Stafford Hamlet Board Meeting Minutes March 20, 2017

March 20, 2017

Chair Jay Minor called the March 20th Board meeting of the Stafford Hamlet to order at 7:30 pm at the Stafford Elementary School, West Linn, OR.


  • Board Members Present: Dave Adams, Walt Gamble, Bill Markt, Jay Minor, Mary Moore, Len Schaber, Joe Wikoff,
  • Excused: Jana Lombardi, Kent Seida, Don Young
  • Absent:
  • Staff Present:

Approval of the Agenda: The agenda was unanimously approved.

Approval of the Minutes:

The January 2017 Board and Community meeting minutes and the February Board Retreat minutes were presented for review. Walt Gamble moved to approve the minutes as corrected and Joe Wikoff seconded the motion.

Vote: 7 - yes, 0 - no, 0 - abstain.

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer Joe Wikoff reported there were two checks written in February: one for $80 for room rental for a Town Hall and one for $5 to the bank for a service fee for paper statements. There are three invoices to review: $65 to Ann Culter for copies of a report, $20 for LONAC dues, and $17.70 to Dave Adams for maps of the reserves. After the bills are paid the imprest balance will be $150.66. There has been no activity in the trust account.

Joe Wikoff moved to approve payment of bills and Walt Gamble seconded the motion.

Vote: approved, 7 - yes, 0 - no, 0 - abstain.

Jay Minor asked if the Hamlet budget was on track. Joe Wikoff said the budget is below the expected budget currently, and $3,493.09 remains unspent. There is $1,193.09 remaining of County funds before July 1. Jay Minor said the Hamlet should add the 10 year celebration to next year’s budget.

Mary Moore said she may have website reimbursement to send in soon.

Joe Wikoff said he has copies of the request for reimbursement form he created. Joe said he needs details so that he can report to the County what expenses were for.

Committee Meeting Reports - Hamlet Town Halls: What went right/wrong?:

Jay Minor said that the February 23rd Town Hall came about because he had talked to Amy Kyle about an update on the reserves. The Town Hall was discussed and he thought it would be run by the Hamlet. When the Town Hall happened, Mike McAllister did the presentation to the Hamlet, and his presentation was the same as the ones he gave to every other organization. Jay did not get to talk, as Hamlet Chair, until the end. He later emailed the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) about the presentation and format.

Mary Moore said that the planning staff was answering questions, and that the BCC should have been answering the questions as they were more political. Joe Wikoff said he did not like that the BCC was sitting with their backs to the audience. 

Jay Minor said that Commissioner Schrader was unable to attend the second Town Hall, and that she asked if anyone from the Hamlet would like to meet with her. The meeting will be on Wednesday the 22nd at 4:30 pm.

Mary Moore said that at the second Town Hall that Len Schaber and Dave Adams offered to take new Commissioner Sonya Fischer on a tour of the Hamlet. Len Schaber said the Borland group took her on a tour of the Borland area last Wednesday.

Jay Minor said that he has sent in questions about the original reserves Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA). He asked if it will be amended or rewritten since the new IGA references the original. He has received a reply from County Administrator Don Krupp, but it did not address all of his IGA questions. He said that the letter from Krupp and Metro COO Martha Bennett mentioned an MOU. Walt Gamble said Don Krupp did not want to change the IGA. Jay Minor asked when will the IGA be made available. Dave Adams said Russ Axelrod said the cities had not seen the IGA. Dave has questions about areas being carved out. Dave said the original IGA said areas A, B, and C would be planned at once. Dave said the Hamlet should pay attention to the old IGA and language. He said the Hamlet should fight to keep the original guarantees. Jay Minor said he has sent the 2010 IGA to the BCC and City Councils.

Mary Moore said she spoke with Commissioner Humberston about a vote on development by the people of the Hamlet. Walt Gamble said that would not happen, and that the only time citizens can vote is when annexations are proposed. Mary Moore asked if a vote can be put in the IGA, and Dave Adams said there was no chance of that. Mary Moore said people should testify to the BCC in support of a vote. Dave Adams encouraged Mary to follow up with Commissioner Humberston.

Jay Minor said that before a vote on annexation there would be a concept plan. He also said that he had spoken with Tom VanderZanden, who used to work for the County and now is an independent consultant, who is working on reserves issues in the Bethany area. Tom said that there are still bills at the legislature, and that Tom thought the cities would likely continue lawsuits if nothing in the reserves changes. Dave Adams said he thought that legislative talk or a legislative fix was premature. 

Dave Adams said that there has been no action on the IGA involving the cities and the Hamlet. He said the focus is on the County/Metro IGA. He said that the cities seemed to think the timeline was not workable. Mary Moore said that Carlotta Collette said that the County had asked Metro to not get involved earlier.

Jay Minor said that at a December 2015 meeting between the County and Metro there was a proposal from a city for conditional urban reserve. He said at that meeting Carlotta Collette thought the cities would take the Hamlet area.

Len Schaber said the BCC has not met with all five Commissioner present to discuss the reserves and the Hamlet. He said that they will need to talk as one group before anything will happen.

