On July 19, 2012, the Board of County Commissioners adopted a resolution entitled "Valuing Diversity in Clackamas County." The resolution establishes key goals of striving for high-quality customer service and equal access to opportunities to all backgrounds who live and do business in Clackamas County. It also advances the hopes and dreams of Clackamas County citizens and employees who aspire to live and work in a community where everyone is welcomed and included.

Members of the Council have knowledge of issues facing minority populations in the county, experience working with hard-to-reach communities, or language proficiency in dominant languages within Clackamas County other than English. The Council advises the Board of County Commissioners on how best to reach and serve these populations by leveraging the resources of the county to assist agencies to better serve the public.

If you are interested in serving on this council, call 503-650-5678 for more information.

Current members:
Ronald G. Guerra, Chair
Vladimir Shubin
Stephenie Jahnke
Kristy McKercher
Relford Drayton
Amy Pena
Rodney Cook, Director, Children, Youth & Families
Emmett Wheatfall, Assistant County Administrator

Hispanic Interagency Networking Team

The Clackamas County Hispanic/Latino Interagency Networking Team (HINT) is dedicated to working with private and public agencies and the Hispanic/Latino community to coordinate and integrate social and educational services and promote the cultural heritage of the Hispanic/Latinos within the community.