Far West CPO Minutes for Oct. 25, 2017

Far West CPO Minutes for October 25, 2017

Meeting was opened by President Sparkle Anderson at 6 PM at Wilsonville Library.

Sparkle Anderson
Elaine Newland
Dave Helgesson
Ginger Bennett
Jonathan Todd
Kathy Luiten Goodwin


Items discussed.

  1. Z0366-17-FTT: Approved with conditions. Forest Template Test to establish a residence on an existing legal lot of record, Gunner LLC, T3S, R1E, Section 04, W.M. Tax Lots 601 and 602, 13.17 acres.
  2. Z0259-17: Application to bring 1988 dock approval into compliance. Dennis Cone Trustee, 280 SW Forest Cove Rd., West Linn
  3. Z0428-17: Application to divide property into 3 parcels, two of 2 acres and one of 35.39 acres. 2390 SW Advance Road 31E16B 00700. Owner Kaiser Robert & Violet REV Trust. Applicant is Betty McRobbie.
  4. Z0406-17: Application and Approval with conditions to downsize dock to legal compliance size of 576 sq.ft and add a boathouse of 480 sq. ft.. Applicant is Stanley and Tamara Gorman of 24220 SW Petes Mtn. Rd., West Linn 987068.
  5. Z0526-17: Application for modification to approved land use permit Z0084-12-R to add additional 711 square feet to east end of existing single residence.This addition lies in the Willamette Greenway, 200 SW Peach Cove Lane, 31E22D 01700, West Linn 987068. Luke & Christie Foster.
  6. Z0516-17: A verification of nonconforming use to establish that a grow site and all associated structures and improvements were lawfully established prior to March 1, 2016. 26940 SW Grahams Ferry Rd., Sherwood OR 97140. 31W10 01306, David Groner applicant. Note: not a legal crop without permit. Only 6 to 12 plants allowed
  7. Z0487-17: Request for interpretation of ZDO for RRFF-5 zone in determination of similar use for a sports development at Foursquare Gospel at 1555 SW Borland Rd., West Linn OR 97068. Applicant is Willamette United Football Club, 19995 SW Stafford Road, Suite C, West Linn.
  8. Z0310-17-I: Request for interpretation of EFU zoning regarding sale of hay grown on another site. Blake Spotten, 30471S. Hwy 213, Molalla OR 97038.

Planning Director decision stated selling baled hay from offsite location without any further preparations added would not be an authorized as a farm use but could be authorized as a farm stand,

A Public Hearing on the appeal to this decision was scheduled for November 2, 1 PM .

Submitted by Elaine Newland, Secretary for Far West CPO