. We are grateful for his participation.

Deputy Keen commands respect, understanding and integrity that I have not experienced with law enforcement during my tenure in other districts. All who have come in contact with him in my building appreciate his work. My staff and I would like to thank you -- and Deputy Keen -- for his time, service and participation with our learning community. We appreciate every moment of his time that he spends with our students, families and staff. I look forward to a "quiet" end to this school year, and I am looking forward to working with Deputy Keen next year.

-- Athey Creek Middle School

Forensic Artist Joyce Nagy: I want to personally thank you for appearing as a guest speaker in my Criminal Investigations class on Tuesday, April 28, 2009 at the Portland Community College Cascade Campus. Your presentation on the services and duties of a forensic artist was impressive and informative.

You did an outstanding job emphasizing the vital role of the forensic artist in composite sketches, facial reconstruction, and video surveillance in criminal investigations. Your demeanor, communication skills and ability to answer student questions demonstrated your professionalism. Your extensive criminal-justice experience and investigative knowledge, sharing of stories and genuine caring for victims was evident throughout your entire presentation. All of my students were pleased with your presentation.

-- Portland Community College

I receive [Public Information Officer] Det. Jim Strovink's news releases. His writing style is so informative and easy to understand. He refrains from a lot of "police-ese" when telling his stories, and I really appreciate that.

His recent release on May 6, 2009 regarding the woman trampled by a horse was exceptional. It conveyed the facts of the case, but was written so well that the emotional state of the deputies and dispatchers involved seemed to come through. His praise of those involved was genuine (and certainly well-deserved).

He is the right guy for the right job!

-- Portland

Sgt. Ed Mura: To you and your team: Thank you for your support of Oregon Impact and the Clackamas High School crash re-enactment! We couldn't do it without the support of the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office and its amazing deputies -- together, we can fight the fight and help make our roads safer!

Thank you for supporting Oregon Impact in teaching kids about the risks of drinking and driving. Without your leadership and support, we could not present such a dynamic program.

-- Oregon Impact

Lt. Chuck Slaney: Thank you for helping my wife with her flat tire yesterday. The puncture in the tire did not allow her to drive out of the way and wait for me to come and change the tire. Because it was during the rush-hour period, it was surprising to have a Deputy Sheriff help.

-- via e-mail

I am a retired police officer working as a fraud investigator for KeyBank. Yesterday I started investigating what appeared to be an elder financial abuse situation.
As luck should have it, the suspect called police dispatch and reported that she was attempting suicide. Your Deputy Steve Shelley took the call. While talking with the suspect, she admitted taking money from her elderly neighbor -- our client.

Deputy Shelley took the extra step of contacting one of our branches to make certain additional losses did not occur. His actions and information allowed us to place holds on the accounts and stop any further abuse. I have also learned the suspect had accounts for our client at another bank; they have been contacted, and those accounts have been stopped.
I thank you for hiring such a fine gentleman. Please express my sincere thanks and appreciation.

-- KeyBank

Dear Sheriff Roberts: I was traveling northbound on I-205. Deputy Steinberg stopped me for speeding. I didn't realize I was traveling at a speed exceeding the speed limit on my way to work.
Deputy Steinberg was courteous and professional. He was gracious enough to give me a warning despite my transgression.

I appreciate Deputy Steinberg's efforts to make our highways safe for commuters. Given my contact with Deputy Steinberg, I will make an effort to drive more safely. Please place my letter in his personnel file.

-- Portland

Sheriff Roberts: I wanted to express my sincere thanks to three individuals in your department who worked with me to retrieve two of my stolen Aeroswage prototype tools.

First of all, CSO Dan Rash took my calls and made a file on my concerns about a suspicious person I believed had one of these stolen tools. Taking notes from several of my phone conversations, he also made Lt. Chuck Slaney aware of the situation. Officer Rash did his job thoroughly and professionally; if he had not done this, the next step would not have been possible....

Second, I want to thank Sgt. Bill Erickson, who happened to read the file that Officer Rash documented -- and who then put two and two together from a separate incident with a similar word ("Aeroswage") in another file. A "person of interest" had the other tool, which was in your stolen-property area. Sgt. Erickson figured these two files had to be somehow connected -- and they were.  Sgt. Erickson called me to say he was going to assign a detective to this case. If he hadn't been so perceptive, the next step would not have been possible....

Lastly, I want to thank Det. David Kennell, who was assigned to try and retrieve the second tool from the guy I thought was in possession of our stolen property. Det. Kennell contacted me to verify what I had told Officer Rash and Sgt, Erickson about the second "person of interest." After a few weeks, Det. Kennell went to this person's home and retrieved the second tool. He must be a bold individual to pay a visit to someone's home like this!

I am sure this must be a reflection on how you run your department, and you should be proud. When my vehicle was stolen last July and everything vanished, I thought I would never see any of the contents again in this lifetime. I wanted to share some positive feedback in the midst of all the negativity that seems to rock our world 24/7.

-- Fort Collins, Colorado

On April 16, 2009, two members of the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office SWAT and Hostage Negotiation Teams, Deputies Jeff Juker and Bill Rowlands, volunteered to conduct a SWAT/HNT presentation to over 50 high-school-age students who were part of "Portland After Dark" -- an organization that supports Explorer and cadet programs in Washington and Oregon.

This presentation was conducted from 11:30 p.m. to midnight. Both Deputy Juker and Deputy Rowlands are field training officers. At the time of the event, both of them were training recruit Patrol deputies. Both of them were also assigned to the 82nd Avenue district on 4th shift; this district and shift have the highest call volume in the department.

Deputy Rowlands gave a tour of the Mobile Command Post. He explained its inner workings and stations in a professional, competent manner. It was apparent that he was thoroughly prepared.
Deputy Juker gave a tour of the SWAT armored vehicle. He also deployed a Noise Flash Diversion Device for the group. His professionalism and dedication to safety was apparent during this demonstration.

These two deputies should be commended for their efforts, for their professional commitment to preparedness, and for providing the best information possible to future law-enforcement officers. Their professionalism, knowledge and loyalty are a great reflection on themselves, SWAT/HNT and the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office.

-- Internal memo

Dear Sheriff Roberts: I'm writing to inform you of some excellent support I received from some of your deputies.

On two occasions this week, I was in need of help from the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office. I first contacted Sgt. Ed Mura; because of all his hard work on community crime-prevention groups, I knew I could ask him for advice on how to proceed in a safety concern with a student. As a result, I requested a welfare check at the home of one of my students.

I received a call from Deputy Robert Weinert to gather information prior to the visit. He was concerned and thoughtful in his questioning; I felt very supported by him. He also contacted me following the call to let me know the children were safe.

This was a necessary and effective intervention that helped ensure the safety of the children living in that home. I believe it will also help these children in the future.

I also had to have a deputy come to the school and interview students as a result of serious threatening calls reported to me and ongoing bullying of one of our students by another. The victim was indicating that she felt unsafe -- and despite consequences in school, the other student was continuing to harass her in and outside school.

Deputy Scott King responded to this call -- and was incredible. He made the victim feel at ease and comfortable, and was extremely respectful and kind. As a result, she felt supported -- and I believe she left knowing that something would be done to keep her safe. Deputy King clearly laid out the consequences of the behavior to the other student -- and made it clear that he expected to receive future reports that the student's behavior had changed. 

I believe the time Deputy King spent talking to the student and parent -- as well as his genuine concern for the victim's welfare -- will make a huge difference in both of these children's and their families' lives. The victim will be more like to report in the future situations in which she or a friend may feel unsafe. The other student better understands that his hurtful actions have a serious effect that could result in his life becoming more restricted and supervised by adults if he didn't change. I believe this interaction with Deputy King will create a change in the student's behavior that would not have happened otherwise.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention the courteous response I received from dispatch. I had to call back to receive names and check progress -- and despite (I'm sure) being very busy, the dispatchers were very polite and helpful from beginning to end.

