Bull Run CPO Bylaws Revised November 2008

Article I: Name

The Bull Run Community Association. This is a non-profit organization.

Article II: Purpose and Goals

  1. To bring together persons who share a common concern for the community’s environment and history.
  2. To collect and preserve the history of the Bull Run, Aims, Dodge Park, Marmot, and Revenue areas.
  3. To inform citizens in the community of all proposed developments or changes in land use that could affect the area, through open public meetings.
  4. To encourage the citizens in the community to establish their own policies for realistic land use, including zoning, conditional use permits, and agricultural, residential or industrial development.
  5. To provide the community with a vehicle for establishing an organized two-way communications channel with public agencies, historical societies, and other organizations.
  6. To aid the community in preserving and enhancing the existing natural environment.
  7. (Rescinded, 2004).

Article III: Membership

A member must be:

  1. A resident within the recognized Community Association area boundaries; or
  2. A property owner within the Community Association area boundaries; or
  3. A designated representative of a business, corporation or trust within the Community Association area boundaries.

Article IV: Boundary

See Exhibit “A” attached hereto and by this reference is made a part thereof.

Article V: Voting

To vote in any election or on any item, a member must:

  1. Comply with the membership qualifications;
  2. Be of legal voting age;
  3. Have registered at one previous meeting during the past two years (meeting register shall be checked). (Amended, 2004).
  4. Be a registered member on the rolls of the Bull Run Community Association.
  5. Action by the Community Association shall be by a majority vote of the membership at any general membership meeting at which a quorum is present; or
  6. In cases where deadlines preclude action by majority vote at a general membership meeting, the Community Association delegates responsibility for taking action to the Board of Directors. Action by the Board of Directors shall be reported to the Community Association at their next meeting.
  7. The results of the voting for either general membership or Board meetings shall be reported numerically and become part of the minutes.

Article VI: Quorum

Quorum for general membership meetings shall consist of five voting members, of which two are Officers.

Article VII: Elections

Officers shall be elected at the March meeting and shall take office April 1. (Amended, 2001).

Article VIII: General Membership Meetings

  1. Meetings shall be conducted in a businesslike manner and according to recognized parliamentary procedures (Roberts Rules of Order).
  2. Minutes shall be kept and will be available for inspection.
  3. General membership meetings shall be scheduled in March and September. (Amended, 2001).
  4. The community shall be notified in advance of the general membership meetings via the local publications.
  5. The President or two Officers may call additional meetings. All meetings shall be open to all interested members. (Amended 2004).

Article IX: Officers

The following Officers shall be elected and shall comply with membership qualifications set forth in Article III.

  1. President: Presides at all meetings. Is authorized to represent the Community Association in all conferences or activities involving intra-organizational planning and coordinating.
  2. Vice President: Presides over meetings during the absence of the President. Works with the President and other members of the Community Association on intra-organizational planning and coordinating. Shall direct the activities of all committees and shall see to it that the Community Association’s actions are carried out.
  3. Secretary-Treasurer: Shall keep accurate record of all meetings, conduct correspondence and read all reports and correspondence at general membership meetings, as requested by the President. Shall keep accurate record of all monies, pay bills properly considered the responsibility of the Community Association and account for all monies at the Board meetings. Checks and withdrawals from savings must be signed by two of the designated officers of the Community Association. Shall also keep printed news stories and shall record dates of events and actions that are of interest to the Community Association. (Amended, 2001).

Article X: Board of Directors

Composition and responsibilities:

  1. The Board of Directors shall consist of the three elected Officers and three to five members appointed by the elected Officers. (Amended, 2001).
  2. The Board shall act for the Community Association as a whole whenever it is not practical for a matter to await consideration at the next general membership meeting. If the Board acts for the Community Association, such action shall be reported to the membership at the next general membership meeting. Action may be taken by the Board as a result of a telephone poll of Board members by the President and shall be by majority vote of the entire Board.
  3. The President or two Officers shall call Board meetings. (Amended, 2004)

Article XI: Area Representatives

(Article XI rescinded 2001).

Article XII: Term of Office (Amended 2001, 2008)

  1. The President’s term of office will be for two years.
  2. The Vice President’s term of office will be for two years.
  3. The Secretary/Treasurer’s term of office will be for two years.
  4. The Board of Directors term of office shall be for two years.

Article XIII: Vacancies

Vacancies on the Board of Directors that occur during a term of office shall be filled by majority vote of the Board. Elected Officer vacancies shall be filled by appointment by the Board and shall serve the remainder of the term, or until the next general election. Officers appointed by the Board shall serve in an interim capacity until their appointment is ratified by a majority vote by the general membership at the next general membership meeting. (Amended, 2004).

Article XIV: Amendment Procedures

Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote at a general membership meeting, at which a quorum is present, provided:

  1. That the proposed amendment has been read, recorded into the minutes and approved for consideration by the membership at a general membership meeting; and
  2. The vote to ratify the amendment is taken at a subsequent general membership meeting after the conditions shown in Article XIV (A) are met. These Bylaws and all subsequent amendments become effective immediately upon their ratification and shall supersede all previous Bylaws. (Amended March 2004).

Adopted April 19, 1991
Amended August 27, 2001
Revised and Amended March 18, 2004
Revised and Amended November 3, 2008