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Providing low cost, high speed broadband connectivity to public agencies such as schools, law enforcement, fire & safety, governmental agencies, libraries, utilities and more.
internet Redesign Internet Redesign /Web services
The County’s website is more than just a combination of diverse departments, agencies and services — it is the face of the County. To many of the citizens and businesses of the County, it may be the primary, or only, interface they have with critical County services and information. It is imperative that the County provides efficient, secure, and easy access to services for an ever-increasing range of customers that have come to rely on these services.
3 Secure Mobile Services
Clackamas County Technology Services (TS) supports a wide array of departments within the County, all who have a constantly growing need for various levels of remote or mobile access as part of their business model — which is increasingly relying on the ability to utilize County resources from almost anywhere, anytime.
T2 T2
The primary function of Technology for Teaching (T2) is to distribute electronic equipment to the public schools, local governmental agencies and other non-profits in Clackamas County. This equipment is viable, but no longer usable by County standards. The program has been very successful providing thousands of PCs, monitors, printers, servers and AV equipment to local school districts.
Mapping Services Online Mapping Services
The citizens and businesses of Clackamas County are heavy users of the online Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services developed by Clackamas County Technology Services. These services range from simple location maps to complex applications integrating multiple databases, GIS-based mapping, photos and related documentation in the support of businesses such as contractors, realtors and utilities.
Disaster Avoidance Disaster Avoidance
Technology Services supports almost all the technology needs for these critical services including phones, data, systems and applications. As with any professional technology services operation, TS has multiple layers of disaster recovery methodologies as part of the overall County Business Continuation Plan (BCP) – of which Disaster Avoidance (DA) is built in . However, as TS coordinated the County’s next generation of Disaster Recovery and Continuation of Operations Planning (COOP) – it became clear a new approach to the overall architecture of technical service was required that combined service performance with an integrated holistic design incorporating Disaster Avoidance from all levels.
Business and Economic Development Site Search Business and Economic Development Site Search
As a regional leader, Clackamas County has a very active and progressive economic development philosophy led by the department of Business and Economic Development (BED). In an effort to attract potential new businesses to Clackamas County — those that may not have considered the many benefits of Clackamas County such as data centric, small manufacturing or service based industries — BED coordinated a new interactive approach to marketing the “assets” of Clackamas County in a way to match business needs to available resources. The goal was to bring together the many diverse information resources related to a particular location that may be useful to a potential business and present that integrated information in a method that business could easily search and evaluate.
Safe Communities Safe Communities
Coordinating and collaborating with regional partners to increase transportation safety.
CCTV Management and Security CCTV Management and Security
Clackamas County owns and operates almost 100 facilities over a large geographic area which makes security and monitoring difficult—especially for 24/7/365 coverage of unmanned facilities and a large County jail.
10 Technology Services Allocation
Clackamas County recently initiated a goal to both streamline the overall allocation system and to ensure the process was transparent to both internal departments and external scrutiny. To solve these problems Technology Services decided to redesign the whole allocation methodology and process.

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Technology Services

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