Thank you for the excellent support we received in both cases. I believe reaching kids early is what can truly make a long-term difference and can help prevent children from being part of the criminal-justice system in the future.

It's nice to know I can count on the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office to sort through difficult situations in this community.

-- Lot Whitcomb Elementary, Milwaukie

I wanted to thank you and your staff for the hospitality that you extended to us during the Child Abuse and Family Violence Summit in Portland. We enjoyed our stay in your beautiful state. We have presented at many conferences, and yours was one of the best-organized we have seen. We had the opportunity to interact with quite a number of your attendees, and it was a very positive experience. Please let me know if there is anything we could do to assist you on this side of the world.

-- Pennsylvania State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation


I want to commend Deputy Brian Lister for his "firm but fair" manner with my son. My son was the victim of an early-morning hit-and-run drunk driver, and he was quite shaken.

Deputy Lister was firm and professional with his inquiries, and yet made a positive impression on my son. Deputy Lister had a genuine desire to make sure my son understood the gravity of the situation clearly and knew what to do in reporting the accident -- and Deputy Lister did so without being intimidating. As a parent, I appreciate his efforts in making that positive connection with my teen driver.

-- Eagle Creek

I want to thank Deputy Steven Woolcock and his sergeant and fellow deputies who responded to my call for help. More than that I am so very thankful that he came back today to gather more information. He and the responding deputies were very helpful -- and he was especially kind to me in a frightening situation. Thank you so very much.

-- Damascus

Deputy Keen: Thank you for taking time out of our busy schedule to help us educate our young ladies about the dangers of drugs. It is really important these days to have these types of discussions with them. I hope you will be willing to do this again next year.

-- Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Wilsonville

Although I was disappointed to get a traffic citation, I would like to compliment your deputy, Michael Zacher, as he conducted himself very professionally. He left me with a very good impression of your department. Thanks for the service to our community.

-- Damascus

Dear Sheriff Roberts: I had the misfortune of being the cause of a mystifying accident yesterday as I was leaving the parking lot of a Trader Joe's. I did not behave in a responsible way with regard to the damage I inflicted on two other vehicles -- to my utter shame and embarrassment -- but can only state that I honestly had not a clue what had happened, and was in a state of shock and disbelief for some time afterward. I can only hope that an appointment with my primary care provider can shed some light on what caused my strange lapse at the wheel.

However, it was my extreme GOOD fortune that the deputy called to the scene was your own Deputy Dave Willard.

I am an active woman in my 70s. I have managed to keep myself healthy with regular exercise, and I stay mentally fit. Deputy Willard came to my home yesterday, and while he could have thrown the book at me, he instead demonstrated a high level of kindness and compassion for this intelligent but greatly confused lady -- listening to my responses with great care and remaining a courteous gentleman from beginning to end of what I know was a difficult interview for him.

I owe him a huge debt of gratitude for his courtesy and help, and I consider that a lifetime debt. He is someone I hope to keep track of. He is a remarkable human being and a credit to your office, and I simply had to let you know the depth of my feeling in regard to this outstanding man, and his kindness in the manner with which he handled my case. I had felt my life was over; he made me feel that it was another beginning.

-- Tigard

Sheriff Roberts: As always, when I have contact with your deputies, I am so impressed by their degree of excellence and professionalism that I wonder any more if you have anyone in the Sheriff's Office who doesn't have these qualities in spades.

I made contact with Deputies Cory Alexander and Thomas Martinez last night regarding an aggravated felony fraud case involving five of our developmentally disabled consumers. The case is a little complex, and they showed great patience as the House Director and I explained it to them. I had just finished a three-hour interview with the suspect at the home, and the deputies helped get the case rolling.

Deputy Martinez -- whom I understand is new -- did a great job with the interviews. Deputy Alexander was great, as well. They both epitomize the excellence I've come to expect from CCSO every time I have occasion to make contact with one or more of your deputies. I know they often don't get recognized for the things that they do, so I wanted to take a minute to do that. If possible, I would ask that you or their watch commander commend them in some official way. They made the work I did for those three hours with the suspect worth it. I think I'll be in court on this one.

Again, thanks for your hard work in running such a great Sheriff's Office.

-- Clackamas County Community Health Services

In early March 2009, OS1 Trisha Mills was contacted by Lori Hatch from the Columbia Counsel of the Boy Scouts of America Pack 504. Mrs. Hatch was requesting a tour -- she told Mills that the Scouts need to complete an orientation of a law-enforcement facility, and she wanted to know if it was possible to have the Scouts fingerprinted. This would complete a section of training towards one of the Scouts' merit badges.

OS1 Mills completed the arrangements and contacted Deputy Gray, CSO McClure, Criminalist Martin and myself. Mills was able to draft a plan that included a tour of the PSTC and North Station, as well as an overview of the history of fingerprinting (with a demonstration) and practice with our Laser Shot simulator.

On April 7, 2009, the Scouts and their parents arrived -- 24 in all. Criminalist Martin gave an engaging lecture regarding fingerprints, followed by a demonstration. Deputy Gray taught proper handgun skills to the Scouts, and then allowed them to conduct several drills. CSO McClure spoke about safety and assisted in fingerprinting the Scouts -- both in their activity books and on the Child Identification Information cards to be provided to their parents. CSO McClure also led the tour of North Station.

I saw the enjoyment on the Scouts' faces, and heard nothing but positive remarks from the parents. Once again, this fine group of employees came together to uphold the department's core value of service: "We will serve the public in a professional, courteous and efficient manner." I would like to recognize and thank each of these individuals for their attention to duty.

-- Deputy Mitch Beyer, Sheriff's Office Training Coordinator

I just want to express my thanks for the assistance we received from Deputy Boone and your office staff. Their understanding and consideration meant a great deal to my son and our family.

To make a long story short: Our son purchased a 1977 Jeep from Sabin Center for $200 last year to restore for his Senior Project this year. It has been in our driveway since last spring. It was a mess. For the last year, he's been working on it in our driveway to get it running.

After a lot of time and frustration, he finally had it running. He felt like it might pass DEQ -- so his father helped him get it to DEQ on March 3, 2009. It failed. My son felt like he knew what he needed to do to fix it so it could pass. When they brought it home, they put it in the driveway behind my husband's work truck. That morning, he moved it onto the street. Our son was going it put it back in the driveway when he left for school at 11 a.m.

Unfortunately, a deputy drove down the street and saw this old Jeep with VERY expired tags on it -- and cited it. When my son went out to put the car in the driveway, he was very upset about the ticket, as he felt it would affect his driving record.

I called and spoke to a Clackamas County Deputy Sheriff, and he suggested that I contact the person who issued the citation and explain the situation.

I contacted Deputy Boone and explained that the car had only been on the street less than four hours, and that until that time in had been in the driveway for the last year. I explained it was my son's Senior Project, and that he had tried to get it through DEQ the day before. I explained that as we were speaking, he and his father were back at DEQ seeing if it would pass with new adjustments.

Deputy Boone suggested that if the Jeep passed DEQ and we got tags, we should go to the address on the ticket and explain the situation -- and that someone might be able to void the ticket for us. He was very nice, and told me to wish my son luck on his project.

We went to the ticket office yesterday with the DEQ "pass" and "fail" test results and a copy of the new registration, and everyone there was very helpful.

I just want to thank everyone for their kind words and consideration. It was a good lesson for my son to know that even though we made a mistake in having the Jeep on the street, there are good people who understand and are willing to help and work with you if they can.

-- Oregon City


My parents' home was recently burglarized while they were on vacation. It was left to me and my husband to pick up the pieces of this horrific disaster, with much disgust, anger and frustration over what had happened.

I received a call from Marion County that Clackamas County had recovered my parents' van (which was used as a getaway vehicle) and had made an arrest in the case. I was thrilled to hear this news, and was directed to speak with Deputy Karen Moss, who was working the case.

