Sunnyside United Neighbors CPO Bylaws

  1. Name of Organization:

    This organization shall be called the Sunnyside United Neighbors (S.U.N.) Community Planning Organization (C.P.O. or CPO).

  2. Boundaries of the S.U.N. C.P.O.:

    The C.P.O. boundaries: on the west – I-205; north – up to Mt. Scott Elementary School’s south property line and Top O’Scott subdivision off Stevens Road, and Happy Valley City limits; east – S.E. 142nd Avenue; south – the bluffs above Hwy. 212/224, as shown on the Clackamas County CPO master map.

  3. Purpose of the S.U.N. C.P.O.:

    1. To provide a forum for open discussion to all eligible members of S.U.N.
    2. To inform members of S.U.N. of all proposed changes in land use through public meetings.
    3. To advise the Planning Division, the Planning Commission, and the Board of County Commissioners on matters affecting the neighborhood.
    4. To identify local problems.
    5. To make recommendations on current land use activities.
    6. To make recommendations on Comprehensive Plan amendments.
    7. To make recommendations on proposed zone changes.
    8. To make recommendations on conditional land use requests.
    9. To develop proposals on land use to maximize and maintain the livability of this neighborhood.
    10. To recruit members to represent their neighborhoods and vicinities.

    Note: The Sunnyside United Neighbors may file land use applications and appeals if such action is approved by a vote of the membership at any regular or special meeting at which a quorum is present. The results of the voting shall be reported numerically and become part of the minutes.

    In cases where deadlines preclude action at a regular or special meeting, the S.U.N. officers may take such action, provided the officers’ action is ratified at a regular or special meeting of the association at the next regular meeting.

  4. Membership:

    1. Membership in S.U.N. shall be open to anyone 18 years of age or older residing, owning property, or conducting a business in the C.P.O. area.
    2. Registered members are those who have signed the organization roster and have established eligibility.
  5. Officers:

    The Officers of S.U.N. will be Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and Assistant Secretary/Treasurer.

  6. S.U.N. Board:

    1. The Board shall be a maximum of eight in number and shall include the Officers and a maximum of four elected Director members.
    2. The duties of the S.U.N. Board shall include:
      • Setting meeting date, time, place, and giving notice of meetings.
      • Responding to government agencies when timing precludes consideration by the general membership.
      • Carrying out such other activities as are directed by the general membership or are necessary for operation of the organization.
    3. The Chairman shall:
      • Preside at all meetings;
      • Be an ex-officio member of any committees;
      • Call special meetings when necessary;
      • Represent S.U.N. at all meetings with the Planning Division, the Planning Commission, and the Board of County Commissioners; or designate a representative to represent S.U.N. at such meetings.
    4. The Vice-Chairman shall assume the duties of the Chairman in his/her absence.
    5. The Secretary shall cause to be kept:
      • A roster of members;
      • Attendance records at all meetings;
      • A file on all correspondence and records available for public inspection and review.
    6. The Treasurer shall:
      • Maintain a record of all monies collected;
      • Maintain a record of all monies spent;
      • Submit receipts to Clackamas County to receive reimbursement for C.P.O. expenses;
      • Pay the yearly charge for the U.S. Postal Rental Box.
    7. The Directors shall:
      • Perform any duties as requested by the Chairman.
  7. Terms of Office:

    All elected Officers and Board members shall serve for one year and may be re-elected.

  8. Election of Officers:

    1. Notification of upcoming election of Officers and Directors shall be at the general meeting preceding the election meeting, with a minimum time of 30 days prior to the election.
    2. Officers and the Directors will be elected by the members at the first general meeting of the calendar year and they will take office at the conclusion of that business meeting.
  9. Bylaw Amendment Procedures:

    Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the attending membership at a regular meeting, provided that the proposed amendment has been presented at a previous regular meeting and entered in the minutes.

  10. Meetings:

    General Meetings shall be held at least three times a year as set by the Board of Directors.

  11. Voting:

    Any registered member of S.U.N. may vote on any motion or in any election provided that one member of the organization or household registered at one previous meeting during the past twelve months.