Vaccine Equity Grant

The Clackamas County Vaccine Equity Plan is a tool the county is using to make sure underserved communities can get the vaccine. 

Clackamas County is partnering with local non-profits, faith-based communities and small businesses to provide outreach, education and opportunities that lead to COVID-19 vaccinations for everyone who wants one. 

Grants to help with this important work

The Oregon Health Authority has provided $1.1 million dollars for Clackamas County to vaccinate underserved populations.  Applications can be submitted anytime through Oct. 1, 2021; funding will be dispersed on a rolling basis. The funding must be spent by Dec. 30, 2021.

The grants, up to $30,000 per organization, should be used to:

  • Focus on communities with the lowest rates of vaccination (people who are Black, indigenous or Latinx; low-income or houseless; have disabilities or mental illness; or who live in rural areas). 
  • Educate and build vaccine confidence through community outreach and engagement. 
  • Increase access to vaccination opportunities through hosting customized events or arranging transportation. 

Information for Applicants

Applications can be submitted anytime through Oct. 1, 2021. Applicants must submit a project narrative, budget and proof of insurance.

Grant Recipients


Train peer advocates from BIPOC communities to educate about COVID-19 vaccines. Train the communities' medical providers on communicating effectively with vaccine-hesitant patients. Distribute public service announcements ("PSAs") that reflect and speak to these communities.

Amount granted: $30,000
Community Served: BIPOC


Provide COVID vaccine information and offer vaccinations during Saturday in the Park event. where food, drinks, live music, resources and activities will bring the community together. Partner is Medical Teams International.

Amount granted: $16,125
Community Served: Latinx


Implement a social mobilization campaign that enlists people who are already vaccinated to inspire members of their families or their social networks to do the same. Recruit 100 already vaccinated individuals, as influencers, who will influence other people in their families and network of friends to get vaccinated.

Amount granted: $30,000
Community Served: Youths of color, aged 18 – 35


Provide COVID vaccine information through distribution of culturally specific food boxes.

Amount granted: $30,000
Community Served: Slavic


Forms for Grantees

Watch this 18-minute tutorial to better understand the budgeting and funding process.

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