Skylands Neighborhood Association Bylaws


NAME Skylands Neighborhood Association (referred to herein as the "SNA/CPO").



See Map, exhibit "A" attached hereto and by this reference is made a part hereof, The boundaries encompass an area that is both within the City of Lake Oswego and within an unincorporated area of Clackamas County, Oregon. The area of the Skylands CPO is approximately 125.84 acres and there are approximately 24 parcels that are within the Lake Oswego City limits. The Eastern boundary follows Green Bluff Drive and the Western boundary extends to Cornell Street. The North and South boundaries are characterized by parcels and the boundary is not contiguous. There are approximately 108 parcels within the CPO boundary and some of the parcels have not been developed yet. The boundaries of the SNA/CPO, as to that portion of the SNNCPO that is within the City of Lake Oswego, may be amended from time to time by the City Council of the City of Lake Oswego.



The purpose of the SNNCPO is to serve as a Community Planning Organization and Neighborhood Association for the residents within the boundaries of the SNA/CPO in matters concerning community development, land use and community issues in general.



The goals of the SNA/CPO are as follows:

  1. To bring together persons who share a common concern for the neighborhood's interest and environment.
  2. To inform citizens in the community on developments or changes in land use that could or would effect area residents.
  3. To involve area residents in land use and community planning processes as required by Oregon' s Statewide Planning Goal I: Citizen Involvement.
  4. To provide a line of communication between area residents and governments including the City of Lake Oswego and Clackamas County, to their governing bodies (Board of County Commissioners, Lake Oswego City Council), respective Planning Commissions and other public bodies.
  5. To aid the community in preserving and enhancing the existing natural environment.
  6. Assist the City and County with fulfilling the citizen involvement goals provided for in the Comprehensive Plans of Clackamas County and the City of Lake Oswego, including the City of Lake Oswego Citizen Involvement Guidelines. In regard to properties within the City of Lake Oswego, the SNA/CPO may also undertake such activities as authorized for neighborhood associations pursuant to the City of Lake Oswego's Citizen Involvement Guidelines.
  7. To act as an advisory body to the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners, the Planning Commission and the Planning Division and the City of Lake Oswego City Council, Planning Divisions and Planning Commission on matters affecting areas within the boundaries of the SNA/CPO.
  8. To develop planning proposals with respect to land use, zoning, parks, water resources, open space and recreation, annexation, housing, community facilities, transportation and traffic.
  9. To identify and characterize broad concerns of area residents and coordinate development of means of resolution.
  10. To encourage understanding of and compliance with Skylands covenants and restrictions.
  11. To encourage welcoming of newcomers, personal acquaintance among residents, and adequate interaction to maintain an active sense of neighborhood and neighborliness.



Membership in the SNA/CPO shall be open to anyone who is a resident of the recognized area and is of legal voting age, a property owner within the recognized area, representatives of nonprofit organization, or a designated representative of a business, corporation, or trust within the recognized area.



  1. To vote in any election or on any item, a member must comply with the membership qualifications.
  2. Action of the SNA/CPO shall be by a majority vote of the voting membership present on any item on the agenda furnished prior to the meeting or any action listed in the notice of the meeting, at any regular or special meeting for which proper public notice is given and at which a quorum is present. The vote of each member shall be recorded by name unless more than 25 members vote. The results of the voting shall be reported numerically and become part of the minutes.

    In cases where deadlines preclude action at a regular or special meeting, the SNA/CPO delegates responsibility for taking action to the Board of Directors. Action shall be reported to the SNA/CPO at their next meeting. Notwithstanding, Board members are not authorized to vote on County land use applications unless they reside within the unincorporated area of Clackamas County.
  3. With regard to property within the unincorporated area of Clackamas County, any recommendation on a land use application in the incorporated area shall be voted on separately by citizens of the unincorporated area who are members of the SNA/CPO.


Membership meeting quorum shall consist of twenty-five voting members represented in person, of which two are officers. The Board of Directors meeting quorum shall consist of a majority of the Board.



Officers shall be elected at the Spring Annual Meeting.



