Learn the best ways to protect yourself against mosquitoes.

Personal Protection from Mosquitoes

May and June are frequently the worst months in our area for mosquitoes. The Vector District controls mosquitoes in large breeding areas on public and private property, but cannot find and control backyard breeding sources where neighborhood mosquitoes develop.

For a more enjoyable spring and early summer, we offer the following suggestions:

  1. Follow the preventive measures indicated previously.
  2. Avoid peak periods of mosquito activity. In May and June, plan your outside activities to avoid the peak times of one hour before to one hour after sundown.
  3. Wear protective clothing or use mosquito repellent when you must be exposed to mosquitoes outside. Although somewhat less effective than repellents, oil of citronella is another type of mosquito repellent for outside use. It is the active ingredient in many of the candles, torches, or coils that may be burned to produce a smoke which repels mosquitoes. These are useful outdoors only under windless conditions

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