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Clackamas County owns and operates almost 100 facilities over a large geographic area which makes security and monitoring difficult—especially for 24/7/365 coverage of unmanned facilities and a large County jail. In the past, many of these facilities utilized local Closed Circuit TV systems with minimal storage on local DVR devices. This resulted in less than optimal security coverage, no ability for secure internet access in an emergency situation,  no centralized access control, no dedicated surveillance for multiple locations and an overall maintenance nightmare.  With the increasing demand for security, regulatory requirements, discovery requests and overall need for an efficient and flexible system – something needed to change.

With the recent completion of the County Broadband Express (CBX) project creating a County fiber plant connecting many of the County facilities and a new high-performance network infrastructure, the County Technology Services implemented a project to overhaul the CCTV system for the County. Given the numerous cameras and enormous amount of video data, a dedicated “casino quality” system was needed that allowed for flexible and scalable long term management. The Genetec Security Center was chosen and has been implemented for almost all County facilities—with a few more in progress. This has also allowed the County to implement new capabilities and enhance the security of the County while leveraging video to provide new services to the County and the public. Overall costs to manage and maintain the CCTV has also decreased (on a per camera basis) due to standardization of equipment and configuration. While a CCTV system might not look to be a technical challenge on the surface, the amount of actual data being managed on the network and storage is massive—in our case the single largest load on the network. This required a complex and sophisticated network architecture and overall management design to prevent performance issues and maintain service levels.


With the implementation of the Genetec systems and upgrades to more high capacity cameras, the County has finally been able to leverage the video security.

Some of the features / capabilities that were implemented:

  • Managed storage and retention ranging from 30 days to a full year
  • Ability to access anywhere on the network regardless of camera location
  • Secure internet access in case of emergency or building security issue
  • High performance compression for efficient storage – rates of XX to XX
  • Single overall management system for better support and reduced costs
  • Controlled network management to prevent networking performance problems
  • Standardized cameras and equipment to reduce maintenance costs and response time
  • Utilizing new camera technology such as PTZ, night vision and Megapixel capability
  • Motion detection and alerting
  • Large, centralized multi-monitor video walls for dedicated monitoring and enhanced security
  • Ability to meet regulatory, insurance and discovery requirements
  • Ability to utilize analog and digital cameras

Some of the key utilization and new functionality:

  • Over 600 monitored / recorded cameras for County facilities
  • Over 150 additional traffic cameras supporting traffic management and monitoring
  • Coverage for dozens of County facilities 24/7/365 over a wide geographic area
  • Development of dedicated video security stations to monitor large displays with custom display formats allowing numerous cameras to be monitored simultaneously
  • Full Jail monitoring and enhanced security (over 250 cameras)
  • Use of motion detection to automatically adjust frame rates up to 30 fps to save storage space and obtain required video quality.
  • Point of Sale monitoring to ensure accurate transactions and resolve complaints
  • Inter-agency access to key cameras for increased security and emergency response
  • Secure discovery module for efficient review and archiving of video events
  • Efficient utilization of the network without performance impact

Next Steps – new functionality currently in development:

  • Developing program to allow local agencies such as fire departments to have the County utilize the fiber and CCTV system to provide high-performance, lower cost CCTV support.
  • Developing public access via the County Internet Web site to key cameras such as traffic and road conditions.
  • New CCTV locations such as snow passes, ski trails, river monitoring, boat launches etc for use by the public to monitor conditions and search & rescue in emergencies.
  • Integration of other security systems (such as motion detectors, access control, panic buttons etc) into the Genetec system for a more comprehensive security system for the County.
  • Enhanced utilization by traffic to assist in the development of traffic management plans and incident response.


 The CCTV system utilizes the following to meet the needs of the County and maintain efficient support:

  • Genetec Security Center and OmniCast Software as the overall camera and storage management system.

(Genetec is an established world-class leader in video surveillance)

  • Pivot3 Storage arrays that are designed for high-performance video storage and retrieval.
  • Depending on the security requirements, a mix of analog / digital / PTZ / Megapixel and low lite cameras
  • Compression algorithm to maintain efficient use of storage
Faciltiy camera screenshot
Security Cameras
Traffic camera screenshot
Traffic Cameras

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