I was asked to fax Deputy Moss the property-loss report of items that were stolen. Within two hours of sending the fax, Deputy Moss had called, introduced herself, and even apologized that this had happened to my parents. During this initial conversation and the many, many that followed, Deputy Moss demonstrated the utmost respect and professionalism.

I can only express how much I appreciated her knowledge, her organizational skills, and her willingness to continue to gather my parents' belongings. Most important, she was sympathetic with my fears and frustrations regarding this crime, and has gone far beyond the call of duty, in my opinion.

Although I pray that neither my parents nor I have to go through something like this again, I can only hope that I will work with someone as kind, generous and professional as Deputy Moss if this should happen.

I know that many other deputies, officers and detectives I have not named have worked and are continuing to work on the case. Please know that I am very appreciative and grateful for their hard work and continued efforts. I could not have been happier with the service provided by everyone at the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office.

-- Marion County



I am writing to commend Christine Fryett, Kim Timeus and Brad Leikem from your department for their participation as event judges in our 31st Clackamas County Regional Skills Competition, sponsored by the Criminal Justice Department at Clackamas Community College.

The Skills Contest -- which involves high-school juniors and seniors from a variety of local schools -- was a success due in part to these deputies. I believe it is important that young people thinking of future careers in law enforcement and related fields who participate in the Criminal Justice competitions be exposed to high-caliber law-enforcement personnel.

About 55 students participated in the Crime Scene competition -- and the top three students in each competition receive a waiver offering four credits of tuition to be used for any college-level class during the 2009 summer term at CCC.

We this this type of involvement by law-enforcement professionals as not only beneficial to the college and students, but to community relations, as well. This is why we believe it is important to have professionals like Christine, Kim and Brad involved in such a project. Thank you.

-- Richard L. Ashbaugh, Dept. Chair, Criminal Justice/Emergency Management, Clackamas Community College



I wanted to take a few moments to express my sincere gratitude to K-9 handlers Deputy Hilary Robinson and Molalla Police Officer Steve Long, who recently assisted me at Estacada High during a combined lockdown drill / drug sweep.

As the School Resource Officer at Estacada High, the school and I were seeking assistance to be proactive in deterring drugs from being at school. I sent out a request for help from any drug-detection canine. These dogs are in short supply.

Deputy Robinson and Officer Long offered their services to help me with this endeavor. On Thursday the 19th, they met me at Estcada High, and the lockdown drill / drug sweep commenced. Although no drugs were located during the sweep, I can't tell you how much the high-school students are talking about the canines at school. The rumors have been running rampant! I have only offered the students that they just never know when the canines will be back. Yes, the students did pick up on the word "will."

I later heard from numerous parents who come to the school that they are happy to see that Estacada High and the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office are working proactively to deter drugs in the school.
For those of us working as School Resource Officers, a big part of our job is prevention. Deputy Robinson and Officer Long and their respective partners have helped me immensely in trying to make the school environment safer.

-- School Resource Officer, Estacada High School


Deputy Jon Lee was very well-versed regarding domestic violence, and helped me deal with my situation. He was all business, but kind; he also made sure I was okay, and checked on me a couple of days later. I really listened to his knowledge on battered women, and am finally taking the right steps. His work is appreciated. Thank you.

-- Happy Valley



 It gives me great pleasure to tell you how much the members of the Jackson County Sheriff's Search and Rescue appreciated the outstanding job you and your staff did in assembling and coordinating Northwest SARCon 2008. The breakout sessions, scheduling and professional content were excellent.

All needs were considerately accommodated, which contributed significantly to the success of the training conference. Many thanks to your staff for their hospitality -- they truly went above and beyond the call of duty. We are already looking forward to next year's conference, seeing our friends in search and rescue from this year and making new ones.

-- Jackson County


 I want to thank the Sheriff's Office and everyone involved with the Ride Along program for a very memorable experience.

Friday the 13th was a long day, but I felt I had an opportunity to get a sense of what a deputy experiences during the performance of his or her duties. I'd particularly like to congratulate Sheriff Roberts on having such dedicated and well-trained deputies as Deputy Justin Slinger. I have spent many years in management, hiring and working with union and non-union employees, and assessing job performance. Justin Slinger would certainly be at the top of my list for his work ethic, performance and effort.

Thanks again for the CISA program -- which gave me an opportunity to see the important work you all provide for our county.

-- Mulino


I want to thank Deputy Mark Nikolai for his eagle eye. Our ATVs were stolen during a weekend in January -- and because of Deputy Nikolai, one of them was recovered.

I thought both ATVs were gone forever, and that a lot of money and fun were lost. Thanks to Deputy Nikolai for recovering one of them (so far). Keep up the good work!

-- Hubbard


Deputy Josh Griffin really shows how Clackamas County has the best (and well-trained) deputies. He was very professional during a difficult domestic dispute: He took both statements and was able to figure out what was and wasn't true. He handled the whole investigation in a very professional, knowledgeable way. Our community is very fortunate to have him.

-- Happy Valley


Sheriff Roberts: Thank you for a wonderful experience at Northwest SARCon, held at The Resort at the Mountain in Welches. I had a wonderful time meeting people -- not only in other search-and-rescue units but specifically in the communications field. I loved every class I took and learned so much. The instructors were superb.

The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office did an outstanding job organizing and running the entire event. Everyone I spoke with was informative and resourceful. The Resort at the Mountain personnel were extremely helpful and responsive. The dinner and entertainment at Timberline Lodge was exceptional; it was the perfect place to relax and enjoy an evening out.

I look forward to sharing with my local SAR unit the information, skills and technology I gathered during the conference in order to help us better serve our community.

-- Klamath County


 I would like to thank the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office Traffic Unit for protecting our youngest citizens.

Last Thursday, I called the non-emergency number to complain about a driver who speeds through our neighborhood and blows through a stop sign at our bus-stop intersection at the same time every morning. This driver has come close to hitting a child crossing the street to our bus stop.

On Monday morning, Deputy Nashif was here -- and was able to cite the driver for failing to stop at a posted intersection.

I do not know if this citation will change the person's driving habits -- but I do hope the continued presence of Deputy Nashif will protect our children during the busiest time of the morning at this bus-pickup location. Thank you very much for your prompt response.

-- Happy Valley

While shopping at the Wilsonville Costco, a woman backed into my car and left the scene. Lucky for me, I had two witnesses -- one who left a note on my windshield and another who actually waited for me to come out of Costco.

I could not find your new location to report the accident -- so I came home, got on the Internet and called dispatch. They had Deputy Micah Hibpsham call me.

This letter is a special recognition of Deputy Hibpsham for his excellent customer service, his education on hit-and-runs and his make-it-happen attitude. Never in my 54 years have I come across a more professional and considerate law-enforcement individual. He listened to the facts, called both witnesses, called me back and explained what the next step was. He called the woman who hit me and advised her to contact her insurance company. He then called me to explain that everything had been taken care of. He asked me if I wanted to press charges and I told him no -- I was hoping she left because she was naïve. We both agreed that was probably the case. Shortly after my conversation with Deputy Hibpsham, I received a call from Farmers Insurance, and since that time we have settled for the work that needed to be done.

I want to recognize Deputy Hibpsham, and thank him for walking me through the process. In my opinion, he is an outstanding person.

-- Wilsonville


Deputy Chris O'Connor demonstrated exemplary police work investigating and closing a recent burglary case involving Goodwill Industries -- a case that resulted in a conviction. The case was languishing and going nowhere until Deputy O'Connor took it over and brought it to a conclusion.

-- Goodwill Industries of the Columbia-Willamette



Someone hit our cat and drove off. Deputy Ashby responded quickly. We had the license-plate number of the vehicle that hit our cat, but it came back as "sold," so it seemed as if all was lost -- we figured the subject was dropped. But Deputy Ashby went out of his way and found the person.

Unfortunately, our cat died. But Deputy Ashby's care and concern was of great comfort. I will forever know that he is a good guy and a great deputy. Thank you.