  1. Meetings will be conducted in a businesslike manner and according to recognized parliamentary procedures.
  2. Minutes of membership meetings shall be kept and will be available for inspections. All meeting minutes shall be submitted to Clackamas County and to the Lake Oswego Planning Commission members and City Staff.
  3. Regular Board of Directors meetings will be scheduled for the second week of May and the second week of September unless otherwise advised. The annual membership meeting and election of officers will be held once a calendar year. Arrangements for this meeting will be made by the Board.
  4. The Community will be notified in advance of the regular and special meetings and Board meetings in the manner prescribed in the Oregon Public Meetings Law.
  5. Special meetings may be called by the officers of the SNA/CPO under special circumstances. Special meetings shall be open to all interested members and shall be called by the President or two officers.
  6. Written notice of the annual general membership meeting and election of members of the Board of Directors shall be distributed to all members of the SNA/CPO, City Planning Commission, City Staff, and the Clackamas County Citizen Involvement Office. Written notice may be given personally or by mail, fax, or e-mail. Notice of general membership meetings, other than the annual general membership meeting, shall be given in the same manner.
  7. The SNA/CPO will post two (2) signs in prominent places in the neighborhood at least 48 hours prior to the SNA membership meeting. A Board Meeting announcement shall also be published in a local newspaper. The Board of Directors shall take such action as necessary to comply with the Oregon Public Meetings Law for those items that the SNAICPO gives advice or recommendation to any governmental body, Commission or Committee.
  8. Board and membership meetings are open to all interested members.



The following officers will be elected:

  1. President: Is a member of the organization and presides at all membership meetings. May represent the community in all conferences or activities involving intra-organizational planning and coordinating.
  2. Vice-President: Presides over meetings during the absence of the President. Is a member of the organization and works with the President and other members of the organization on intra- organizational planning and coordinating. Shall direct the activities of all committees and see to it that the organizational actions are carried out.
  3. Secretary-Treasurer. Keeps minute and attendance records of all membership and committee meetings. Keeps a file on all correspondence and records available for public inspection and review in compliance with the Oregon Public Meetings Law. Will serve as treasurer, as needed, by recording funds, if any, and reporting same to organization.
  4. The officers and directors of the SNA/CPO shall not be entitled to receive any compensation, except for reimbursement of expenses incurred by any member of the SNA.



Composition, Responsibilities and Goals:

  1. The Board of Directors shall consist of seven members: three elected officers and four area representatives (appointed by the elected officers).
  2. The Board shall act for the SNA/CPO as a whole whenever it is not practical for a matter to await consideration at the next general membership meeting. Action shall be taken at a public meeting of the Board with proper notice.
  3. The Board shall establish and assign task to committees as needed, and the Board shall designate the length of terms for committee members.
  4. The Board shall cause the names, addresses and phone numbers of officers and board members to be flied annually with the City of Lake Oswego.
  5. The Board shall, after seeking the views of SNA/CPO members affected by proposed policies or actions, adopt positions for the SNA/CPO and shall present majority and minority reports before public and governmental bodies. Positions adopted by the Board may be revised by the SNA/CPO membership at general meetings of the SNA/CPO.
  6. The Board shall review proposed City of Lake Oswego budget items and make recommendations relating to neighborhood improvements.
  7. The Board shall cause a list of mailing addresses of members and potential members within the geographical boundaries of the SNA/CPO to be maintained, together with such additional property owners not residing within the SNA/CPO boundaries as request to be placed on the SNA mailing list.
  8. The Board shall help other new neighborhood associations trying to develop or be recognized.
  9. The Board shall communicate with other community planning organizations and neighborhood associations regarding mutual concerns.



There shall be four or more area representatives who shall selve as members of the Board of Directors. The area representatives shall be members of the SNA/CPO.



The term of the President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, area representatives and the Board of Directors shall be for one year.



Vacancies on the Board shall be filled by appointment of the Board of Directors until the next regular election.



Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the membership attending at a regular or special meeting at which a quorum is present, provided:

  1. That the proposed amendment has been read and approved at a previous regular meeting; and
  2. That the proposed amendment drafted and approved by the Board, shall be submitted to the City of Lake Oswego and County Counsel for approval. Upon approval of the County Counsel and the Board of County Commissioners, the proposed amendment shall be approved by members of the SNA/CPO. No provision of the Bylaws required by the City of Lake Oswego's Citizen Involvement Guidelines may be amended without the written consent of the City of Lake Oswego.
  3. These amended Bylaws shall supersede all previous Bylaws and become the governing mies for SNA/CPO when approved.


These Bylaws meet the Commission for Citizen Involvement (CCI) Guidelines of the City of Lake Oswego, Clackamas County and Oregon's Statewide Planning Goal 1, Citizen Involvement.

These Bylaws of the Skylands Neighborhood Association were duly adopted by members of the Skylands Neighborhood Association at a Meeting of the Members on the 13 day of May, 2009.

The City of Lake Oswego and County of Clackamas, finding that the above Bylaws were duly adopted by the membership of the Skylands Neighborhood Association and CPO, following a well-publicized, general neighborhood meeting held for the purpose of information, organization, adoption of minimum Bylaws, establishment of boundaries and election of officers, do hereby declare the Skylands Neighborhood Association to be a Recognized Neighborhood Association and Community Planning Organization for purposes of participating in the public meetings of the City of Lake Oswego and Clackamas County.