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Retired and Senior Volunteer Program

The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) is a nationwide network of people age 55 and older who contribute their time and experience to support organizations in their efforts to make a difference in our community. RSVP offers a full range of volunteer opportunities through local organizations and supports the work of volunteers with training, supplemental insurance, and networking.

Our RSVP volunteers contribute their wisdom, experience, compassion, skills, and talents and make a difference across the generations, enhancing the dignity, independence and self reliance of all our citizens.

In addition, RSVP volunteers help to extend the capacity of non-profit and public organizations in education, arts, science, environment and culture.

RSVP is engaged in a day-to-day volunteer placement and referral. The program refers approximately 500 volunteers each yeat to numerous community organizations.

Get Involved!

Find Your Place! RSVP volunteers choose who, where, when, and how they serve, with commitments ranging from annual events to seasonal projects to on-going weekly schedules. Anyone with a desire to volunteer can call the program at anytime.

Partnering to Meet Community Needs

If your organization would like to expand its impact in our community through the services of volunteers, consider a partnership with RSVP. We can recruit, screen and refer volunteers for your service opportunities. RSVP can also serve as a resource to help with volunteer management.

For information or to get involved, call 503-650-5796

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