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S.W.I.F.T. (Swift Water Incident / Flood Team)



Thursday, Dec. 17, 2009 marked the first official meeting of SWIFT, the Swift Water Incident / Flood Team -- a new, specially trained inter-agency strike team that can respond to water disasters locally, regionally and even nationally, thanks to special agreements at the state and federal level.

SWIFT comprises specially trained team members from the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office and Clackamas Fire District #1.

      Click here to watch a YouTube video about SWIFT's formation.

      Click here to watch a video of SWIFT training with the U.S. Coast Guard.


S.W.I.F.T. -- Fast Facts


Q. What is SWIFT? What can it do?

SWIFT stands for Swift Water Incident / Flood Team.


Q. When was the idea for SWIFT first proposed?

Clackamas County personnel lent their water-rescue expertise to a national disaster. Those personnel quickly saw the need for a new kind of water-rescue team -- one that's integrated, flexible, and fast.

SWIFT was designed to address the following issues:


Q. How were SWIFT partner agencies approached?

In a way, the idea was a relatively easy sell here -- because a multi-agency rescue team is already in place in Clackamas County. The Clackamas County Water Rescue Consortium is a group of local emergency-response agencies who've been coordinating water rescues for years.


Q. Why are the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office and Clackamas Fire District #1 ideally suited to form SWIFT?


Q. Why do we need a team like SWIFT in the Pacific Northwest?


Q. How are the costs covered?



Here's an example of EMAC at work:
  1. A governor of a disaster-afflicted state declares an emergency.
  2. That state's emergency-management agency assesses needs.
  3. The state requests assistance through the EMAC network.
  4. Other states then provide assistance through the EMAC network. This can include SWIFT.

Q. How might a sample SWIFT deployment go?



Q. What sort of training do SWIFT members need?

SWIFT members have to be trained in a number of different areas to enhance their flexibility, including:

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