-- Milwaukie


On Christmas Eve, we had broken a chain on Forsythe Road. We called AAA, and they told us they would only come and pull us out of a snow bank. We then called about six different tow-truck companies, and were told that there were about 50 calls ahead of ours.

After about two hours in 34-degree weather, one company suggested we call your department. We called and told them that I had to get home because I'd just finished kidney dialysis; I'm also a diabetic and have to take heart medicine. About 20 minutes later, Deputy Westerman drove by, took me home, and walked me to my door. Then she went back to get my wife. She also help get our car off the road, and even helped transfer our groceries from our car to hers. Then she took my wife home -- and even carried some of our groceries into the house.

We both feel this courtesy was beyond the call of duty. It was a real pleasure to meet Deputy Westerman. We feel she is a great asset to the Sheriff's Office.

-- Oregon City


This is a letter of congratulations on a job well done during the recent snowstorm in Clackamas County. We can only imagine the long hours and extra work your team must have put in during the storm.

In particular, we want to commend Deputy Robby Nashif for his professional approach to closing down the south Wilsonville entrance to I-5 last Tuesday afternoon. Watching him have to impart bad news to angry motorists with humor and good spirits was amazing. He gets a BIG AWARD in our estimation. It was much-better traveling after the ODOT plows cleared that stretch of the freeway.

Thank you to Robby and all the deputies who serve us.

P.S. Tell Robby that my husband's birthday cake made it home in time for the celebration -- even though some of our guests were still stranded for over four hours in Wilsonville during that closure.

-- Wilsonville


I am a volunteer at the Clackamas County Dog Services shelter. Every week, I get to see Deputy Paurus as he supervises the inmate work crew that cleans the kennels. Deputy Paurus is always kind, polite, professional and helpful with his inmates, the shelter staff, the volunteers and the public. He's doing a great job!

I'd particularly like to commend the Sheriff's Office in general for coordinating the inmate work crew for the shelter. It's a good deal for everyone -- the shelter staff get help with the never-ending chore of keeping the kennels clean; the dogs get much more socialization and outdoor play time; and the inmates get unconditional friendship from the dogs at the shelter.

If the dogs could say "thanks," they would, too!

-- Oregon City


I want to thank Deputy Jeff Miller for everything he has done for me. You don't think something bad will ever happen to you, and when it does, there is this battle that goes on in your head about what to do. Thank you, Deputy Miller, for not treating me like another statistic -- and for actually caring. You are a truly special deputy and an asset to Clackamas County.

-- Clackamas


I've heard people say that God protects the stupid. Well, in my case, God recently got a lot of help from one of your officers, Tom Solano.

To make a long story short, last Tuesday I lost my checkbook somewhere in Salem. I took all the necessary precautions with my bank after I discovered the checkbook was missing -- but I nevertheless spent the rest of that day and a good part of the evening wondering just how screwed I might be.

I was pretty worried -- until, that is, I got a phone call at about 9 o'clock that night from Tom. You can't imagine my relief when I learned that not only had my checkbook been found, but it had been found by a deputy from the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office.

Officer Solano took time on his day off to deliver my checkbook to me the next morning. He refused to accept any token of appreciation, not even a cup of coffee; Tom said he was just doing his job. From my perspective, however, Tom went above and beyond what his job required him to do, and has left me with a great debt of gratitude.

Please tell him again how much I appreciate what he did for me.

-- Monmouth


I would like to commend Deputy Woolcock for being a great teacher and a superb law-enforcement example.

As a current criminal-justice student and a hopeful Clackamas County law-enforcement employee someday, I had the opportunity to go on a couple of ride-alongs with Deputy Woolcock, and I think he deserves recognition. He was very knowledgeable, professional, and demonstrated perfect ethics. He takes his job very seriously. I believe he represents all a good deputy should be -- and the citizens of our community should feel safe knowing he is on patrol.

I believe Deputy Woolcock has a long, bright future in law enforcement -- and I'm glad I had the opportunity to learn from him.

-- Eagle Creek


Recently I was at a gas station servicing my vehicle. When I got out of my car, I inadvertently tripped the lock on my car door -- causing my door to lock with my keys inside. This was an embarrassing situation, because I was tying up a lane of traffic at the Pacific Pride gas station.

Someone made a phone call for a locksmith to come and open the door. After I had been there for about an hour, Deputy John Christensen came to get gas for his county vehicle.

Once Deputy Christensen learned of my dilemma, he went far beyond the call of duty, and was kind and compassionate in helping me. He was kind enough to call my wife and tell her I was delayed. He also called the locksmith after a long delay in their arrival.

I just wanted you and Deputy Christensen to know how proud I felt to know there are people in law enforcement who have this wonderful attitude about helping people.

-- Charbonneau


Officer Sarah McClurg: I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your part in making the Eagle Creek Elementary School Family Fun Night on Oct. 25 a complete success! Your suggestion to utilize a K-9 unit was excellent! Your choice of Deputy Brad O'Neil and his partner Nero was absolutely perfect! The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office was, as always, well-represented.

My wife and I spent four hours in a classroom with Deputy O'Neil and Nero. We watched as hundreds of people came through, checked out the items laid on a table and asked questions. Lots of questions. And yes, several questions were repeated many times. Yet Brad answered each time as if it had been asked for the first time. His knowledge, professionalism and kindness were appreciated by all.

Sarah, your efforts were truly appreciated. Even though I approached you relatively late in the process, thereby limiting your options, you came through with flying colors! We thank you and ask that you please extend our thanks to Deputy Brad O'Neil and Nero, as well.

-- Eagle Creek

Deputy Corey Alexander: On April 18, you administered CPR to a citizen in need of immediate intervention at the Oregon Soccer Center on 82nd Drive in Clackamas. This aid was administered after witnessing a citizen who had collapsed at the soccer facility. Your life-saving efforts sustained the patient until Clackamas Fire District and AMR crews arrived to defibrillate the patient. These combined efforts resulted in a "code save" for the citizen.

You are to be commended for your quick thinking and your willingness to involve yourself in this life-saving role -- for as we are well aware, life-threatening emergencies demand the ability to administer timely, appropriate and effective care. Your readiness played a key role in handing the baton to our emergency crews -- after which the patient was ultimately awake and talking by the time he reached the hospital.

Please accept our gratitude for a job well done.

-- Clackamas County Fire District #1

Just wanted to say thank you to the Search and Rescue team that located Dale Paulson and Celina Lewis.

I appreciated the way I was treated with respect when I called in with very little information, and I appreciate the fact that a search was launched, with the focus on finding them rather than focusing on whether the information I had provided was accurate or not.... Please commend your entire team for a job well done!

-- Mt. Angel

On Feb. 1, 2008, the Portland Police Bureau held a memorial service for Officer Mark Zylawy, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on Jan. 27, 2008.

At our request, Honor Guard members from your department graciously assisted us with their presence at the memorial service for Officer Zylawy, held at New Hope Church. The support and professionalism demonstrated by the members of your department was greatly appreciated by family and friends of Officer Zylawy, as well as by all of us here at the Portland Police Bureau.

Sgt. Shane Strangfield, Sgt. Robert Dunkle, Deputy Emile Burley, Deputy Alan Randol, and Deputy Phil Montpart represented the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office with an extremely high level of professionalism, dedication and compassion at the service. We extend a sincere appreciation and thank-you for allowing your staff to take the time to support us during our time of need. It is comforting to know that your agency was there to assist us in rendering honor and remembrance to Officer Mark Zylawy, his family and friends and the community.

-- Portland Police Honor Guard

I wanted to thank your office and commend the efforts by Sgt. John Naccarato and the MACE team for helping ODOT yesterday in an enforcement operation aimed at curbing unauthorized household goods movers.

In this cooperative interagency operation, your MACE team and ODOT staff were able to identify and take action against 12 suspected unauthorized movers. KPTV ran a piece on the 10 o'clock news last night describing the variety of violations the operation uncovered.

