A message from the Court

Clackamas County Circuit and Justice Courts each have a rule requiring all small claims cases to try mediation before trial. The Circuit Court rule is:

SLR 12.005: Mediation in Small Claims Actions; Failure to Comply with Settlement

  1. All disputed small claims actions shall go to mediation before going to trial, except for good cause acceptable to the Court.
  2. The Court may, subsequent to an opportunity for a hearing, enter a judgment against any party not appearing for mediation in the amount of any claim against the non-appearing party, and for the adverse party’s costs and disbursements.
  3. Agreement reached while in mediation shall be signed by the parties and filed as a stipulated order.
  4. Failure of either party to abide by the stipulated order will be grounds for the opposing party to file an Affidavit/Declaration of Non-Compliance and obtain a judgment on the original claim