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Technology for Teaching – Phase 2

Classroom using donated computer equipment

The primary function of Technology for Teaching (T2) is to distribute electronic equipment to the public schools, local governmental agencies and other non-profits in Clackamas County. This equipment is viable, but no longer usable by County standards. The program has been very successful providing thousands of PCs, monitors, printers, servers and AV equipment to local school districts. Technology for Teaching (T2) is a 501(c)3 non-profit established in 2010 by Clackamas County.

The Phase 2 initiative this year was to expand T2 beyond just schools and actively promote the services to local non-profits in the community. T2 has equipment available beyond the needs of the schools and utilizing the same process, has added several important non-profits to the program. These non-profits are minimally funded or even volunteer based. Donated resources save valuable funds for other purposes and new / enhanced services. So far, T2 has added several non-profits and is in the process of adding more. This initiative included upgrading the equipment request web form to allow “tiers” of agencies so schools get first choice on equipment, then if not requested after a time limit, the non-profits have the ability to request equipment. Additional capability for reporting purposes was also added.


This non-profit has several important functions:

  • Reduce technology costs to local schools and other agencies in tough budget times
  • Maximizing the tax dollar in the local area and maintaining the public trust
  • Providing resources and opportunities for local agencies / schools to develop programs previously not affordable or available
  • Reduce recycling costs to Clackamas County
  • Maintains sustainable goals by redeploying technology where it can still be utilized
  • Maintains LEAN goals by optimizing the technology assessment, processing and disposition
    process keeping staff, processing and storage costs down

To date, over 2000 pieces of equipment have been processed and donated. The estimated value of the used equipment is over $150,000. The new equipment value would be over $1,500,000. This has allowed the schools / agencies to supplement their technology budgets for such uses as:

  • New reading / ESL / Library / learning labs not previously available
  • New learning kiosks in classrooms and other training rooms
  • Supplement administrative support equipment and budgets
  • New multi-media presentation capability and labs
  • Support of public health services and administration
  • Technology training labs with hands on capability
  • Recycling and equipment processing training programs
  • Public kiosks to support available services and programs for clients in need
  • Laptops to allow mobile services to elderly / restricted mobility clients


The T2 application that manages the equipment, agencies and the processing of the equipment is a in-house web based application using a Postgress database. All development and support is done in-house by County Technology Services at minimal costs.


T2 Internet Website for viewing / requesting available equipment and running reports.


  • School Districts
    • Canby School District
    • Colton School District
    • Estacada School District
    • Gladstone School District
    • Molalla River School District
    • North Clackamas School District
    • Oregon City School District
    • Oregon Trail School District
  • Agencies
    • City of Estacada
    • Molalla Fire District #73
    • Sandy Police Department
  • Non-Profits
    • Canby Adult Center
    • Clackamas Children’s Commission
    • Clackamas Family Justice Center
    • Clackamas Volunteers for Medicine
    • Estacada Community Center
    • Love Inc of Clackamas County
    • NAMI of Clackamas County

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