Sgt. Naccarato was a great asset in the planning and execution of this operation.... Thanks again for allowing your team to work with our team.

-- Oregon Department of Transportation

Please accept this letter of gratitude from Mr. Felix Mueller's family members, as well as numerous church prayer-chain members and various other people who searched diligently for Mr. Mueller.

Mr. Mueller, age 93, lives in Washougal, and set out early on the morning of Monday, April 7, 2008 for an appointment at the Westfield Shopping Center in Vancouver, Wash. However, he did not arrive for that appointment. Much later in the day, at approximately 2:30 p.m., family members discovered that Felix was missing -- and set in motion the actions that ends with your Deputy Michael Conroy locating Mr. Mueller at approximately 7:30 p.m. Felix was parked on the shoulder of Highway 212, headed west, where he had run out of gas; unaware of his location, he had stayed put until Deputy Conroy came along, suspecting something unusual.

Deputy Conroy later said he "was just doing my job" -- but we want to ensure you that he was God's answer to our prayers. Deputy Conroy acted on his suspicion that a man sitting in a car on his side of the road was unusual, made the necessary notifications so that Felix's family was aware of his situation, and then took Felix to City Hall -- going above and beyond the call of duty by staying with Felix until family members arrived. For this, we are extremely grateful!

We are most thankful that we don't have to imagine what would have happened if the situation had gone past 7:30 that evening.

We cannot thank Deputy Conroy enough for following through and "just doing my job." The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office has a true professional in Deputy Michael Conroy.

-- The Family and Friends of Mr. Felix Mueller

Dear Deputy Conroy: On April 7, Camas Police took a report of a missing 93-year-old, Felix Mueller, who had driven from home in the morning for an appointment in Vancouver, Wash. When Mr. Mueller never arrived at his appointment and did not return home, his family became worried. According to family members, Mr. Mueller had recently showed signs of forgetfulness, and had gotten lost on a different trip in the Camas/Washougal area.

As you know, this case had a positive outcome. Because you took the time to stop and check on what must have looked like a stranded motorist, you found Mr. Mueller in your jurisdiction. You did all the right things at all the right times, which resulted in Mr. Mueller's family being able to take him home safely later that evening. We have been working with the family today to ensure that another such incident is not repeated.

Many times, as a law-enforcement officer, you have the opportunity to really make a difference in someone's life. Yesterday, you did just that. We've all seen similar cases where an elderly driver was not located and the outcome was not positive. I commend you for your alertness, and on behalf of Mr. Mueller's family and the Camas Police Department, I thank you. I'm sure Sheriff Roberts is very proud of your actions. You have represented him, and your agency, in the best light. I know Mr. Mueller thinks the same.

Thank you very much.

-- Mitch Lackey, Interim Chief of Police, Camas Police Dept.

On behalf of the West Linn Lions and the Lions Committee for Safe Boating for Kids 2008, I wish to thank you for your participation and contribution in this year's successful event.

One would only have to look at the faces of the nearly 60 kids from West Linn and the surrounding area to see how much they enjoyed a day of fun, skill development and water safety. Parents and friends saw the high level of involvement by the kids in the different events offered.

With you and your staff's help, each child had the opportunity to join in the different water-safety programs offered. There was the Junior Boating Program -- which included boat entrance and exit, life-saving toss, proper fitting of personal floatation devices, and rope-tying to secure boats at the dock. The second program was not only a fun boat ride, but cautioned kids about different boat-riding practices. To top off the day, there was canoe boat training, and an opportunity to paddle a canoe on the river. A certificate from the Oregon State Marine Board acknowledged that kids had learned basic boating-safety skills.

The West Linn Lions support this program because of the need for kids to have an opportunity to be exposed to water-safety and boating protocols. Your professional contribution provided the expertise and the resources for a "hands-on experience." As volunteers, we serve our community, and we so appreciate your giving your time, energy and resources to make the lives of our community's youth safer.
We look forward to another Safe Boating for Kids Program, and your continued support of our efforts to influence safety in our community.

-- "Safe Boating for Kids" Coordinator, West Linn Lions

Yesterday, I had need to call the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, in response to one of our clients' concerns that her children may have been wrongfully taken by her ex-husband, whom we have recently attempted to serve with a temporary restraining order.

Deputy Rippe responded to my call, and within a few hours, he had not only taken action, but has also investigated the situation thoroughly -- diffusing the entire circumstance as well as providing clarifying feedback to our agency, with a focus on detail and an apt professionalism.

I often work with our local agencies and local law enforcement. I rarely have opportunity to work outside our general area. What I assumed would be a "needle in a haystack" proved uncomplicated, thanks to your deputy. In every arena, he did his job with excellence.

-- Alternatives to Violence, Red Bluff, CA

I work at Loss Prevention at the Clackamas Town Center Sears store. I have been working Loss Prevention, Security, and Alarm Response for six years; I have worked all over the Northwest, alongside many different city and county law-enforcement agencies.

The reason for this letter is to thank the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office the outstanding support our Loss Prevention Office has received. The deputies who respond to our calls have consistently gone above and beyond what I have come to expect from any law-enforcement agency.

When I first started in this office, I was amazed by the thorough support we received from Deputies Miller, Nall, Rippe, Millett, Nunn and Nikolai (to name a few). I figured we were getting lucky to have these particular deputies responded, and that they were the exceptions. Now that I've been in this office for almost four years, I can say that these exceptional deputies are the standard for CCSO.

I know that CCSO has a huge jurisdiction to cover and is often swamped with calls, and that a theft charge might not be a huge priority at times. Even so, Deputies such as Harikian, McGlothin, Steeves, Juker and Boone continue to impress me with their character and willingness to help. I can't name all the deputies who have responded to this office and exceeded my expectations, but I can say for a fact that I have not yet met one single Clackamas County Deputy Sheriff who did not impress me.

From everyone at the Clackamas Sears Loss Prevention Office, thank you for your continued support, your positive attitudes, and your exceptional police work. You have all made a difficult and often thankless job a lot easier for us, and we wish you all the best.

-- Loss Prevention, Clackamas Town Center Sears

Deputy Chris Cheek has had several contacts with our troubled household. He has been very professional and straightforward. His advice and actions are those of a superior Deputy Sheriff. He is very wise, and can read situations as they are. He lays things out -- and as hard as they are to hear, he is correct. I hope he is recognized as being one of the best assets the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office has. He makes a bigger difference in this community -- especially in this dysfunctional family -- than words can convey. Not only is he an excellent Deputy Sheriff, he is not jaded, and he is a very kind man.

Hopefully, his contact with this family is done; if not, he should get hazard pay. Again, he is a wonderful example of the best of the best, and the community is lucky to have someone of this caliber.

-- Happy Valley

I am writing to thank you, Corrections Deputy Thies. I have called you several times, and you have called me back each time with an explanation for my concerns. I know that you are busy, and the fact that you take the time to call me back impresses me. I thank you for caring, and for responding in a timely manner to citizens....

Thank you for your care and concern. I deeply appreciate it.

-- Milwaukie

I am criminal attorney who had a very positive interaction with Deputy Marc Nunn at the Clackamas County Courthouse.

I had a client who was taken into custody and did not know she was going to be taken into custody. She was very upset, and Deputy Nunn permitted her to sit in the jury room with me and make some phone calls so she could make arrangements for her other obligations. I was very impressed by him -- he treated her professionally and with the utmost respect.

-- Portland

Last Monday evening, Oct. 6, I had the opportunity to do a civilian ride-along with Deputy Don Weatherford. What a wonderful experience!

But, more important, what a super employee you have.

Deputy Don was gracious, personable, and answered every question I asked -- about everything from holding cells to Tasers.

Not only did he keep me laughing most of the evening with his great sense of humor, but it became apparent early on that he also knew every aspect of his job, from weapons to the dreaded paperwork.
My ride-along was everything I had hoped for and more. But more important, it was just plain uplifting to know we have such great guys as Don Weatherford in the field. Commendations and kudos!

