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January 22, 2015

Topics: Alzheimer's and Dementia: Resources and Supports Plus AND new program for reducing depressive symptoms and improving quality of life for older adults.

The Challenges of Alzheimer’s Disease

Presenter - Nirmala Dhar - Behavioral Needs Care Coordinator, Clackamas County Behavioral Health
Contact: Clackamas County Behavioral Health Division
phone: (503) 742-5335

Key points: Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia most common in the US and 6th leading cause of death in the United States. Nirmala shared a PowerPoint presentation – highlights: Neurobiology of AD, Stages of AD, Challenging behaviors, Tips for better communication, and lots of Community Resources. If you would like the PowerPoint Nirmala presented, send request to:

Care Coordination & Patient Advocacy for the Elderly, Disabled and Chronically Ill

Presenter - Megan Johnson, Founder/CEO of Lionheart Healthcare
Contacts: Megan Johnson, Founder/CEO and Mary Beth Rosenstiel, RN, DNP, Director of Clinical Services
Office: (503) 889-0494

Megan shared her personal experience taking care of her husband when he was diagnosed with dementia and how it inspired her to open Lionheart Healthcare which offers RN Care Coordination and Patient Advocacy for the elderly and chronically ill. Megan shared a PowerPoint highlighting how to build a care support circle around your loved one with dementia and how to be a strong patient advocate while surviving as a caretaker. If you would like the PowerPoint Megan presented, send request to:

Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) Initiative

Presenter - Jennifer Kenny, Program Planner, Clackamas County Social Services
Contact: Jennifer Kenny
Office: (503) 650-5628, email:

A state-wide initiative is underway to enhance the capacity of the Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) system to ensure that people with dementia and their family caregivers, regardless of income level or geography, have access to information, support, and a broad range of services to meet their needs. To achieve this, Clackamas County is working with regional partners to implement trainings, promote care options, and evaluate an evidence-informed early stage memory loss program. For more information contact Jennifer Kenny.

Alzheimer's Association – Care Support

Presenter - Sarah Holland - Director of Programs and Outreach, Alzheimer's Association Oregon Chapter
24/7 Helpline 1-800-272-3900
Oregon Chapter Office 503-416-0201

The Alzheimer's Association provides a wide array of services for both professional and family caregivers. These services include educational presentations, support groups, and early stage social engagement for those living with Dementia. In addition to these service the Associations offer a 24/7 helpline staffed by dementia experts and multiple online tools designed to support caregivers at throughout the course of Alzheimer's disease. If you would like the PowerPoint Sarah presented, send request to:

The PEARLS Program

Presenter - Barb Majors, MSW CSWA, PEARLS Counselor
Contact: Jewish Family and Child Service
Office: 503-226-7079 x 112

The PEARLS Program - provides short term, in-home counseling to seniors 60 and older or for people receiving disability services who are experiencing depression. The PEARLS Program, which stands for Program to Encourage Active Rewarding Lives, is designed to overcome some of the barriers to counseling. A counselor can meet with you individually in your home or community. Together, you identify and solve problems that are linked to making you feel the way you do, as well as find ways to become more physically and socially active. The PEARLS program teaches you skills to manage unpleasant feelings and improve your quality of life. There is no fee for this program.
If you would like the PowerPoint Barb presented, send request to:

Three Rivers Village – Aging in Place

Presenter - Tom Brennan, Co-Founder
Contact: 503-709-6278

A Village is a group of like-minded people in a geographic area who come together and develop the resources they need to age comfortably in their homes. Like Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCs), Villages embrace the strategy of bringing services to people rather than moving people to services. The purpose of Villages is to enable people to age in place as well as they can for as long as they can as affordably as possible. Villages do this by providing the services and support people need to be able to age in place but can no longer safely do some things themselves. Examples include climbing on ladders to change light bulbs, doing yard work, driving at night, spring cleaning, simple home repairs, transportation to and assistance with grocery shopping.

The benefit for dementia and Alzheimer patients and caregivers in the Three Rivers Village Community would be the gain of another valuable resource for the provision of many support services directly or through familial care network.

Special thanks the presenters and meeting guests. Please feel free to contact us with any questions: Contact Margaret McNamara at, or (503) 650 5737

November 20, 2014 meeting - Clackamas County Housing Initiatives and Homeless Outreach for Individuals and Families - Including New Veterans Homeless Outreach Project; and Housing for Adults of Domestic Violence

Homeless Plan and 2015 Homeless Count
Presenter - Lynne Deshler, Coordinator for Clackamas County Ten Year Homeless Plan and 2015 Homeless Count

Key points: Every two years Clackamas County takes part in a nationwide effort to count homeless individuals who are sheltered within homeless assistance programs and those people who are unsheltered, living on the streets. The next count will take place the last three weeks in January 2015. Nationally homelessness is defined within two categories for the purpose of this count. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) defines the homeless as:

For more information on the 2015 Homeless Plan and 2015 Homeless Count, contact Lynne Deshler at, or 503-631-3106.

Clackamas County Coordinated Housing Access
Presenter - Torrey Giaquinta, Coordinated Assessment Implementation Specialist

Key points: Starting January 5, 2014, the Clackamas County Coordinated Housing Access Program will be the central entry point for households experiencing homelessness or a housing crisis to seek assistance. Persons will call Coordinated Housing Access at 503-655-8575. The Coordinated Assessment will provide standardized access, standardized assessment, and coordinated referrals to individuals seeking housing (per HUD) experiencing a housing crisis.

