Important Dates

Important dates to remember regarding your taxes.

July 2017
1 Start of Fiscal Year
Lien Date for all taxable property (2017/2018 tax year)
October 2017
26 Board of Property Tax Appeals begins receiving petitions for 2017 Year
25 Last day to mail tax statements
November 2017
15 First Trimester Tax Payment Due
Last day discount is allowed for full payment or 2/3 payment of taxes for 2017/2018 year.
January 2018
1 Happy New Year!
1 Assessment Date for real and personal property (2018-2019 tax year)
2 Last day to file value appeal to the Board of Property Tax Appeals (BOPTA) for 2017/2018 Year
February 2018
15 Second Trimester Tax Payment Due (2017/2018 year)
March 2018
15 Personal and real property returns due
31 Last day for taxing district to file boundary change with description and map to DOR and Assessor
April 2018
2 Final day to file for exemptions
2 Last day to file for new farm and forest deferral
16 Last day to apply for senior citizen's deferral & disabled citizens
May 2018
15 Third Trimester Tax Payment Due (2017/2018 year)
17 Unpaid real property taxes become delinquent
June 2018
30 End of Fiscal Year (2017/2018 year)
July 2018
1 Assessor files ratio report to Department of Revenue for 2018/2019 Year
15 Taxing district files notice of tax levy with Assessor

Tax Payment Due Dates

In Oregon, our fiscal tax year runs from July 1 through June 30 with property taxes due on the following Nov. 15. Payment dates for 2017/2018:  Nov. 15, 2017, Feb. 15, 2018 and May 15, 2018.

You may choose to pay in three equal installments, there is no discount with this option and interest does not accrue if paid timely. If the due date falls on a weekend or a legal holiday, the due date is extended through the next business day.

  • First 1/3 due on or before Nov. 15
  • Second 1/3 due on or before Feb. 15
  • Final 1/3 due on or before May 15

If you prefer, you can pay in full by Nov. 15 and receive a 3% discount.

Or pay 2/3 by Nov. 15, receive a 2% discount and pay the final 1/3 by the following May 15.

Please refer to Tax Payment Options for more detailed information.

For information concerning any of the important dates or for general information, please call 503-655-8671.  Business hours are from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday, with a message recorder for convenience to after-hour callers.  The Assessor and Tax Collector's Office is closed on holidays and Fridays.