-- Boring

It's time to let you know how much I appreciate Deputy Slinger and Sgt. Tutmark.

Deputy Slinger put me in handcuffs, searched my handbag, and patted me down. To say the least, I was embarrassed, scared and humbled. But once he explained the "whys" of the situation, I completely understood and realized he was doing his job. And that's what I want him to continue doing!

Deputy Slinger and Sgt. Tutmark were instrumental in resolving the mess on this end so I could get my car back.... Sgt. Tutmark made several calls (on Deputy Slinger's day off) to hasten my car being returned to my garage. As far as I'm concerned, both deputies worked very hard, put in many hours and went above and beyond to help me get this issue resolved. Deputy Slinger called me several times throughout this ordeal, always keeping me in the loop. He was professional, yet put me at ease. Both officers treated me with respect and dignity. Even though this experience was somewhat traumatic for me, I'm sincerely grateful Deputy Slinger was the deputy who approached me; someone was looking out for me.

Please let both deputies know I truly appreciate their hard work, their help, and their professionalism.

-- Milwaukie

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Deputy Barb McCullough and the cadets from the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office.

I was the conductor on Amtrak Train #509 when it struck a car in front of the Fairgrounds in Canby, Oregon. The Sheriff's Office is to be commended for their outstanding staff -- especially Deputy McCullough. She was professional, organized, and thoughtful in helping stage and contain passengers in a safe environment. She arranged for cadets to bring in supplies from the Fairgrounds and also from the train. She stayed with us until all of our passengers had been transported -- offering support and resources to deal with the situation.

-- From the entire crew of Amtrak 509

Deputy Jon Campbell: I want to thank you for an outstanding job. I wasn't sure if [what I was calling about] was a police matter or not, and was a bit embarrassed. But you and the Oregon City Police officer made me feel not so stupid about calling. You were kind and understanding, and I'm glad you escorted me to the house. We need more deputies just like you; I'm proud to pay my taxes to support the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office.

-- Clackamas

Thank you -- but in this case, it is more than just thanks.

Even though I was the one who called the Sheriff's Office to report trouble, it was my neighbor who needed help. A situation was growing out of control, and fast.

When your deputies [Deputies Erik McGlothin and John Gibson] showed up, they were more than helpful -- they were kind and professional. They did their job, but after all was said and done, they came back and talked to my neighbor and me, giving us both numbers to call for help.

I belong to Al-Anon, and September is Alcohol Awareness Month. Both deputies were wonderful, remaining calm while dealing with someone who was quite drunk and hurting spouse and kids.

In these times, it seems not many people take the time to say "thank you" to members of law enforcement. So I want it known that both these deputies went above and beyond.

Al-Anon helps people whose lives are troubled by someone else's drinking. Deputies McGlothin and Gibson truly saved a woman and her kids that Sunday afternoon, in more ways than one. Thank you beyond the amount of times I can say.

-- Oregon City

The national coordinator for your National Family Violence Apprehension Detail took time out of her busy day to answer some questions on the program. She's a real asset -- to your agency and to law enforcement.

-- Greeley, Colorado


In last week's Oregonian Metro section, I read with pride of Deputy Brad O'Neil's effort to help the elderly lady who was greatly suffering from the heat we all experienced a few weeks ago. With his own money, Deputy O'Neil purchased an air-conditioning unit and, as The Oregonian article said, he and other deputies ad fire-department personnel installed the unit in the lady's home. That has got to be the ultimate in community policing.

In my 30 years as a deputy/sergeant for Multnomah County and in the past 10 years as a retiree, I have never heard of such commitment. I truly commend his efforts. Clackamas County can be very proud of Deputy O'Neil's response; he and the others have certainly raised the bar.

-- Eagle Creek

Deputy Brad O'Neil bought an elderly woman an air conditioner, and I am delighted with his actions -- which are way above and beyond his sworn duties. If my mother had a situation like the elderly woman's, I'd sure pray that a guy like Deputy Brad O'Neil was there to help and intervene. God bless him.

-- Portland

I read about Deputy Brad O'Neil purchasing an AC unit for an elderly woman out of his own pocket, and it made my day! It restores my faith in what it means to be a public servant and in people generally. He deserves a huge round of thanks!

-- West Linn

I read the short story on the KATU Web site about Deputy O'Neil's compassion and generosity, and I had to relay my gratitude. There are a lot of great people in law enforcement, and it's nice to see some of the seemingly small things made public. I work in public safety. I know how hard it can be.

-- Beaverton

I read a news story about Deputy O'Neil, helping out an elderly woman by purchasing an air-conditioning unit for her with his own money. I was highly impressed by this. In this dog-eat-dog world, it was refreshing to hear about someone doing the right thing -- a totally selfless act. My faith in mankind has been restored a bit. You are lucky to have such a kind person as an employee.

-- Boring

Just thought I would say "Good on ya" to Deputy O'Neil for helping the woman with the AC unit.

-- Portland


I wanted to thank Community Service Officer Dan Rash for his help and positive and pleasant attitude. He went out of his way to help me find the owner of a lost dog. I understand this is not a major role of the Sheriff's Office -- but it's things like this that give the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office such a positive public image. Thanks!

-- Milwaukie

Dear Deputy Campbell: This is perhaps the oddest thank-you note I've ever written. But people like you who do a great service deserve to receive positive feedback. I can imagine, in an arrest like mine, you're in the midst of negativity.

Allow me to refresh your memory: I am a person you arrested.... You issued me a DUII citation and then transported me to Clackamas County Jail. Unfortunately, I had been arrested previously this year for the same charge, and now have experiences I can compare. That is my reason for writing. It was obvious from the time you had responsibility for me that you are a caring individual. You cared if I was comfortable enough. You cared if I had enough air. And you were patient to listen to my questions. You were also gracious in conversation, and I enjoyed hearing your perspective on life, alcoholism, our community, etc.

Thank you for the way you conducted yourself: You were professional and non-demeaning. I will be at Clackamas County Jail until my court date.

-- Clackamas County Jail

In June, one of your deputies responded to a security service alarm. It was meant to be reported as a medical emergency -- but a miscommunication from the alarm company meant your deputy was the first responder.

In short, I had the pedals of a 459-pound power wheelchair resting on my neck. It was cutting off the blood flow to my brain, and I was getting weak and sleepy trying to hold it off. Your as-yet-unnamed deputy moved the chair enough to get me out of danger and called the EMTs.
Please find this person and thank him. I owe him my life! [It was Deputy Justin Brummett. -- Ed.]

-- Milwaukie

Deputy Brian Pearson is outstanding. He went beyond the call of duty in finding and returning our stolen car to us, and assisting us in the aftermath of a home burglary.

Even though he was very tired -- and at the end of his working shift searching for the boy lost on the Sandy River -- Deputy Pearson kept giving his all to help us.

When I first called to report the car stolen from my house while we were gone, I never expected it would be returned in great shape -- and the culprits caught -- within the next two hours.

Deputy Pearson is our family's hero! He is a true professional of whom we can all be proud. It's great to know there are men like him out there providing for our safety.

-- Molalla

Sheriff Roberts: I was asked to come to your county and judge three of your patrol canine teams as they performed the Oregon Police Canine Association's standards for patrol dog teams. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and the canine unit, as your teams performed at or above the standards set by the association, and are hereby certified.

Deputies O'Neil, Boone, Coleman and Robinson should be commended for their attention to the training of your department's canine partners.
Your agency is a credit to the professional use of canines in the state, as your team is well-trained and your agency takes the standards process seriously.

-- Lt. Mark Daniel, Trainer, Vice President, Oregon Police Canine Association

I want to offer some positive feedback on one of your deputies. My father was involved in a serious motorcycle accident and was LifeFlighted to the hospital. After he was on his way, I went back to the scene to gather his belongings and whatever paperwork I needed.

