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Clackamas Broadband Exchange has been a major investment and very successful project for Clackamas County Technology Services and our partners over the last 4 years. This has been a technical, political, financial and even legal challenge as this project has broken down old barriers and pushed new concepts and policies. The challenges have continued as Clackamas Broadband Exchange completes the grant phase of the project and evolves into a valuable, sustainable service to the County and region.


Clackamas Broadband Exchange had 4 primary ongoing goals for this project:


Current Status
This project has been a major success, both for the County and the customers (public and private) that are now able to fully utilize it. And more customers are coming on board monthly. The specifics of the project at this point include:

Clackamas Broadband Exchange Project Metrics and Milestones

Clackamas Broadband Exchange map
click for interactive map
Route Miles 193
Fiber Miles 34,045
Public Agency Connections 163
Telecommunication Partners 8
Fiber Rings
(allowing redundancy)
1 – Urban
1 - Rural
Major Spurs Mt. Hood
Wilsonville (south)

The Future

With the successful completion of the grant phase of construction, Clackamas Broadband Exchange now has the ongoing challenge of developing self-sufficient operation while maintaining a non-profit model dedicated to the original four goals of the project:

Benefits & Services

Clackamas Broadband Exchange has been a success for the County, our partners and numerous agencies — and we will continue to build on this success, especially as we create new ways to utilize Clackamas Broadband Exchange and our partnerships. Some of the more outstanding benefits include:


Public Agency:  (just a few examples of a rapidly growing list of benefits Clackamas Broadband Exchange is making available)

Provider Partnerships / Economic Development:

Additional Information

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