Carus CPO Bylaws


Name: Carus Community Planning Organization


  1. Purpose and/or Goal: To bring together persons who share a common concern for the community's interest and environment.
  2. To inform citizens in the community through public meetings of proPosed developments or changes in land use that might affect the area and to provide an opportunity for citizen input.
  3. To organize the citizens in the area to establish their own priorities for land use.
  4. To provide the community with a vehicle for establishing an organized two-way communications channel with public agencies and governmental organizations.
  5. To aid the community in preserving and enhancing the existing natural environment.
  6. To advise the County on traffic, law enforcement and other concerns and to suggest solutions.



A member must be:

  1. A resident of the recognized area; or
  2. Property owner within the community area; or
  3. A designated representative of a business, corporation, or trust within the area.




To vote in any election or on any item, a member must be:

  1. Comply with the membership qualifications;
  2. Be of legal voting age;
  3. Have registered at two (2) regular meetings during the past twelve months, one of which is the previous regular meeting.
  4. Action of the CPO shall be by a majority vote of voting membership present at any regular or special meeting for which proper public notice is given and at which a quorum is present. The results of the voting shall be reported numerically and become part of the minutes.



Membership meeting quorum shall consist of five voting members, or which two are officers.



Officers shall be elected at the first organization meeting and in August of each year thereafter, The elected officers will take office the following month.



  1. Meetings will be conducted in a businesslike manner and according to recognized parliamentary procedures (Roberts' Rules of Order).
  2. Minutes shall be kept and will be available for inspection.
  3. Regular meetings will be scheduled for the 2nd Thursday of each month unless otherwise advised.
  4. CPO will notify the local newspaper or give other appropriate notice in advance of all meetings.
  5. Special meetings may be called by the officers Of the organization with proper notice. Special meetings shall be duly advertised and open to all interested parties and shall be called by the president or two officers.


Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors shall consist of seven members three elected officers and four elected representatives, all members of the organization, as follows:

  1. President: Presides at all meeting. May represent the community in all conferences or activities involving inter-organizational planning and coordinating.
  2. Vice-President: Presides over meetings during the absence of the President. Is a member of the organization and works with the President and other members of the organization on inter-organizational planning and coordinating. Shall direct the activities of all committees and see to it that the organization actions are carried out.
  3. Secretary-Treasure: Keeps minutes and attendance records of all membership and committee meetings. Keeps a file of all correspondence and records available for public inspection and review in compliance with state statutes regarding public access. Will serve as treasure, as needed, recording funds, if any, and reporting same to organization.
  4. Area Representatives: Four (or more) elected members who shall represent geographic areas within the boundaries of the organization.

All terms of office shall be for two years.



Vacancies on the Board shall be filled by appointment of the Board of Directors and ratification of the general membership until the next regular election.


Amendment Procedures:

By Laws may be amended by two-thirds vote of the membership at a regular meeting at which a quorum is present, provided:

  1. That the proposed amendment has been read and approved at a Previous regular meeting; and
  2. That the proposed amendment has been published In the minutes Prior to adoption of the amendment at the following meeting; and
  3. That the proposed amendment has been approved as to form by County Counsel.

Note: Membership and participation in the Cams CPO shall not be conditional upon the payment of dues or other mandatory fees. Such dues or fees may be collected on a voluntary basis only. We do not collect dues of any kind.

Reminder: Cams CPO does not discriminate against individuals or groups based on race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, national origin, income, or political affiliation in any of its policies, recommendations or actions.