Deputy Melissa Kelm handled the incident. She was very professional, but more than that, she was very compassionate. I'm sure most of your deputies act the same way -- and thank God I haven't had to find out personally. I just wanted you to know I appreciated her concern and professionalism. You have a great deputy in Melissa.

-- Estacada

On the evening of July 4, my wife and I were traveling south on the Willamette River, returning from the downtown fireworks, when we were grounded on submerged rocks about a quarter-mile north of the Cedar Oak boat ramp at about 11 p.m.

We've been traveling the river for 18 years, and have done so in low water levels during many summers. We felt we knew the location of the outcroppings -- thus, running aground was very surprising to us!

With the boat taking on water and the bilge pumping at a rapid rate, we called emergency services. Before we could finish conveying our information, there were four responding boats!

Marine Deputy Douglas Olsen was the expert in the group. Without him as senior officer, with his many years of experience, our evening might have played out very differently. His familiarity with this type of predicament boosted our confidence; he took care of us and our property. He was truly wonderful.

I wish to compliment your river teams for their courteous and prompt help! Everyone involved could not have been more helpful or concerned, or worked with more appropriate procedures. In addition to helping pull us off the rocks, one deputy took my wife to our home on the river so she could meet us at the boat ramp with our boat trailer.

We wish to single out Rob Wurpes and Nate Thompson for their additional help that evening; we are in your debt for your hiring of men of such high caliber. Please accept our heartfelt thanks and wished for a calm summer.

-- West Linn

Community Service Officer Sara McClurg worked with our community to set up a Neighborhood Watch program; it's now set up and fully functional. I noticed the commendation form on your Web site, and realized the community has yet to recognize her efforts to assist us. We'd like to bring her contribution to the attention of Clackamas County Sheriff's Office leadership; we appreciate it. Thanks again, Sara!

-- Bull Run


It was great having you guys involved in Canby Telcom's Gator Grinder Triathlon again this year. The work you do on race day goes a long ways to make the "Grinder" a fun and safe event for the 205-plus athletes and their friends and families. Each year, the "Grinder" becomes more and more popular. This year's race sold out on Jan. 7 -- the earliest ever. The main reason for this popularity is that the athletes feel safe and cared-for on the course -- and the work the Clackamas County Sheriff's Reserve does on race day is a large part of that. Thank you! -- Chip Greendale, Gator Grinder Race Director 

I am writing to commend your Deputy, Mike Zacher, for all his help to my great friend.

My friend was out of gas on the side of the road. A couple of calls were made by passers-by that send medical personnel to check on him. These different medical professionals did not recognize he was in need of help.

However, Deputy Zacher did.

Thanks to his taking time to speak with my friend, Deputy Zacher felt he had a serious medical issue. He called the medical professionals back [to the scene] -- and they discovered his blood pressure was very high and his blood sugar very low.

My friend was transported to the hospital. Deputy Zacher took care of getting his truck secured, his dog cared for, and followed him to the hospital and called me.

It turns out my friend had a brain tumor that was putting pressure on his brain, making his disoriented and unable to function properly. Deputy Zacher realized there could be something physically wrong with him, and acted accordingly. He would probably be dead today if Mike Zacher had not been there to help him. We are truly indebted to him for his quick and kind action.

-- Eugene

In December, I was traveling during a light rain. As I came around a curve, a vehicle was approaching uphill with bright lights on -- which caused me to momentarily lose sight of the right edge of the pavement. My right wheels drifted slightly off the edge of the pavement, which was a few inches above the shoulder.

As I returned to the pavement, my right front tire partially separated from the rim and deflated.

I then brought the car to a stop on the shoulder and turned on my flashers. I was getting ready to call my wife to let her know that would be later than expected when -- to my relief -- Deputy Campbell pulled up behind me and turned on his emergency lights.

He walked up to my car and offered to be of assistance. I explained what had happened, and he offered to assist me in changing the tire. I said that I would prefer to call AAA to come change the tire. Deputy Campbell offered to call AAA for me. He then lit a flare as an additional warning to vehicles that were coming around a curve behind us.

After about a half-hour, the AAA person arrived in a pickup truck, surveyed the situation, and concluded that it would not be safe to change the tire on the sloping terrain -- and said he would call for a tow truck to move the car to safer, more level location. After another half-hour, when the tow truck didn’t arrive, Deputy Campbell called AAA again -- and learned the first driver had not called for the tow truck, but that one would be sent on a priority basis.

At about 6:40 p.m., a flatbed tow truck arrived. Deputy Campbell repositioned his car, turned on full flashing lights, and directed traffic around the tow truck while the car was loaded onto the flatbed. After thanking Deputy Campbell, I left with the tow truck for Costco to deal with the matter of the tires.

Throughout the entire event, Deputy Campbell was very efficient, professional and courteous. His calm, pleasant demeanor provided a very comfortable atmosphere for me in a situation that would have been quite stressful otherwise. Having Deputy Campbell take charge of the situation and stay with me until I was safely on my way was a tremendous blessing for which I am very grateful.

-- Portland


We want to express gratitude to two deputies in your department.

Chuck Slaney was very helpful in trying to find the person who did a lot of damage by running through Qwest property, a county road sign, and our fence. It's just nice to know someone cares what happens to county residents.

Livestock Deputy Morgan Guthner was extremely helpful in helping us and the Tualatin Valley Fire Department rescue a young steer that had become trapped in a culvert. Deputy Guthner was very muddy and wet when the ordeal was over.

We have always had great respect for the deputies who are willing to risk their own safety for the needs of others.

-- West Linn

Dear Sgt. Coleman: Thank you so much for letting me watch your [K-9] dogs train, which was so awesome! Also, thank you for the wonderful pictures. They're perfect for my [school] project!

-- Lake Oswego

I'm writing this letter to commend Deputy Scott Anderson. We were having problems with drug users, sales, possible problems with the manufacturing of meth, and all the associated problems on our family farm.

Scott was professional, knowledgeable, helpful, supportive and encouraging through the entire ugly process of getting the situation under control and the mess cleaned up. It took two years, but as Scott told me, the good guys always win -- it just takes patience.

Your department is fortunate to have him as a member, and the community is well-served by his dedication.

-- Forest Grove

Dear Deputy Rippe: Thank you so much for your help yesterday! I was having a particularly difficult day -- which was made much worse by the blown-out tire we had on I-205. Your timely appearance and help was so very much appreciated. It was such a nice example for my students to experience the positive side of how police are there to help, not just enforce.

You helped turn a really tough day into a much more pleasant one -- thank you so much!

-- Clackamas Community College Driver Education

I would like to commend Clackamas County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Ed Mura and Code Enforcement Officer Andrea Hall's efforts in their work in the community.

I work with Mura and Hall as part of a multi-disciplinary team that stems from the Overland Park Community Court. Our team is working on a Pilot Project that responds to a selected group of homeless individuals. Mura and Hall lead an innovative effort that combines the resources of law enforcement, social services, code enforcement, corrections, and the DA's office to help battle the crime that degrades fragile neighborhoods. They have a unique ability to respond to many of the issues that underlie chronic homelessness.

Recently, Sgt. Mura and Ms. Hall identified a woman who is homeless and living in deplorable conditions. They recognized a person who needed a second chance in life. They recommended our team take her on as part of our Pilot Project. And they were instrumental in setting forth a series of events that made her life significantly better. In a short time period, the woman has received social-service intervention and medical treatment, and is applying for a job.

Sgt. Mura and Ms. Hall have also contributed their own money to purchase her food, Christmas presents, and phone cards so she can contact the agencies she needs to have an opportunity at living a better life.

Time demands on law- and code-enforcement officers are high -- but they have given respect, hope and countless hours of their own time to a woman who has suffered much degradation.

-- Sherri

I would like to acknowledge the work of Deputy Millett and all his efforts in assisting the Fred Meyer loss-prevention department.

Recently, Fred Meyer experienced massive losses of iPods, thanks to one individual who traveled to Portland, Clackamas County, and Salem stores. Deputy Millett gathered facts, video, and fingerprints, and aggressively sought out this person.

