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Adult Center Liaison Committee Meeting Minutes

September 10, 2015




County Staff:


Called to Order: The meeting was called to order at 9:35a.m.

Committee Business: After introductions, Brenda explained that she was in attendance to start the conversation about revising how this committee fulfilled its purpose. She read the excerpt regarding Nutrition Advisory Councils from the State’s Nutrition Program Standards. It is no longer required that AAA’s have a Nutrition Advisory Council, but AAA’s are encouraged to have one.

General discussion was had about current participant survey tools in place and different ways to accomplish gathering input from participants. It is agreed that the roll of the ACL is important to the operations of the AAA in gathering information about services utilized and how people first find the Centers – word of mouth, volunteering, etc.

It was the consensus of the subcommittee, that due to the changing make up of the Aging Services Advisory Council, it is increasingly difficult for Council members to make a commitment to attend a meeting 3-hour meeting that also requires a 30 to 60 minute drive each way. Along that vein perhaps having just one or two Council member go to a center and survey lunch participants might be a good way to continue gathering participant input. Several options were discussed.

  1. Have ASAC member sign up for a specific Center and give a report at the next full ASAC meeting
  2. Have ACL members take a survey tool to a Center for participants to complete and then turn in the completed survey’s to Social Services staff for input – or the ACL member might do the data entry.
  3. ASAC member does a Center visit and survey, submits a report to ACL, ACL meets every 3 months to review reports and address issues.

After lengthy consideration, the ACL members and guests present determined that the best course of action would be for ACL members to each sign up to visit a specific center within a set time frame, conduct a participant survey and submit a report back to the ACL sub-committee and Social Service Staff. Any ASAC member that wishes to accompany the ACL member is welcome and encouraged to do so. For the next year; ASAC members who have been members of the ACL committee and have been on site visits in the past will partner up with ASAC members who have never gone on a Center site visit to visit the Centers, attend lunch, and conduct participant surveys. A report will be written up and submitted at the next scheduled ACL meeting. Both Stefanie and Teresa will be available to go on visit with ASAC member who would like to do so but are unable to coordinate with another ASAC member.

In preparation for the next ACL meeting, Stefanie will develop a listing of services offered by the Centers and a Center list with contact names, days and times of lunch service. The intent is that between November 2015 and May 2016, two Centers a month will be visited. Anne-Lise will work with Stefanie to coordinate who is going where.

During the next ACL meeting, members will choose which Centers they will visit and when. A survey tool will also be developed during this meeting.

The next ACL meeting was scheduled for Thursday, September 24th from 9:30-11:30. The meeting will be held at the Development Services Building, Room 118.

With no further business to discuss, meeting was adjourned at 11:20 a.m.

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