Holcomb-Outlook CPO Minutes April 11, 2018

Call to Order: Chair Allen Taylor opened the meeting at 7:25 pm.

Members Present: Allen Taylor, Linda Thompson, and Richard Thompson. The three members present did not constitute a quorum and it was decided to wait 30 minutes for any additional members to arrive.

Minutes: Due to a lack of quorum there were no minutes read from January 11, 2018 . The minutes had been previously distributed by the acting Secretary and these were also posted on-line.

Z0637-17 – Home Occupation
Property Owners: Barton and Rhonda Marchese
PO Box 68294, Milwaukie, OR 97268
Property Address: 18400 S Ferguson Rd, Oregon City OR 97045
Zoning: FF10 Acres: 10
The applicants are requesting an approval of a home occupation application to run a landscape and maintenance business. A portion of the house on Ferguson Rd. will be used for office work and a portion of an accessory structure will be used for the storage of landscaping equipment.

Z0042-18 – Temporary Permit/Care
Property Owner: Umatilla Inc. Kathryn Renard
1131 SE Umatilla, Portland, OR 97202
Applicant: Michelle Renard-Smidt 14891 S Redland Rd., Oregon City, OR 97045
Zoning: RRFF-5 Acres: 26.40
The applicant is requesting a new Temporary Dwelling for Care Permit to authorize the temporary placement of a manufactured home, in addition to the primary dwelling, to provide daily care to Kathryn Renard. Kathryn would reside in the temporary dwelling and her care provider and the care provider’s family will reside in the primary dwelling.

Z0055-18 – Home Occupation
Property Owners: Rodrigo and Cynthia Quintanilla
15246 S Holcomb Blvd., Oregon City, OR 97045
Applicant: Neal Cousins (consultant for the property owners)
Zoning: RRFF-5 Acres: 4.88
The property owners propose using his home and an accessory structure for a roofing business. The property owners state that one truck will be on-site and used to deliver materials to job sites. Materials will be stored on-site in an accessory shop.

ZC 15-03-Zone Change from R3.5 Dwelling District, R-6 Single Family Dwelling District and R-10 Single Family Dwelling District to a “MUC-2” Mixed-Use Corridor-2 and PZ 15-01. (Oregon City)

Land Use Decisions:
1. Z0469-I7-AAD (Accessory Farmworker Dwelling for Relative)
Applicant : Mukhtiar Dillon
16514 S Holcomb Blvd., Oregon City, OR 97045
Zoning: Ag/Forest Acres: 23.05 (approximate) The applicant wants to place a second dwelling to be used as an Accessory Farmworker Dwelling for a Relative of the farm operator to assist in the production of hazelnuts and the stabling and care of horses. The application was denied by the Planning & Zoning Division. The denial was appealed on February 22, 2018 by LUBA. The Clackamas County Land Use Hearings Officer found in favor of an accessory farm dwelling for a relative. The approval comes with 12 conditions that must be met.

Z0637-17-HO-Home Occupation
Applicant: Barton Marchese
The applicant has not sufficiently demonstrated the ability to comply with the criteria in the ZDO and therefore this application cannot be approved. (see application above)

Z0042-18-STC- Staffing for Temporary Care
Applicant: Michelle Renard-Schmidt Site
Address: 14891 S Redland Rd., Oregon City, OR 97045
All criteria of the ZDO were met and it is the decision of the Planning & Zoning Department to approve this application for a permit for STC.

Linda Thompson, acting secretary, gave a brief description of the work done on the Carver Bridge. Water lines will be added under both of the bridge approaches. Design work is being completed on a traffic signal for Highway 224 and the north side of Springwater Road and it is expected to be installed this summer. Linda also reviewed concern from the neighborhood regarding traffic on Holcomb Boulevard due to home construction.

Adjournment: There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.

Submitted by:   Linda Thompson, Temporary Secretary