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Between 2010 and 2012 the Energize program, made possible by a federal grant, the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) established as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) had several areas of focus. The Office of Sustainability managed this grant and a State Energy Program grant for public building retrofits in partnership with several other County divisions.

Initiatives include partnering with Energy Trust of Oregon to provide close to $1 million cash incentives for energy efficiency retrofits of homes and businesses. We collaborated with Clean Energy Works Oregon to offer low interest loans and rebates for weatherization projects in Clackamas County. Public buildings had energy assessments and energy efficiency upgrades have been completed on several of them (see below). Active solar electric systems are in place on the Development Services and Brooks Buildings.

For more information about current rebate offers see Rebates.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades to County Buildings

Graph showing gas and electricity use declining since energy efficiency upgrades at the Beavercreek Health Clinic.

Beavercreek Health Clinic

In recent years the County has reduced energy use per employee in its buildings and continued its commitment to energy efficient facilities. As funds are available, Facilities Management upgrades buildings with more efficient equipment for lighting, heating and cooling or in sealing the buildings. Three of the largest county facilities were constructed or renovated substantially with energy savings in mind, including one LEED Gold certified building (the Development Services Building), one LEED Silver certified building (the Public Services Building) and the recently-renovated Brooks Building slated to meet LEED. The Public Services and Development Services Buildings also received Energy Star status in 2012.

Several of the county’s more than 50 buildings have benefited from energy-efficiency upgrades. In the last three years at least 19 projects in 15 buildings have helped to reduce energy use. The Facilities Management division used these grants in 2010 - 2012 to upgrade several buildings with efficient lighting, new insulation, boilers, and windows.

The following table summarizes improvements made in 9 buildings in 2011 with grant funding from the State Energy Program. The total cost of the projects was approximately $430,000, and estimated annual savings from these projects is approximately $75,000. The estimated return on investment is less than 6 years for buildings that are likely to remain in service for decades more. In the near term, these projects allowed the county to hire local contractors and keep staff electricians.

Building Project Approximate Grant Amount Approximate Annual Cost Savings Estimated Payback Time (Years After Which Savings Exceed Costs)  Energy Performance Since 2007. (Other measures in addition to projects summarized here have added to conservation.) 
Beavercreek Health Clinic Replaced 124 single-pane aluminum windows with double-pane insulated windows; added ceiling insulation $91,000 $7,120  12.8 Energy use has dropped 46% from a 2007 baseline, and energy costs dropped from 65,000 in 07/08 to $29,000 in 11/12
Beavercreek Health Clinic Lighting retrofit: Upgraded 191 fluorescent fixtures $12,800 $2,275  5.6 See above.
Central Utility Plant Lighting retrofit: Replaced 32 halogen fixtures with efficient fluorescent fixtures $16,300 $4,878  3.3 Last year's energy costs were $8,000 below the 08/09 total. 
County Courthouse Lighting retrofit: Upgraded 512 fluorescent fixtures $36,000 $4,614  7.8 Energy use has dropped 35% froma 2007 baseline. 
Emergency Operations Center/C-Com Heating: Replaced boiler with a 95% efficient unit $32,000 $5,616  5.3 Energy use has dropped 18% from a 2007 baseline.  
Juvenile Services Replaced 28 single-pane aluminum windows with insulated double-pane windows; added ceiling insulation $46,600 $8,262  5.6 Energy use has dropped 18% from a 2007 baseline, and energy costs dropped from $25,600 in 07/08 to $22,200 in 11/12.
OSU Extension Agency Lighting retrofit: Upgraded 72 fluorescent fixtures $4,800 $937  5.2 Electricity costs have stayed constant despite increased occupancy and higher rates. 
Residential Corrections (McBrod Rd) Lighting retrofit: Upgraded 178 fluorescent fixtures $16,300 $13,700  1.2 Energy costs are more than $5,000 below 07/08 baseline. Follow up is needed to verify that lighting controls are working. 
Technology Services 2 Replaced 70 single-pane aluminum windows with double-pane insulated windows; added ceiling insulation $53,600 $5,247  10.2 Electricity costs were $5,000 less in 11/12 than in 07/08.
Transportation Maintenance Lighting retrofit: Upgraded 30 fluorescent fixtures $2,000 $410  4.9 Energy use has dropped 75% from a 2007 baseline, and energy costs dropped from $86,000 in 07/08 to $61,700 in 11/12
Transportation Maintenance Heating: Replaced boilers with 95% efficient two-stage condensing units $88,400 $22.524  3.9 See above 
All Buildings   $399,800 $75,587 5.7  

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