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The citizens and businesses of Clackamas County are heavy users of the online Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services developed by Clackamas County Technology Services. These services range from simple location maps to complex applications integrating multiple databases, GIS-based mapping, photos and related documentation in the support of businesses such as contractors, realtors and utilities. Historically, many of these applications were independently developed with separate backend systems making them costly to develop and difficult to maintain. Technology Services initiated the development of a more efficient and cost effective environment to develop, maintain and enhance mapping-related services.

While focusing on providing the public with a variety of data access tools, our fully developed team uses web technologies including custom programming and Open Source applications.These applications are built in-house with personnel from the GIS, Applications and Web Develeopment teams. Programming using a modular approach they are able to write code that can be used in multiple applications. Because of the reduced time and cost to design, develop and deply new applications we are able to create and enhance more services while saving valuable County Resources.


Covering a wide range of services, all ourservices are free and available to anyone. Just a sample of some of the more commonly used services include:

CMap CMap
Provides assessment and service information. Users can collect data on values, building characteristics, previous sales, zoning, service providers, and relative natural hazard risks for earthquakes, flooding, and wildfire. CMAP was designed using all Open Source tools and built to our exact specifications. This service is heavily used by all types of users, many as an integral part of their business.
CMap CrimeMap
Userscan select a crime type (i.e. burglaries, assaults, property crime, etc) and the application will display a map showing proximity to a user’s defined address.
This specialized application allows users—primarily professional land surveyors—to display recorded surveys, plats and other survey documents to aid in researching surveys in progress. Surveyors no longer have to travel to County offices to obtain surveys saving countless hours, as well as staff time in looking up and printing paper copies.
CMap GIS Data Portal
The public can now obtain raw GIS data at no cost. The GIS Portal allows users to search the many GIS layers and freely download this data for their own use.
Plan Map  PlanMap  (interal use only)
An internal GIS application which is similar in functionality to CMap, yet providing much more data. This application allows County personnel to perform common tasks such as researching land information and displaying user created maps. Most importantly, is this application has saved the County countless hours by having one location to search a variety of databases.


Clackamas County has developed a multi-tiered GIS-enabled spatial analysis and map delivery system using Open Source software (such as Postgres and Jasper). With a variety of modular technologies we have crafted a flexible, affordable, scalable, high availability platform. The solid performance and reliability of the technology has allowed the development team to concentrate on rapid application development, shared code bases, and early and often product releases. Standardizing all County data layers in the ESRI GIS database allows for accurate, timely and consistent data as well as the ability to integrate other data layers without required reengineering or duplication. Usage levels, development time to market, production uptime and application reliability for all Web/GIS applications, both internal and external, has increased dramatically since the implementation of this solution.

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