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Road issues

Clackamas County owns and maintains 1,400 miles of roads -- and more miles of paved roads than any other Oregon county!  Keeping that road system safe and sound for travelers is the top priority of the County’s Transportation Maintenance Division, requiring a wide variety of ongoing activities including: filling in potholes, repairing roads damaged in floods, trimming vegetation to ensure good sightlines, resurfacing roadways, installing traffic signs and clearing ditches.

The County’s ability to fund road maintenance is limited.  Costs for supplies, equipment and personnel are rising, while revenue (from state and federal gas taxes, state vehicle registration and title fees, and state weight-mile taxes) remains static or decreases.  Inevitably, without additional funding or funding sources, the services the County will be able to provide will decrease.

Learn more about what’s involved in keeping your roads safe and sound.

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