Deputy Millett and my investigator were able to interview this person at his parole-officer meeting -- in which he admitted to two felonies totaling almost $20,000. They also uncovered a possible "fence" to whom the iPods were being sold, and an eBay account where the merchandise is being sold.

In my 25 years of private security work, I've worked with police departments across the nation -- and Deputy Millett's level of service is unmatched.

-- Fred Meyer Loss Prevention

We have been involved with 4-H at the Clackamas County Fair for many years, and we have seen the impact that both 4-H and the Fair have on the youth and the citizens.

Last summer, we had the opportunity to work with two of your employees, Deputy John Gibson and Crime Prevention Coordinator Sara McClurg. We are superintendents in the goat program, and we held a milking competition, which was intended to involve both youth and adults as a fun event. John Gibson and Sara McClurg stepped forward -- and gave their best efforts in what was their first time milking a dairy goat!

All too often, we don't see the positive side of law enforcement providing service to the public. However, at the County Fair this summer, the citizens -- and in particular the youth -- saw two members of the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office participating in a fun event shoulder-to-shoulder with them.

Seeing them in uniform, side-by-side with 4-H youth, demonstrates that being law-enforcement professionals means getting your hands wet from milking as well as keeping us safe.

On behalf of the 4-H Dairy Goat Program, please extend our thanks to both John Gibson and Sara McClurg for a job well done! 

-- Deer Park, WA

Deputy King responded to [my home] to investigate a bag set on fire on my doorstep the night before. Deputy King displayed complete professionalism and concern regarding this minor incident. He provided me with valuable information on community policing and informed the swing-shift deputy of the situation, which he will now monitor.

My family and I really appreciated the respect Deputy King showed us, and the time he invested in sharing with us. Many thanks to him and CCSO for the pleasant experience.

-- Damascus

A drunk driver drove into my garage; Deputies Rippe and Miller responded to my 911 call. I want to express my sincere thanks for their quick response, their professionalism and help in handling the situation. It was so comforting to discover we have such capable and helpful public employees. Thank you.

-- Milwaukie

Deputies Wild and Kuehl responded quickly yesterday to my report of a break-in at our mountain cabin. Several weeks earlier, Deputy Tonn called me to report a burglary at the same address -- and also provided me with the above-mentioned services.

The sentimental value to me of the cabin and its contents is priceless. Your kind deputies respected my heartfelt attachment to the old place. I am forever grateful for their assistance.

Please allow me to comment on your dispatcher, too. She was extremely polite, and kind enough to let the officers know I was stuck in traffic…. Fortunately, the deputies got the message and were not inconvenienced.

The job of your department is overwhelming and beyond the scope of my understanding…. I know about the demands on public servants, financial and manpower cuts, and the need to stretch a dollar when it's stretched too far. That makes the service your department provided even more valuable to me. Thank you.

-- Northwest Portland/Mt. Hood

Deputy Christensen was on the scene after my collision with a drunk driver. He also took my statement in the ER at OHSU. I want to thank you for taking care of the situation in a caring and firm manner. I know justice will be served. Thank you!

-- Southeast Portland

Brad O'Neil is an awesome deputy, neighbor and role model to my children and to the children in the community. He always takes the time to talk to our kids despite his busy schedule, and has even given a demonstration to our Cub Scout Troop in order to help them earn a badge.

He is an asset to your force and an asset to us as a friend and neighbor. Keep up the good work!

-- Clackamas

I am writing in regards to my experiences with my experiences with [Concealed Handgun Licenses staffer] Annette Lawrence… I have had two encounters with her in the past three years, both of which have been extremely positive. Annette completely blows away the model of "government employees" that I've formed over the years -- mostly due to real-life experience, I regret to say.

I've met with Annette on two occasions to have my Concealed Handgun License renewed. On both occasions, I have had a very positive (dare I say enjoyable?) experience. Annette is professional, courteous, and apparently adept at utilizing humor to maintain perspective.

I have a friend who commented about her, as well -- something to the effect of, "Wasn't she GREAT?" From a customer perspective, I'd like to suggest that you have a real winner with Annette!

-- Colton

Thank you for the professional manner in which you dealt with me during a traffic stop in Damascus…. You impressed me with your ability to calmly direct me to realize that a traffic stop may be instructive and not just punitive. This experience allowed me to see a good example of decent civil behavior in response to my obstinacy.

I intend for this lesson not to be wasted.

Best wishes for your continued success in the field of law enforcement.

My husband and I wish to take an opportunity to commend Deputy Wurpes of the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office for his caring and compassion during what was for us an unhappy event.

Saturday, during a kayak trip down the Pudding River to the Willamette River, we experienced unexpected turbulence and capsized our Kayaks. The water was too swift to do a mid-river rescue -- and once caught on a snag in the river, we had to abandon our Kayaks. We were able to pull ourselves out of the frigid water and hike to where we had our take-out vehicle parked, Molalla State Park. Upon our arrival home Saturday evening, we notified authorities of our mishap to ensure there would not be a search launched for bodies in the event our Kayaks were found at the bottom of Willamette Falls.

After hearing our reporting Sunday morning, Deputy Wurpes launched a river search for our missing Kayaks shortly after we had launched a foot search ourselves down the east side of the river along the railroad tracks. Deputy Wurpes found one of our Kayaks near Hedd Park and wrestled it onto his boat, then met us at the 10th Street boat ramp. Additionally, he offered to let us ride along while he searched for the second Kayak, which was found not far upriver from the 10th Street location. His concern and compassion were amazing, and his caring made for a much better end to the weekend by finding the Kayaks.

Deputy Wurpes is a great asset to Clackamas County.

-- Lake Oswego

I wanted to take a moment and let you know my appreciation for one of your Deputy Sheriffs. Deputy C. Cate responded to a 911 call from a Clackamas Women's Services client…. He gave her useful and helpful information … and was supportive and calm during a frustrating time for her. Through his interaction, it was obvious that he understood the cycle of domestic violence and the power and control abusers have over their victims, and this also was very helpful.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for your continued support.

-- Clackamas Women's Services

This is a great big thank you to police departments everywhere and to the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office in particular.

One evening last week, I took a tumble in my home and fell flat on my face to the floor. I was unable to get back on my feet again -- even with my husband's help. So I called 911 for help. Two of the nicest policemen came to our home and helped me back onto the bed. They were both extremely polite, efficient and a credit to your department -- such a nice example of our tax dollars at work.

Our family has a great respect for everyone in law enforcement; they were duly impressed.

I appreciated their help so much -- I really did -- and offered them some sort of tip. They let me know in no uncertain terms that they would not accept any type of "tip," thank you -- instead, we should just pay our taxes. That how they were paid.

I just thought you should know and commend those fellows…. We were impressed and grateful! We feel that, here in L.O., we are well cared for.

-- Lake Oswego

I was able to view items [in CCSO's Property Room] that had been taken from my garage…. [Property Room staffer Sandi King] was very nice and had a kind way about her. In January '07 I was able to return to the property room and was greeted by Ms. King again -- and, again, she was very kind and thoughtful. Thank you!

-- Southeast Portland

The theft of my computer from our Wilsonville apartment last year was a monetary loss worthy of note on our tax return…. Thank you for your assistance at this time and previously. I so appreciated your respectful courtesy and encouragement at the time of the theft. Officers like you make me a proud citizen.

-- Troutdale

"I want to commend Deputy Jeff Miller for his quick and resourceful thinking that saved the life of a deer who had gotten entangled in a rope swing. I read of the incident in The Oregonian on Thursday, and felt he deserves recognition. The animal didn't deserve a bullet, and Deputy Miller found a humane way to resolve the situation. I'm very impressed with his "thinking outside the gun," and hope you will pass along my congratulations to him.

-- Northwest Portland

There was a mentally ill person who was a menace/nuisance to the residents of this neighborhood. Deputy Cuddleford responded, and was able to handle the situation.

-- West Linn

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