Dave Adams said he thought that at the Town Hall the Stafford Landowners letter was opportunistic. He said he thought they took advantage of the Hamlet’s hard work. He said that no one knows who they are, and that no one is invited to their meetings. He said he would like to see the Hamlet follow up with the BCC about SLOA. Walt Gamble said it looks like SLOA could be a subcommittee of the CCBA. He said Commissioner Bernard is part of the CCBA. Rick Cook said all of the BCC is part of the CCBA. Rick Cook is seeking information from the County on how much money it spends on the CCBA. He said that the CCBA heard Mike McAllister’s reserves presentation weeks ago. Rick Cook said he thought the Hamlet should join the CCBA.

Mary Moore moved that the Hamlet look into joining the CCBA. Joe Wikoff seconded the motion.

Vote: approved, 7 - yes, 0 - no, 0 - abstain.

Committee Meeting Reports - Website/Communications:

Mary Moore said she needs the CPO email list. Walt Gamble said the list is now on MailChimp. He suggested merging all the lists and doing joint CPO/Hamlet email. Mary Moore said the Hamlet and CPO emails should be kept separate. Bill Markt said that Mary was right, that some people on the Hamlet list may not want CPO information. Joe Wikoff said they should be kept separate and said that there could be a legal problem if they are combined. Mary Moore said that the Hamlet emails should come from her, and that the CPO emails should come from Walt.

Mary Moore reported Jana Lombardi is managing the Facebook page. Jana will have a reimbursement request for ads on Facebook for the Town Halls. Mary reported Jana is also posting information on Next Door.

Mary Moore said that Katie Wilson is the contact person at the County again. Mary said that she met with Katie and Amy Kyle. Katie and the County are buying a mobile sound system that can be used for CPO and Hamlet and Village events. Mary said Ellen Rogalin sent the emails from the Town Halls. They also discussed the Committee for Citizen Involvement (CCI), and Rick Cook, who is a CCI member, said it was discussing legal representation for CPOs.

Jay Minor and Dave Adams thanked her for the good communication and the website.

Walt Gamble said the notice for this meeting only went out on Facebook and that it should have gone out via email as well.

Committee Meeting Reports - PR/Lobby:

Dave Adams reported that he and Jay attended a work session at the Lake Oswego City Council. He said it was not much of a work session. He pitched the Community Vision Plan (CVP).

Dave Adams reported that he and Jay attended a Metro meeting last Thursday. The petition is on the record there, and that there were very few people testifying. Metro asked no questions.

Dave Adams and Jay Minor talked to the Maletis family and Steven Feifer. They said they heard the cities were willing to sue again, and that the strategy seemed to be to maintain unity. 

Mary Moore said that she spoke with the Executive Producer of OPB’s Think Out Loud and that there was interest in the Hamlet and reserves. She asked if Dave Adams could send some of what he pitched to her so she could pass it on.

Walt Gamble said that there was talk of a legislative fix of the land use problems. Jay Minor said Brian Clem is organizing a group, but that it will not be in the 2017 session. Jay said that it is important to remember that all land will be locked in when the reserves are done, including land owned by SLOA members. Walt Gamble said the legislature could settle it. Jay Minor said that the Boring area is upset of about part of it being included in the urban reserves. Dave Adams said any legislative discussion is premature, but the Hamlet should still be prepared.

Jay Minor said he was going to personally send a letter to Brian Clem, but that he was not going to ask the Hamlet to send a letter.

Committee Meeting Reports - 10 Year Celebration:

Bill Markt is the Chair. The event will be on September 16th at Fiala Farms. Mary Moore said that Jana Lombardi is willing to Co-Chair, and Bill Markt accepted.

Committee Meeting Reports - Bylaws:

Bill Markt said the final draft is in. The dissolution is clarified, and it is being run by County Counsel again. He will have the proposed bylaws posted to the website with a vote happening in late Spring.

Dave Adams said that businesses are still in the under 5 acres category and renters of property over five acres are in the over five.

Committee Meeting Reports - Administration: Consensus was the item was covered.

Committee Meeting Reports - Agriculture: No report was given.

Committee Meeting Reports - Historical and Outdoor: No report was given.

Action Items - Post Revised Bylaws to Website and Schedule Town Hall Vote:

The date will be chosen later, possibly in conjunction with an ice cream social in May or June.

Action Items - Letter to Clem about legislatively negotiated solution: Jay Minor canceled the item since he withdrew his letter.

Old Business - Metro/County Reserve Process Testimony:

Metro testimony is in March and the County testimony is on April 12.

Old Business - Rosemont Road Sponsorship: The item was dropped.

New Business:

Len Schaber asked that people please notify him directly with requests for rooms or events. Mary Moore asked people directly email her about the website.

Joe Wikoff asked if Metro has funds for planning, and consensus was that Metro does.

Mary Moore asked how to handle a vacancy on the Board, saying that the Hamlet needs 10 active people.

Bill Markt asked that future meeting agendas include times by each item to help keep everyone on track.

Rick Cook asked about a hand out, and Jay Minor said it was from the County and was the staff responses to the questions the Hamlet had submitted. Consensus was that it did not need to go on the website.

Rick Cook suggested the Board adopt a policy that all handouts be vetted by the Board. Dave Adams suggested discussing the policy in April.

Adjournment: Chair Jay Minor adjourned the meeting at 9:10 pm.