Event: Coordinated housing Access Information Session. The session is geared toward providers who will be referring households to Coordinated Housing Access. December 17, 2015 from 11-12:30, Room 369 of the Public Services Building, 2051 Kaen Rd, Oregon City. For more information on this session or the Clackamas County Coordinated Housing Access Program please contact Torrey Giaquinta, at, or call (503) 650-5708.

Clackamas County Veterans Homeless Outreach Project
Presenters - Tina Kennedy and Marc Mooney, Homeless Veterans Outreach Specialists

Key points: Assisting in the 2015 Homeless Count to help ensure an accurate count of homeless veterans and providing assistance to chronically homeless veterans and their families. If you know of a homeless veteran in Clackamas County that is in need of assistance please call or refer person to Tina or Marc. Tina and Marc both veterans themselves, would be happy to hear from you or someone in need. Contacts: Tina, (971)-235-3161, Marc, 971-235-3160.

Clackamas Women’s Services (CWS) located at A Safe Place Family Justice Center
Presenter - April Quast, Abuse Later in Life Advocate

Key points: The CWS emergency shelter provides a safe place for women and children fleeing their homes due to domestic violence, sexual assault/abuse, elder abuse, stalking or sexual trafficking or exploitation. If you or someone you know needs shelter, Please call our crisis and support line at: 503-654-2288 or 1-888-654-2288.
CWS also offers counseling, legal support, and support into transitional housing opportunities. CWS offices contact:, (503)-655-8600

Special thanks to - Lynne Deshler, Torrey Giaquinta, Tina Kennedy, Marc Mooney, and April Quast for presenting. Please feel free to contact us with any questions:

September 25, 2014 meeting - Clackamas County Social Services and the Asian Health & Service Center

Thank you for attending the I &R Networking meeting. A special thanks to Eileen Collins - Mastel, Jodine Sampson, Jan Croeni, Chenya Chiu, Catherine Tang, and Nhi Truong for presenting. Below I have listed organization contacts for more information in relation to the topics covered at the 9/25/14 meeting about Clackamas County Social Services and the Asian Health & Service Center Programs.

Volunteer Connection
Social Services
2051 Kaen Road
Oregon City, OR 97045
(503) 655- 5722

Family Caregiver Support Program, presented by Eileen Collins – Mastel of Volunteer Connection on behalf of Family Caregiver Support Program coordinator Jennifer Jungenberg

The Family Caregiver Support Program helps non-paid family caregivers get relief from the demands of caregiving by providing emotional support, stipends, educational classes, information and access to other programs and services. For information any of these topics go to Family Caregiver Support Program, or call 503-650-5724.

Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance (SHIBA), presented by Jodine Sampson – SHIBA/SMP Coordinator

Each year, there are new health plan and prescription drug coverage choices. Each fall is the time to review your current health and prescription drug coverage and make sure your plan’s still right for you. 2015 plans may cost less, cover your drugs and let you go to providers you want. If you have limited income and resources, you may be able to get help with your Medicare Part B coverage, and may pay other costs, too. For more go to Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance or call 503-650-5724 for more information.

Energy Assistance Program, presented by Jan Croeni - Energy Assistance Program Coordinator

The Energy assistance program provides year-round energy assistance for income-eligible Clackamas County residents; energy savings, energy conservation and/or household budgeting educational workshops; on-site energy education presentations; and referrals to Weatherization Services. Jan also covered upcoming program year information (starting October 1, 2014) and what resources are available and who is eligible. For information any of these topics go to the Energy Assistance Program or call 503-650-5640.

Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) and the Volunteer Management Brown Bag Series Starting in October, presented by Eileen Collins – Mastel of Volunteer Connection on behalf of RSVP coordinator Wendy Hays

The Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) develops, facilitates and supports meaningful volunteer service opportunities that make an impact on community needs. RSVP volunteers, who are 55 years of age and better, contribute their experience, compassion, skills and talents to community organizations to enhance the quality of life in our community. RSVP focus areas include: Healthy Futures, Education and school readiness for children, Economic Opportunity and Veterans & Military families.

Volunteer Management Brown Bag Series Starting in October
Come learn and share your own insight, experiences, and trends in the exciting and ever changing world of volunteer coordination and management. This is for staff and volunteers leading volunteers that are fairly new in their role. If you are new to working with volunteers, you will learn some great tips! We will cover a variety of topics and have a chance to network as well.

Six Workshops will be held the fourth Wednesday* of each month beginning Oct. 22, 2014. Meetings will be held from 12:15 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. at the Public Service Building, Room 255, 2051 Kaen Rd. in Oregon City. Bring your lunch! Refreshments will be provided. To register, call 503-650-5796 or email You can also call Wendy to learn more about RSVP or go to Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP).

Asian Health & Service Center (AHSC), presented by Chenya Chiu – Public Health Manager, and Community Health workers Catherine Tang and Nhi Truong

AHSC offers a continuum of social and support services in a culturally sensitive setting by reaching out to Asian immigrants, reacquainting them with the arts and culture of their homeland, providing, opportunities for socializing, and fostering a sense of community. AHSC provides culturally relevant and linguistically appropriate community outreach includes our popular Ethnic Outreach & Meal Service Program for seniors and our Information Assistance Program. AHSC also provides Health Integration – Wellness groups services such as; Living Well Training and Powerful Tools from Caregivers. For more information go to: Asian Health & Service Center (AHSC) or call the main office at 503-872-8822

Also some of you were asking about the Mental Health First Aid training brought to you by Clackamas County Behavior Health - an evidence-based public education program that teaches members of the public to recognize and respond to the developing signs of mental health and substance use disorders and to link people to appropriate treatment. The training is 8hrs and participants receive a certification that is good for three years. Slots are still available for: 10/10 Canby Adult Center, 10/15 Pioneer Community Center. You can click on this link to register:

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